Brant Dickson
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Description: 31 year old Brant Dickson is a hot stud from Indianapolis, Indiana. He was raised on a crop ***** and loves the outdoors. Brant is a Restaurant Manager and enjoys hanging out with his friends in his off time. He is horny and here to jack off for you! He begins by rubbing his fit body all over; his chest, abs and crotch! His shirt comes off and blue jeans come down! He looks mighty fine in his tight briefs! Brant exposes his cut cock and turns around, sharing his cute ass with us. He kneels on the couch, while facing the back side and begins rubbing his ass and hairy hole, while tugging his cock. Brant sits back on the couch and takes his tool in hand and gives his cock some tight griping, fast stroking action, as he flips his cock back and forth, delivering a thick and creamy cum shot, across his entire torso.
Brant Dickson and Dylan Roberts
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Description: 23 year old veteran Dylan Roberts is back to show 31 year old newcomer Brant Dickson how to ride a stud. They start off with a long passionate kiss before they start to undress each other, returning to passionate kissing between each article of clothing. It's not long before Dylan finds Brant's meat sauage and stuffs it in his hungry mouth. Dylan isn't satisfied with playing the skin flute for too long and decides to look for a dirty penny. Brant takes his turn at smoking the pole before Dylan encourages Brant to clean his back door with his tongue. Dylan is in heat and needs to find a way to cool off, so he decide he needs a ride on the hershey highway. The boys salad toss in several positions before blowing their loads all over Brant's waiting abs.
Tony Idol, Brant James
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Description: Brant slides his thick cock into Tony's tight hole and fucks
Hot rimjob
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Description: Brant on his knees is on the receiving end of a wet rim job, as David licks and munches his hole.
Double the blowjobs
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Description: Brant drops to his knees and begins stroking and sucking David's cock. Next David works his way down Brant's body and begins ravishing his uncut cock.
Boxers N Briefs
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Description: "Shot on location at Boxers N Briefs, an all male club in St Louis, Factory Extreme`s `Boxers N Brief` features hot guys who are into underwear: Theirs. Yours. On or off. Scene one has two smooth, young blonds, Alex Brant and Justin Simms, fucking on a pool table, while chewing and sniffing their shorts. In scene two, CJ and Tyler Mitchell have a raunchy fuck through their ripped tighty-whiteys after a grope session in a shower. A working shower that`s behind one of the bars at Boxers N Briefs. Scene three has Michael Watts and long haired Jon Hudson boning each other in a more traditional T-room, this time in boxers. And scene four has dancer Luke Anthony sucking and fucking customer Drew Phillips through his thermal underwear."
Oh Mr. Brant
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Description: Brant Dickson is here with us! Brant is 30 and originally from California and we're happy to have him. We've decided to pair him up with another California native, Connor Maguire. Connor is 20 and already a fan favorite on our sites.