Brocky Brown and Guiseppe Pardi
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Added: 28 Nov 11
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Description: Brocky Brown is all muscles. His abs are insane and his body is built for sex. In this scene, which we filmed in Budapest, Brocky fucks the insanely beautiful Guiseppe Pardi. They start off in the shower, and finish off in bed. What a perfect pairing. They are both the epitome of their types -- just stunning!
Brocky's Audition (Short Version)
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Added: 23 Dec 09
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Description: Although not typically the standard Menatplay type, we couldnt resist the look of this bodybuilding fanatic dressed up in smart clothes. There's something so sexy about seeing a man literally bursting out if his shirt with the slightest movement. Seeing him flex his muscles almost made his shirt buttons pop from the strain and just had us wishing they would finally give way so we could see what lay underneath. Fortunately Brocky gave us complete access to every corner of his perfectly chiselled body and we've got all on tape just for you. Enjoy!
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Description: PRISON TAG-TEAM WRESTLING Brocky Brown- Chris Stone v Max Summers- Enrico Belaggio First foursome wrestling in the history of! Video starts in the new prison ring with muscleman prisoner Enrico and superhot giant bodybuilder Max doing their exercises. Chris
Shower fight for soap
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Description: Shower Fight ! Brocky Brown v Claudio Antonelli Superhot bodybuilding competitor Brocky is spreading oil to his amazing body in the shower. Musclegod Claudio appears with a soap in his hands and looks at the Titan with passion. He's playing with the soap than suddenly drops it. Claudio looks at Brocky with dirty expectations, but the bodybuilder becomes very upset and yells at Claudio informing him that he's not gay and wants to destroy the fearless gay guy. He pushes Claudio into the ring and unfair wrestling and kick-boxing session begins with lots of holds, throws, facespin, nelson, *****er, bearhug, shoulder backbreaker, gutpunch, and fist-fighting. Brocky even bites Claudio's ears at some point and tortures his nipples and balls often. The two well-oiled muscled body-beautiful look amazing!! Brocky wins and feeds his dick to Claudio who refuses it first but at the end he looks happy for the beef he gets into his mouth and ass. We can see nice as
Men At Play - The Mechanic
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Description: es got a broken down car and a wallet full of cash, but still this wont persuade the mechanic to fix the car any faster, and with an important business meeting in less than two hours, Damien starts to get desprate. But after suggesting that he is willing
Wrestlehard Photoshooting
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Added: 15 Apr 09
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Description: Behind the scenes with the Wrestlehard models and crew. Superstar,Brocky Brown
HOT BodyBuilders Fuck
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Description: Brocky Brown vs Alfredo Castaldo v James Jones Superhot, young bodybuilding competitor Brocky and tough bodybuilder Alfredo is armwrestling. Georgeous twink, James, is supervising the game. The biceps of these two bodybuilders are straining with veins popping all over and both are equally strong so no clear winner. James tries to keep the match clean and always interrupts the fighters. They become seriously mad and attack the poor twinky referee. A very evil wrestling session starts, which is anything but fair. They throw James up the wall, shouting at him, then practice lots of nice holds on the skinnier beauty. Suddenly they get mad at each other because both want a bigger piece of James, like hungry lions. They throw their boytoy like a ragdoll and a very intense grappling session starts between the two musclegods. James tries to come back sometimes to stop the fight as the ambassador of peace, but they always kick him out from the ring and punish him hard. These guys hav