Company Bareback Fuck
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Added: 24 Aug 14
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Description: A potential employee gets trained in the art of satisfying the company's clients. Customer satisfaction is their #1 requirement, and this employee needs to show his expertise to the boss by auditioning with the office manager. The boss gives instruction while the other two suck and fuck. The boss soon steps in to show how to finish things off with a 3 way bareback fuck.
When a boy needs to be taught a lesson
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Added: 30 Jul 14
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Description: Incredible, the boy failed his boss again. Well, a lesson was in store for him. An ass-slapping lesson, really. Watch the boy looking like a total guilty mess in his boss' office as the older guy just had his way with - guess what - the boy's butt, of course. Both got super horny and sparks ran between them like crazy. They're not sure how the boss' dick got into the employee's mouth. By the time it got into the boy's ass they didn't really care!
Cum In My Hole Boss
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Description: The bosses at Tipo Sesso have some serious cracking down to do as their sexy subordinates slack off.
Bananas From Brazil 2 - Felipe Herrero and Rodrigo Jacques
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Description: Felipe Herrero looks like a man who means business. He is very handsome, with a thin beard around his face, and he's a rare man who can pull off a hot pink shirt with glamour. He finds the kitchen a mess and starts braying for Rodrigo Jacques, a really hunky beefcake who gets a tongue lashing from the angry boss. But, Rodrigo can work it off to his horny boss by getting on his knees. Rodrigo isn't much of a sucker, but Felipe's long hot cock is just fine. Felipe then sucks, with more passion than his employee. Felipe gets to fuck, but not before he rims Rodrigo's hairy hole for a moment. Felipe is all confidence when he fucks, manly and aggressive. In the first instance of it as far back as Part 1 of this tale, there is flip-flopping! Felipe gets on his back for Rodrigo, who also turns out to be a grand top, smooth and powerful. He plugs away until Felipe cums being fucked and then jolts a bit on Felipe's nuts as the scene ends.
It's Hard Being the Boss (Beat It Raw 5)
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Description: Tony is pissed that these boys have been fucking on his dime, but since Remy's hole is already open he figures why not let his new guy Hotrod get someā€¦and he even gets it in himself!