Dmitri and Joshua
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 12 Nov 14
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Duration: 0:05:10
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Description: Work spices up when Dimitri Santiago unloads more than just boxes. Watch Joshua take ten inches of RAW Latin cock like a champ as Dimitri plows and breeds him in this week's Exclusive Raw Fuck Club scene.
Moran Stern and Toby Park
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 22 Jun 14
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Description: Power boy Moran is repairing his bike in the scorching sun. The hot Latino Toby passes and gets a boner at the sight of Moran. The chemistry is right and they quickly need a place to release of pressure. An abandoned building is found where Moran can suck the juicy Latino and put his ravenous box to use. Toby pushes Moran's hairy biker ass until the man cream from his cock shoots. Toby can no longer hold back his juice. What luck he found such a horny pig breakdown helper!|
David Castan and Ben Statham
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Added: 07 Jun 14
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Description: Muscle pig Ben is hitchhiking around Berlin and is picked up by David who takes him to his garage. He pulls out his big cock from his suit and Ben comes right over to suck it. But David is super-horny and pushes his fat dick into Ben's box. Good thing some can withstand that. David is shagging him so hard that even the forklift truck is shaking. Louder moans Ben under the steam hammer shock until the sperm from the piston shoots all over him. David can no longer hold back his load and after he squirts his hot juice he simply leaves the completely exhausted Ben.
Rio City Sex - Marcelo Sousa and Riu Melo
Category: Brazilian
Added: 15 May 14
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Description: Riu Melo is a smaller guy and it lends to his looking a little more innocent than a lot of the veteran studs that show up on the screen with Alexander Pictures. He's a hot contrast to the street-wise look of Marcelo Sousa. Seeing Marcelo's super-girthy dick try to make it's way into Riu's slight mouth is fucking incredible. Riu's hand hardly makes it around Marcelo's fat cock. It makes you start fantasizing about the sure-to-come-ass-stretching long before it happens. A prick like that next to a boy like Riu makes you want to take bets on whether or not it will fit! It's not too long until we find out that a little patience on Marcelo's part gets the job done. His dick is tearing up that hole in no time. Then it's ass-to-mouth as Riu is back on his knees trying his best to fit that over-sized dong in his mouth before a second bout of Marcelo cock-boxing his ass. Riu comes with Marcelo still between his legs before Marcelo adds his own creamy load to Riu's tight stomach
Peto, Lucio and Edward
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Added: 09 May 14
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Description: A hot Summer's day in Berlin. The two outdoorsy guys Peto and Lucio have set up their tent in the woods and the sultry heat makes them horny as hell. Their fat morning wood cry out for a "good morning fuck"! While Lucio pushes Peto's swollen cock down his throat, big dicked Edward comes around the corner and nothing will get in the way these three kicking off a kinky threesome. Lucio is happy to be the meat in the middle of this big dick sandwich. Edward and Peto fuck in a frenzy and use Lucio's hairy juice box alternately until all three squirts of hot juice everywhere!
Sk8r' Baters - Jayden
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 14 Mar 14
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Description: Let's see what a veteran, from the USA, can do. Next up: a true All-American PornTeam All-Star: the always beautiful, always horny, Jayden. As you may know, Jayden, despite his boyish, mischievously innocent, “I'm-still-just-like-a-rookie” charm, is a veteran major league player at the top of his game. Jayden always comes to play and always plays to cum. This time he claims that it's “been about a week since I yanked the monkey.” Although blue's a pretty good color for Jayden, you'll be damn glad when he tosses the cap, tosses the t-shirt, tosses the jeans, and then settles down to toss himself off. Fabulously tight and lean and smooth, Jayden has one of the top-of-the-line Defiant skater bodies. Here he looks as hot as he ever has, maybe hotter. His monkey is obviously hot, because, after Jayden pets it for awhile inside his boxers, that horny, not-so-little monkey pops out of its box. Kicking his jeans off his ankles, Jayden spreads his legs about as wide as he ever has, lubes up, an
Hang Up and Fuck My Meaty Ass
Category: Amateur
Added: 14 Feb 14
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Description: Inked muscle top Ethan Cordoba is on the phone to his lover in the gym changing room when Tony Axel comes to distract him with an expert blowjob and his needy, greedy cunt. Ethan does more boxing in his ring than he got all afternoon.
Punching Bag Traded For Ball Bag
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 13 Feb 14
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Description: Tomas Green and Cyril Big Dick are getting too hot to keep their boxing training going, and the only way to get their concentration back is to empty their nuts with a cocksucking, assfucking distraction from training.
Malik and Pedro Hit the Cum Shower
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 12 Feb 14
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Description: After a round of gut punching at boxing practice, these two buffed and beefy lads are up for a round of deepthroat and anal action in the changing rooms. Fucking around in sports kit is exactly what these two nasty fuckers crave after a hard workout.
Category: Massage
Added: 21 Jan 14
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Description: Over the last four years since I entered into the smut peddling business, I've had the pleasure of playing with a bunch of the hottest guys around from sea to shining sea. Xander is one of those guys. With his beautifully-toned swimmer's build, great smile & eyes (that most are aware I am a true sucker for), and a set of some big ol' low hangers accompanied by a rather long & thick cock, Xander definitely has it going on. To complete the overall package, he's got a sweet, genuine demeanor to him. This particular video shoot definitely pushes Xander further along his road to recovery from being born and reared a Southern Baptist. And speaking of reared... Judging from the moans & gasps, Xander thoroughly enjoyed the fucking he got from the rather thick, studded vibrator that has been added to my toy box, and not just one, but a two-finger wide prostate massage that sent him into the stratosphere.
