Rudy Bodlak and Ludvig Hofta
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Description: 19 year old Rudy Bodlak and 31 year old Ludvig Hofta, both from the Czech Republic, are concluding a hectic day at the office, which has ended with the news of an encouraging report. Ludvig suggests a celebration is in order. They begin with playful foreplay, with Ludvig undressing Rudy and moving in with some well received oral action. Ludvigs pants are dropped and Rudy returns some oral action. The celebration is on! Ludvig is bent over the desk while Rudy deep fingers his hole, slaps his ass and gives him a good rimming. Rudy begins plowing his ass across the table, with some deep fucking action. With his belt wrapped around Ludvigs neck, it is clear as to who is in charge. Ludvig now on his back, one leg up, continues to be pounded. Swapping up, Rudy straddles Ludvig, bouncing up and down on his cock, getting his own good fuck. Ludvig pulls out, stands up and squirts cum across Rudy's chest. Rudy sucks his cock clean! Rudy then cums in Ludvigs mouth, ending the scene.
Rudy Bodlak and Kaja Kolomaz
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Description: 19 year old Rudy Bodlak and 25 year old Kaja Kolomaz, who both come to us from the Czech Republic, sit down to a night of action. They begin kissing and remove their pants, exposing their uncut cocks. Rudy starts off with giving Kaja some well received oral action. Rudy kneels on the couch and invites Kaja to swallow his huge tool, while sucking him off. Rudy stands on the couch and bends over, while Kaja gets in some tongue action, giving Rudy a wet rim job, while priming his hole for what is to come. Kaja lays back on the couch while Rudy takes a seat on his stiff tool, bouncing himself up and down, while riding him like a stallion. Rudy takes his place on his back on the couch and with his leg up over Kaja's shoulder; Kaja gives it to him deep, hard and fast. Rudy strokes himself off, delivering a creamy cumshot, while Kaja sucks the cum off his cock and licks it from his abs. Kaja stands over Rudy and lets go of a thick creamy load and Rudy sucks his tool clean as well.
Twink Worships Muscle Guy
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Description: Twink, Rudy Bodlak, worships muscular, Milos Zambo in this hot worship behind the scenes.
Hairy and Cute, Rudy Bodlak Naked
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Description: You asked for more naked Rudy Bodlak, so we've put this behind the scenes look into him getting his dick hard for the photoshoot, jacking off for the cameras, extra high resolution photos and that powerful cum shot. Be sure to also check out this hot naked hunk in