Josh's Ticklish Workout
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Added: 16 Jul 14
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Description: Josh is incredibly adorable. This super cute Asian boy comes by for Ricky's unusual workout; the tickling workout! Josh's legs are cling wrapped to the gym equipment and his arms tied up high above his cute face. Now I'm not going to piss down your back and tell you it's raining. Josh's feet were numb. His gorgeous Asian boy feet were not in the slightest bit ticklish, but they were a sight to behold! Smooth boy soles, perfect shape and arch, utterly devine. So I did coach him to at least ACT ticklish so we can all at least try to fantasize. But thank the tickle gods that his sides and armpits did get a real and delightful ticklish reaction and adorable gay boy laughter. I normally won't continue a shoot if the subject isn't ticklish, so his upper body ticklishness saved this shoot. But I must admit, I was seriously bummed out that this exquisitely cute Asian boy was not even slightly ticklish on his goreous boy feet. Still, the video is super hot for lovers of upper body tickling...
how to make a boy notice you (if you're GAY) [gay sex secrets shared #2]
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Description: it is possible to find out for sure if that sexy guy likes you back. ivor recalls a time he tried to seduce a lusciously hot boy using just a cucumber and some vaseline.