Brothers Bareback
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Description: The Rocha *******s are out for as much ass as they can pack into four days. And like all good *******s, they don't mind sharing.
Hanging Out - Bradley Shaw and Ryan Shaw
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Description: With skateboards propped nearby and straight video on the television, Bradley's on the floor jacking his fat hard cock and Ryan's on the black leather couch, pants down around his legs, working up a stiffy. Bradley's balls look especially full and he's using more lubrication than usual, concentrating on some especially juicy jerking. Bradley seems to have been at it a while because he doesn't waste any time at all pounding out one of his most explosive loads ever: not only will you see at least nine major blasts of Bradley's boarder batter, you'll be speechless as each blast explodes more powerfully and covers more ground than the one before—splashing Ryan, the black leather couch, the pillow. No wonder that while the camera surveys the damage caused by his splatterings, Bradley confesses, “I'm tired.” After a little *******ly banter with Ryan about the “secret Chinese art” of explosive cum shots, Bradley leaves his bro alone to finish up. Left to his own devices, Ryan manages to squee
Circle Of Trust
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Description: They hazed and humiliated their pledges in ways that, well, are pretty creative and down right amusing. Naked push ups, wrestling and sit ups are among some of the things these poor wanna be frat boys had to survive in order to call themselves *******s.
r124: Anthony and Kae
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Description: Anthony and his hung buddy Kae have a jack-off race on the couch, and Kae is the winner. First they swap blowjobs, then Kae strokes his load onto Anthony's stomach. And with a belly covered in hot jizz, Anthony finally cums on himself.
r122: Warren and Ryan
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Description: Blonde-haired, blue-eyed and similar builds, Warren and Ryan look so much alike they could practically be *******s. Franco makes them kiss and suck each other's cocks, but surprisingly these would-be *******s each need their assholes fingered to get off.
Dorian Wilde and Justin Greil
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Description: Dorian Wilde and Justin Greil have known each other a few years but have never connected. After all, it's rare for a twink like Justin to bond with his older *******'s best friends. And Dorian is about the best friend Justin's ******* has. When Dorian comes over and finds his buddy is out, he gets cozy with Justin instead. The tattooed punk twink gets up for a much needed beverage and, when he returns, Dorian gives him an idea of the kind of things they do together. But Justin already knew. He kicks back and enjoys a good blowjob, getting his hole rimmed in the process, before sucking Dorian's cock, then fucking him raw. The sweet, almost innocent looking twink gives Dorian a good fuck, pumping the cum out of his *******'s curly-haired friend before spraying a load all over his belly, then shoving his cock in Dorian's face to clean up.
Frat House Cream Episode 3: K.O.K. Shots - NakedSword Originals
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Description: While Kev (Hunter Page) is trapped in a locked truck back at the frat house, his fellow K.O.K. *******s (Doug Acre and Lucas Knight) are living it up at the Powerhouse underwear night. In the third episode of NakedSword Original's Frat House Cream, the guys find that if love is strange, lust is stranger. Doug and Lucas are disappointed when they don't get picked to work their rumps on stage so the boys each get on their phones to find a match with the "Mister" app — and find each other. So while Kev cries out for help, Doug takes Lucas in the back for a little *******ly love.
Frat House Cream Episode 4: Thicker Than Blood - NakedSword Originals
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Description: Frat ******* Kev (Hunter Page) has been trapped with his tricks in the back of a moving van. In the final episode of NakedSword Original's Frat House Cream, he manages to escape, although he might have been safer inside. As Kev heads back to the K.O.K. house, he's attacked by his night stalker, sexy psycho step-******* Cody (Shawn Wolfe). Cody has returned for a little power play with his "little-sub", and Kev finds this cream hard to resist...
Tickle Fraternity - Tickling Jeff
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Description: The first in our new "Tickle Fraternity" series, Jeff gets initiated into the frat by his buddies as another is going through a weekly maintenance tickle session upstairs as you can hear his screams of laughter mixing in with Jeff's. He is pinned down on the sofa by 3 frat *******s while they tickle his upper body and feet. After they have delighted themselves they take him to the stairs and tie his wrists up on the rail and finish the tickling and conclude with a relaxing blow job rotation by the 3 other boys.
Frat House Cream Episode 1: Peep Show - NakedSword Originals
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Description: Frat boy Kev (Hunter Page) is stuck home at the K.O.K. house — but he's got the feeling he's not really alone. And in the debut episode of NakedSword's epic Original Series, Frat House Cream, it turns out he isn't. His frat *******s are gone for the night so when he hears a voice at his back, he jumps. Luckily, it's only Rudy (Marco Russo) popping up with a webcam to show off his latest conquest, porn star Johnny Torque. Rudy and Johnny give the house-bound Kev a live sex show, and while Kev is happy to have a little company, he soon realizes something isn't right ...
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Description: Swallowcock's ******* is on call today and Devon is a 21 year old frat boy in need of an exam.
Dunk These Nuts And A Face Full Of Balls
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Description: Nobody wants a face full of balls, especially when there is frosting on them. This is a full of face-to-ball action, cock cleaning and a little pig squealing. These frats are getting more and more creative every day. These poor pledges had to stand trial and go through what ever their *******s would come up with. Some even ended up with a face full of glaze.
McSweenies Got A Tiny Weenie
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Description: These dudes put their pledges through hell and back all throughout hell week. But the icing on the cake was their final test of loyalty and devotion. They had to endure what no man ever should have to, cocks in their asses and mouths but that didn't slow these future frat boys down, they were determined to get in and be accepted by their *******s. But the pledge that got it the worst was McSweenie because when he was told to drop trou his member wasn't up to par with the rest of the boys.
Joey Cooper and Topher DiMaggio
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Description: Joey Cooper's at the bar where his ******* works, and he's looking for him because he's got his car. But bartender Topher DiMaggio tells Joey that he let his ******* off earlier because it was a slow night. Joey and Topher hadn't seen each other for about a year, since Joey was away at school, so they get to catching up. Turns out that they've both grown up a bit and aren't afraid to say what they mean ... such as wanting to suck each other's dick! Joey bangs his *******'s hot friend and then some. He'll be going back to that bar for a drink!
Eastboys Twins - Joseph and Roberto
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Description: We now have what most of you have been waiting for. We have twins, Roberto and Joseph, both pro wrestlers and kickboxers, ready and willing to do anything for you. We have first nude casting video, and more are coming! stay tuned!!