Tom Vojak & Libor Bores
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Description: Nothing like a half-naked romp through woods & an impending rainstorm to prompt Libor Bores to seduce the world's hottest Ginger, Tom Vojak. Libor does his very best to impale himself in both orifices with Tom's huge, uncut cock, and we finally get to see Tom successfully & wholeheartedly embrace sucking another man's cock. Enjoy!
Uncut Cock Pool Party Scene 1
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Description: Uncut Cock Pool Party Scene 1 Lucas Entertainment It's party time! Uncut Cock Pool Party, second title in the popular foreskin-centric series, follows thir**** hot, hung, and horny studs as they suck and fuck each other like crazy. From a poolside orgy to a tryst atop a pool table, the action doesn't get any more hardcore than this - and the dicks don't get any more uncut! Bored watching TV, Mario McGabe decides to go for a quick dip in the pool, and hunky Lucio Maverick decides to take a dip in him. After sucking and fucking on the poolside couch, Mario shoots loads on his own face. Hungry for more, they fuck again on the floor for a second round of hot cum shots.
Mark and Evan's Sofa Party
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Added: 12 Aug 14
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Description: It's a hot and boring summer night. See how horny gay twinks Mark and Evan find something to do while staying on the couch. This awesome hardcore video can't wait to be seen as these blonde ****s try some perversely intense ass licking. It's time to finger their booties into something very depraved and kinky until both ended up ass fucking.
Straight Guys Bored Fuck
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Description: Max Summerfield and Jeff Niels got a long really well during our weekend getaway. They were virtually inseparable, talking about their lives, cracking jokes, and comforting each other during there first gay sex scenes ever. We've released a few videos of both these guys, but this was actually the first cock each of them had ever taken. Jeff was a pro from the beginning who seemed to thoroughly enjoy his friend Max. Max on other hand had the jitters and was super nervous. After Jeff completely made him feel comfortable, and gained Max trust, Max let Jeff spread those ass cheeks apart. Max said,"I was nice to you, be nice to me." I think this particular scene was special to see to young men, enjoying something new in their lives they'd never expected to happen. Clearly they enjoyed it enough to come back for much more.
Walking in on a hot boy
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Added: 01 Aug 14
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Description: The boy was clearly having a boring night. Alone in the kitchen, away from his lover, he thought he'd chat up some hot dude on the interwebs. Soon he was ready to whip his thing out and let the guy on the other end see his cock! The twink's older lover spent some time watching the whole thing secretly and got the meanest boner ever. Well, the boy had to make up for something which looked quite a bit like cheating! He got fucked by his older lover right there and then - and check this out, the webcam was on the whole time!
Latin Jungle Fuck
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Description: Tommy finds some old architecture in the jungle that is being guarded by Rodrigo Rodrigo, who seems bored as Tommy walks by. Just up the stairs, though, is a horny Vidal Silva tugging on his bone through his shorts. Tommy gets on his knees and swallows that huge dick. Vidal has a very fat cock and Tommy does a respectable job trying to service it. He can, of course, accommodate even this big fucker up his ass, and does. When Rodrigo Rodrigo walks up and it's another hard fuck for Tommy, but with a surprise, as Rodrigo turns his ass up for Vidal's fat boner. Vidal nuts on Rodrigo's back and Tommy shoots his load onto the ground.
Barebacking Skater Boys
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Description: It's a lazy Saturday afternoon, as we look in on young Alex and Will. The two are bored with skateboarding around town, searching for something to do. Alex suggests they go back to his place and look for a way to cure their boredom. It should be no surprise that these two skater boys end up naked on the sofa, sucking cock and fucking bareback.
Skateboarding Twinks
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Description: It's Saturday afternoon and Alex and Will are quite bored with skateboarding around town searching for something to do. Alex suggests they go back to his place and find something to cure the boredom. On a comfy white sofa, they realize there's one activity that cures all! Only thing is, there's no condom so now the game is how to keep the nice white sofa from getting stained!
Han and Jee
Category: Asian
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Description: Han and Jee got bored and think to something fun to do. They try to mix and match their outfits... while their dressing up Han remove all his clothes and kiss Jee deeply and hold him tenderly. He suddenly undress Jee and suck his cock and fuck him.
Farrut and Sahapat
Category: Asian
Added: 18 Jul 14
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Description: Far from the city, they both got bored and finding what to do with their time.They both instantly think of a fucking session.
Libor Bores & Tomas Berger
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Added: 10 Jul 14
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Duration: 0:02:35
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Description: On a hot afternoon, Libor Bores suggests that he & Tomas Berger go for a swim, and fortunately for us, Tomas has much more pleasurable activities in mind. Enjoy!
