Jake & Ryan Part 2
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Description: In the second half of this pairing, Jake and Ryan chat about their fun. Ryan said Jake's fucking was, "awesome;" "fuck that felt good," remarks Jake. These Straight Rent Boys begin with Ryan getting Jake off, orally. When you're this young (and hung) you are always up for some excitement. Ryan swallows Jake, "better than a girl," Jake gasps within moments. Ryan says it's because girls don't have penises. I think its Ryan's "love of the cock" that has this BJ going so well; Jake's cock is a wonder to behold or "bemouth." I interject and let Ryan know that Jake is into ass play, a delightful gleam comes over both boys' eyes. Ryan doesn't hesitate; he licks a finger and dives right in. "Oh fuck," moans Jake; this "Rocketman" is very hard and as Ryan alternates between the balls and the shaft, Jake is driven wild. Ryan starts moaning as well, working his tongue and finger. Jake is in heaven and when I ask Ryan to show us his "digital" abilities, we all agree, Jake's hole is the place to be
Jizz Injection 5
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Description: Ben Reed is pulling a toolbox backwards when he bumps into another "toolbox," Max Born. Instantly these two grease monkeys are hot for one another; "it's so good" says Max. Agreeing to service one another before they go back to servicing cars, this HDKRaw.com video is "Jizz Injection #5." Max starts by undressing Ben. Grinding into one another, it doesn't take long before they face each other, poking out in all the right places. Max takes over and finishes pulling off the rest of their clothing; their "poignant" cocks seem to tell the story, bouncing out of their underwear. Max grabs his cock and starts to inspect Ben's asshole; Max's "dipstick" is ready to go deep. Ben's sweet ass reverberates as it is slapped, first by Max's hand, then by Max's cock. Working his way in with a bit of spit, both moan from the start. Ben watches Max as he is fucked; Max keeps his eyes on "the prize." Close up, Max continues to thrust until his "tool" is fully engaged. The grease on Max's hands transfers
Travis Cooper & Justin Cross Pt 1
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Description: Justin Cross and Travis Cooper are here together to do a scene, straight to the point. I've had so many followers on Facebook and Tweet me about getting these two together, I figure it is "the season," so why wait. We're gonna have them start with some oral and then do anal. As they undress, we see Travis' new tattoo, the Nike swoosh. He says he got it because he likes Nike and the idea of something athletic appeals to him; note to self: become more athletic. Justin hasn't inked his body yet, but did get his ears gaged; must be a generational thing, guys getting both ears done. Oh well, this Straight Rent Boys video is fun, and as always, there's more "to cum." In their white undies, a personal favorite, I have the two sit and start by kissing. After a bit of lip locking, Travis says he's, "gonna do him first," and has Justin remove his tighty whities. Well, "ready to go," Justin sits back and enjoys "Travis' inhalations." As he watches Travis' head bob, Justin says, "it feel real nice
Jizz Injection 3
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Description: Tomm, one of the best fuckers of hdkraw.com is at the garage to negotiate with a grease monkey on getting his repaired car back. "No money is no problem," for the mechanic, he likes to take it out in trade for his handy work. In this "Jizz Injection #3," watch and learn how bartering's all you need, "in the end." Tomm makes fast work of the mechanic's body as he fondles and sucks. The mechanic seems to like the agreement they've worked out; matter of fact, they both seem to be "happy fuckers." Tomm puts the bottom over a barrel as he strokes and slaps. The grease monkey's tool comes up fast and hard as Tomm sucks; the two continue to feel one another up and in. Tomm removes his shirt, much to the delight of the bottom, who happily bends over and gives it up, orally. "Suck, yeah suck," commands Tomm. Taking his time to do a good job, the bottom swallows and gags. Tomm is even a bit surprised by the boy's endless throat. Tomm then reciprocates and does a bit of his own gagging. Spitting