Love-Hotel, rent a room and a guy at the same time
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Added: 05 Jan 14
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Tags: Kevin Archer Ricardo Heytero

Description: Ricardo Heytero visits one of the better known Brothel's in Paris. Ricardo is directed to a room where Kevin Archer awaits him laying on the bed with only his sneakers and tshirt. Just what Ricardo wanted having a sneaker/foot fetish. First things first, Ricardo starts off with some cock sucking before sniffing and licking Kevin's sneakers and the balls of his socked feet. Kevin delivers the goods with his rock hard cock and trimmed pubes standing up on the bed to face fuck Ricardo while holding a sneaker to his face to sniff. Kevin massages Ricardo's back and ass with his socked foot before slipping on a condom to deliver a "deep soothing massage" to his Ricardo's ass. The cameraman gives us a great shot of the action from behind and our first glimpse of Kevin's nice smooth ass... yep, it's "rump roast" for dinner tonight boys! While laying on his stomach, Ricardo sniffs a sneaker while getting his ass plowed as we listen... "fwap, fwap, fwap" as the action gets harder, faster and mor