Penis and Ball Pumping in Rubber and White Sox
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 03 Oct 14
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Description: A young and sweet guy in rubber and dirty sox is playing with his pumping equipment on a boring afternoon. He does some penis enlargement like enlarging his penis in a cock pumping cylinder, worshipping the pumped meat, pumping his penis including his balls in a cock and ball pumping cylinder, worshipping his pumped genitals, sniffing his extremely used and very smelly socks, worshipping his unwashed boy feet, and showing you two orgasms at the end of this hot pumping fetish video. The first one is a cumshot onto his rubber shirt and the second one is a cumshot into one of his dirty sox. To see more of our fetish stuff visit
At The Warehouse
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Added: 05 Jun 14
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Description: Inventory can be a pretty boring and tedious job, but Jaimie has just the right ide to liven things up a little. He's been aching for a taste of his new coworker's cock for some time now and he's no the kindo of guy to miss an opportunity. Check it out as he shamelessly seduces the unsuspecting man into a hardcore fucking he won't ever forget. You'll be glued to the screen as they go down on each other before Jaimie slams his cock balls deep up his new lover's tight asshole.
Tommy Lima In Brazil 2 - Rodrigo, Tommy and Vidal
Category: Brazilian
Added: 28 May 14
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Duration: 0:05:01
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Description: The break Tommy got while hiking and watching Adrian and Vasco was enough to get the lead back in his pencil. He finds some old architecture in the jungle that is evidently being guarded by a police uniformed Rodrigo Rodrigo who seems bored as Tommy walks by. Just up the stairs, though, is a horny Vidal Silva tugging on his bone through his shorts. Tommy licks his lips and you know he's thinking exactly what you are, “Somebody ought to be sucking on that.” Being as Tommy has already had an unfair share of huge cock it seems it should be one of us but since we weren't available he gets on his knees and swallows another huge dick. Vidal's cock isn't just big, it's a veiny fucker with that downward curve that helps it go right down your throat. Thing is, it's so fat that it's bigger than any guy's throat could be. Tommy does a respectable job, though. He can, of course, accommodate even this big fucker up his ass and does. When Rodrigo Rodrigo walks up, though, it's hard to tell what kind
Azer's Tickle Torture - Azer, Mike and Ricky
Category: Asian
Added: 25 May 14
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Duration: 0:05:00
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Description: What do two tickle pros and their best friend do on a boring Christmas day? They convince their cute Asian friend to let them tie and tickle him! Azer gets tied to the recliner and tickled mercilessly by Mike and Ricky. Azer has a FANTASIC laugh and some VERY ticklish feet. This video is just loads of fun and laughs.
Category: Twink
Added: 19 Apr 14
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Description: I noticed this boy already half an hour before. He was standing there alone and seemed to wait for somebody. When I finally decided to approach him I realized that the access to a path leading up the hill was blocked. And he was just there to inform the people about it as this park is quite popular for skiing and sledding. Yes, that might sound strange for a few of my Western friends but this is some sort of a relict from the communist times. However, he was not really talkative although I though he should be happy that somebody offered a conversation. Must be really boring to stand there the whole day for about 500 crowns. So I offered him money for a small favor. It really took a whole while to convince him.
Bi-Curious Stud
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Description: After ending a long and somewhat boring relationship, Anders came to me looking for some self-exploration. The only thing his girlfriend left him with was a taste for a finger in his ass while getting blown. Just recently, Anders has been pushing his own boundaries and has discovered the fun of dildos in his tight virgin ass. The next logical step in his mind was either getting fucked from behind by a girl with a strap-on, a passable tranny, or just get straight to it with a "straight" guy. With his taut abs, smooth chest, and even smoother cock with a nice big mushroom-shaped head, I should be able to find him a nice young man to fulfill his curiousity. As Anders gets more comfortable jerking his cock in front of me, he starts to pull his balls this way and that. He finally can't take the temptation anymore and plunges a finger deep in his ass. His toned abs crunch up into a nice canvas just waiting to be painted by the creamy ropes that come swinging out of that huge tip of his.
Two Xtra Big Dick.mp4
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Added: 28 Mar 14
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Description: 2 very cute guys with heaps of personality always makes for a good encounter. We have Jack Harrer, our Xtra Big Star, with Phillipe Gaudin enjoying each other in our big double scene. Phillipe is eager to play with Jack's cock threatening him that if he gets bored during sex with him, that he will be making a bracelet out of his foreskin, although knowing Jack, there is little chance of that happening. Phillipe serves his bubble butt to Jack and it is a real pleasure to see his eyes full of joy. With both Jack and Phillipe being completely versatile, it seemed only fair to give Phillipe the chance to show Jack what he can do as a top after bottoming for him in the first part of this scene. Nobody Does It Like BelAmi!
Checkers And Sex
Category: Asian
Added: 23 Mar 14
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Description: A game of checkers between two bored and horny Asian boys turns sexual as they begin to undress and suck each other's cocks. Soon that's not enough and they are fucking like the horny boys they are!
Cruisin Scene 3
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Added: 20 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:11:26
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Description: Cruisin Scene 3 Inferno As they say on the boulevard: everyone is a star. Beautiful men from all over the world come to Los Angeles. Some find fortune and fame, others spend their days at boring jobs and their free time cruisin' clubs, street corners, and bars. 'Didn't I see you in a movie? Wanna come home with me?'