Billy and Jonathan, Part 1
Added: 29 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:02:04
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Description: Part 1 of 2. Billy is working up a sweat, slugging away at the punching bag. Jonathan is doing everything he can to distract him. After a while, Jonathan decides it's his turn at the bag. Billy half-heartedly "works out" but is soon distracted by Billy's hard cock. He pounced on Billy's cock without bothering to take off his boxing gloves. The two take turns on each others cocks until Jonathan flips Billy on all fours and starts working on Billy's ass. In short work, he's inside, making Billy's eyes roll back in his head. Billy takes his turn on Jonathan's ass. They finish by gulping down each others hard earned loads.
Alex Silvers
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Added: 17 Jan 14
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Description: Stunning 18 yr old newbie Alex ticks all the boxes and more, with his tight abs, strong legs, and a very big thick meaty uncut 8 inch cock. He chats first, then gets a solid bulge in his shorts, strips off and shows off his dick in different positions. Laying back into the corner of the sofa, Alex gets into some steady jerk off action. He gives us one or two more looks to camera, and starts jerking off he works himself up to cumming, you can hear him getting close, as his breathing gets louder and faster.. jerking off hard, his thick meat starts pumping out hot white spunk all over his sweaty six pack. He squeezes out every last drop, dripping down over his fingers, and gives us a one final sexy look to camera.
He's Got The Moves
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 31 Dec 13
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Duration: 0:02:13
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Description: Lucas & Duncan prove fucking is more fun than carrying boxes
Kayden Gray
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 04 Jan 14
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Description: Kayden is one of those rare lads that ticks all the boxes and more...great looking, super fit with a tight ripped body, amazing 6 pack...and one of the biggest thickest dicks you ever saw...a massive wrist thick uncut 9.5 incher which never goes soft! He confidently shows off his meaty throbbing monster dick in different positions before shooting a big thick load of creamy cum over his bulging abs.
Tony Elliot and John Pain
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 30 Jan 14
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Description: Tony Elliot and John **** are in a basement moving some boxes into storage. However, the two are incredibly horny and John drops to his knees and starts sucking on Tony's massive cock, which is sticking out from a hole of his baggy jeans, just above his shaft. John services his tall, slender blond twink buddy like the true cock pig that he really is. However, he's not the only dick whore in town and, after kissing and stripping, ends up face fucking Tony who's still wearing his clothes. The young men share a moment of sword fighting, using their hard cocks as they kiss. But John is soon back on his knees, devouring Tony's tasty piece of young meat. After a while, John turns his buddy around and eats out his sweet, puckered fuck hole. When Tony returns the favor, rimming John's never before used asshole, the shorter, beefier young man end up bent over a pile of boxes getting his bareback cherry popped. Despite his intention of fucking Tony, John throws caution to the wind, straddles his
Delivery Boy Fucks Older Man In The Butt
Category: Mature / Old
Added: 25 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:06:54
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Description: A strapping young delivery guy delivers a parcel to an older man. He can't help but notice that the mature guy keeps casting side long glances in his direction, and he obviously checks out his ass when the delivery boy bends over. Finally the younger man confronts the older stud, asking him if he wants to get it on! Pushing the older man up against the wall, the horny young cocksucker unzips his fly, taking the ecstatic older man's cock in his mouth and swallowing it whole. Then he bends dad over, licking and fingering his rear hole and then fucking him in the ass over a pile of boxes. Finally the mature man get a cum load in his ass.
Dimitri and Joshua Raw
Category: Bareback
Added: 15 Dec 13
Views: 3648
Duration: 0:02:00
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Description: Work spices up when Dimitri Santiago unloads more than just boxes. Watch Joshua take ten inches of RAW Latin cock like a champ as Dimitri plows and breeds him in this week's Exclusive Raw Fuck Club scene.
Nicolas and Jaime
Category: Latino
Added: 17 Nov 13
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Description: Nicolas is in the boxing ring. He's joined by sparring partner Jaime. The two dance around each other exchanging smiles and jabs. As the fighting gets more aggressive, Nicolas deals Jaime a mean left hook, knocking him into the ropes. Jaime's head spins from the punch until Nicolas shows he's sorry by tenderly kissing him. As Jaime comes to, he dizzily lands on his knees where Nicolas' cock awaits his open mouth. Jaime's quick to gulp the thick, curved cock down his open throat. Nicolas sucks Jaime for a few rounds till he gets him turned around. With Jaime's sweet butt in the air, Nicolas tongues Jaime's hole then spanks his ass good. He then pulls Jaime back down to his cock by Jaime's thick hair, holding on while he fucks the bottoms throat. After he's had enough of Jaime's throat, Nicolas turns Jaime back around and spits into his hole to lube him up. As Nicolas begins to jackhammer his partner's wet, smooth butt, Jaime moans hungrily, pushing his hips back on to the thick rod impa
Only good for a shag
Category: Twink
Added: 15 Aug 14
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Description: Timo and Tony work in a warehouse. But Tony still doesn't grasp what goes into what box and only seems to be good at sucking and getting fucked. So Timo gets him to suck his dick, ties him at the wrists to a steel beam and twists his nipples before thoroughly humping him and making him to come against his will.