Kayden Gray and Alex Silvers
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Description: Prepare yourselves for a real scorcher. This is unmissable. Two of the hottest new stars, Alex Silvers & Kayden Gray, have incredible chemistry, and an insanely hot session. Kayden Gray is handsome, ripped, and super hung with a thick nine inch monstercock. Alex Silvers is just 18, blue eyed, blonde and smooth, and super cute, a real stunner. On top of that, he also has a huge meaty uncut dick. First they fuck on the floor, Kayden on his back with Alex sitting on it, riding it a little, before Kayden pulls his peachy butt cheeks apart to thrust his dick into him. Seriously hot.. Next, they lay on their sides, spooning, and Kayden gives Alex a very intense, deep fucking, kissing him and sucking on his nipples as he stretches that hole with his huge dick. Not quite done yet, Alex is on his back for a third position, even more intense, fucking with long, deep strokes, building up till it makes Alex squirt his white jizz all over his smooth abs. A moment later, Kayden sprays Alex with
Jay Cruz and Sean Bay
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Description: Muscled Blatino sex freak Jay Cruz is so horny he talks to himself about how bad he wants to "get the white boy" and tear into his hole, even as he creeps around the side of the house he's been casing. He breaks in and finds Sean Bay, a cute blond who's as eager to suck cock as Jay is to fuck. Protesting with words, Sean negates his actions by willingly servicing the thug who just broke into his home before taking it up the ass until he blows his load. The pleasure on Sean's face is unmistakeable as Jay pounds into him repeatedly, first on all fours, then riding the big dick and, finally, on his back.
Josh Charteris and Riley Tess
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Description: Putting an ex-lover in charge of security is a bad move; at least when the ex-lover is Josh; he's not so bright, lazy and a walking hard-on, so his mind isn't really on the job - especially when he sneaks rent boys onto the premises and spends an hour or so up to his nuts in a heavenly arse. Josh's appointments with ecstasy are so regular you could set your watch by them, which leaves a big, gaping hole in site security, waiting to be used. Tall, blond, blue-eyed and hung, with a personality to match, Josh Charters is fairly new to porn and loving every minute of it. Riley Tess is becoming a UKNM regular and has an appetite for cock to rival any performer we've met. Riley just loves to be fucked in any position, long and hard, and Josh gives him all he wants in this scene.
Wolf Wagner and Dirk Berger
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Added: 30 Jan 14
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Description: Night in Berlin, Wolf is on his way back to his hotel but he decides to check the area of Tiergarten that was marked in a magazine as a cruising ground. The rain must have kept most of the guys away, but he's seen movement and he decides to wait under a tree. Not much time passes before Dirk walks by, stops and reaches for Wolf's cock. They kiss and exchange blowjobs in the dark, mere metres away from the main road and Wolf end up getting a thick load shot right on his face. Wolf still needs to shoot his load and he's not gonna let go the blond hunk so easily. He takes him back to his hotel and they start all over again. Wolf if first to suck cock, but he took Dirk back because he wants to fuck him. So they play around and taste each other a while longer, swapping blowjobs and rimming before Wolf fucks Dirk on his back and keeps fucking him until he unloads all over his chest and Wolf shoots on Dirk's face.
Naptime Bareback
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Description: After a long week of filming, new studio cuties Shane Hicks and Mitch Hudson are snuggling and spooning the afternoon away to recharge for their next scene. However, the close contact proves to be too much for Mitch and he needs a taste of Shane now! Kisses and tongues run over smooth soft skin bringing Shane and Mitch to full raging erections. After watching Shane's slender form ride and grind atop Mitch there is no denying that Shane and Mitch are in lust with each other. Starring: Mitch Hudson, Shane Hicks
Cure for Boredom
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Added: 24 Jan 14
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Description: After a busy weekend Ty Roderick and Casey Tanner find themselves with nothing to do. The boredom is too much to bear so Casey springs in to action to save the day. With a little creative wardrobe redesign Casey is dressed to please and Ty can't keep his hands off of Casey's perfect ass. Casey pulls out Ty's thick jock-cock and really gives Ty something to moan about.
Luke and Jessie's Twinkmas
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Description: Let Luke Allen & Jessie Montgomery help you get into the Holiday spirit! Watch them start the celebration with a nice gift exchange that ends with more than just receiving toys for them to play with. Starring: Jessie Montgomery, Luke Allen
Put the Book Down
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Added: 25 Jan 14
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Description: Evan Parker is at home reading when Sasha Peterson arrives with a need for some sensual attention. He has no trouble getting Evan to put the book down and give him some good old fashion love. Watch as these boys take their action from the living room into the bedroom where they can get a little more comfortable. Starring: Evan Parker, Sasha Peterson
Fresh Casting: Shane Hicks and Adrian Rivers
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Added: 06 Jan 14
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Description: At Helix Studios, we are always on the hunt for new and fresh faces. We are bringing you just that with Shane Hicks and Adrian Rivers. Shane will charm with his boyish good looks and his cute West Virginian accent. Adrian will seduce you with his sultry Dominican accent and his exotic looks, and this will all happen in the interview. You will be amazed as Shane takes Adrian thick cock out of his tight jeans then wraps his juicy lips around Adrian's uncut shaft. Both of these young guys may be new to porn, but you will agree that they are both naturals! Starring: Shane Hicks, Adrian Rivers
VELO Part One: The Architect
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Description: Velo Part One: The Architect finds our hero Matthew Keading being ****** to pay the consequences for staying late in bed with his hot boyfriend Jessie Montgomery. Ty Roderick as the The Architect is furious that his delivery is late. Will Matthew lose his job as a bike messenger or will he take The Architect's jock cock to keep his customer happy? Starring: Ty Roderick, Matthew Keading, Jessie Montgomery
Recruitment for firefighters
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Added: 08 Jan 14
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Description: We haven't seen Kameron Frost in a while, but we caught up with him on his new job. Kameron is now a recruiter for firefighters. On this particular day there was an individual waiting to see Kameron, Gael Gocova. When Kameron called for him, there was no response. So Kameron got up and went into the lobby and we find out why. Gael is Spanish and does not understand French that well and didn't realize that Kameron was calling him.
Condomfree fucking
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Description: Kevin Warhol & Harris Hilton are both sexy blond boys coming on the heels of Manuel & Andrei who are both olive skinned. Also its not the first time the boys have been together, though in this episode Kevin will get his chance to top the beautiful bubble ass of Harris condomfree. Keep tuning into the action at BelAmiOnline.com this December with non stop hardcore updates everyday!
Slim Blond Furry Twink
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Added: 31 Dec 13
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Description: Now, everyone knows I love a cute little blonde twink. And Glen definitely fits that profile to a "T". He's slim, blonde haired, blue-eyed with just a sprinkle of hair going down his young frame. Add to all that the fact that he's smart and fun to talk to, and you've got yourself a hot little boy. The perfect kind to get nice and dirty. Glen's only had sex-sex with two people total his entire life. His first experience was with a guy from high school, and his second with his current girlfriend (who doesn't seem to mind that he's willing to be plowed by guys on camera.) Definitely a cute little freshman. After chatting him up a bit and getting his clothes off, I asked him if he'd be willing to go a little further. Curious and willing to explore, Glen didn't object when I shoved my cock down the back of his throat. This novice didn't need much coaching when it comes to working over a cock. He sucked it with zeal until I couldn't help but paint his face with streams of white stripes.