Twink Bubble Butt Pounded
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Added: 03 Dec 11
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Description: When Symon's 9 inch cock gets hard, it stays hard. And when he's ready to fuck, he shows no mercy. Xavier's ass was destined to get that full 9 inches up, down and sideways. Will this fucking break Xavier's sweet little ass or will he ride it like a champ? Watch and see.
Huge Dick FleshJack Fuck
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Description: In fact, just a few strokes of the full length of his shaft and Symon was ready to blow... his FIRST load. But that just wasn't enough for Symon. He quickly mopped up the spooge and promptly stuffed his cock back into the device for a more leisurely fuck. This gave him just as much pleasure, just not as much cum.
Boy Splits By Huge Cock
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Description: When we watched this scene after editing we realized there are three stars here. Kevin Morin is the bottom, Symon Boisdur is the top and Symon's huge, steadfast cock is a star in its own right. From the moment that beautiful piece of meat flops out onto the screen it's a presence we can't ignore. Kevin can't resist it. He just has to suck it and has to take it up his skinny little ass. We can't take our eyes off it as it slides in and out of Kevin's hole. And when he pumps his cum all over Kevin, the spotlight is on this compelling appendage. Never resting, never sagging even for a moment, in Symon's boner, A STAR IS BORN.
Jessy Karson Getting Fucked
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Added: 29 Aug 11
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Description: A few weeks ago we watched 9 inch Jessy Karson pound Sebastien's ass into submission. But Sebastien is versatile and really wanted to take his revenge on Jessy. We have seen Jessy slam so many asses this year, we were very excited to see how he would react to having Sebastien ****** his little pink hole. Will he take it like a man or squeal like a pig?
Hung Street Fighter Symon
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Added: 23 Aug 11
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Description: Symon has been one of our favourite models from way back. He's a down to earth kinda guy with working class values and not a pretentious bone in his body. ******** is like the Jekyll/Hyde potion to Symon turning him into the opposite of his nature: a street fighter. But when he's sober (as he has been for almost 1/2 a year now) he's happy, friendly and flirty. And Symon's flirting isn't limited to just girls either. He's been missing in action from our site for the past several years because of a long term girlfriend. But this horny bisexual is single again, so watch out. Symon Boisdur is 26 years old, is 5'9″ tall, weighs 150 lbs and has a 8.5″ uncut cock.