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Description: “… I went for a walk along Vltava river on this sunny day. Nice weather attracted many people to spend some time outside. Ended up at a football pitch where I've spotted three youngsters kicking the ball around. One of them completely shy, another one just didn't pay attention to my presence and just last one talked to me. He was quite funny and open minded. Got him to show me his private parts but then all fun with him was over. Decided to try my luck with second dude. As soon as I saw his eyes, I felt in love with him. Cute, sporty, blonde and charismatic young man. I knew I had to get him on his knees to suck my “ young Czech “ hungry cock. I didn't care for the prize I would have to pay. Gents believe me when I say : this one was worth of every penny! … “
June part 2 - Preview
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Description: We have some great scenes to hold your interest throughout the second half of June.Our model of the month is back again in a special scene with Jean-Daniel.Blond Daniel Mathis, that everyone seems so fond of also makes an appearance alongside of Adam Archuleta.Dylan Maguire is here with Jim Kerouac; Luke, Gino and Kevin are together towards the end of the month.Shaggy haired Gregg Meyjes with Lukas and the start of Luke's documentary pairing from Barcelona.All this and still much more to enjoy during the 2nd half of June.Nobody does it like!
Horny Hugh gets a handjob
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Description: Hugh reminds me a little bit of Dennis the Menace. Not just 'cos of the flip in his blond hair, but in his personality, too. The curious or slightly mischievous kind of guy who'd try anything once. Or maybe twice, just to be sure about it. Hugh is 20 y/o and a military transplant from the Midwest, soaking up the weather and exploring his wilder sexual side while out here in So Cal. When he was approached about doing porn, Hugh jumped at the chance since it's something he'd been thinking about since high school.
Taylor Strokes His Str8 Cock
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Description: Taylor starts digging in his undies at his dick that is already stiff as a board. I peek over his shoulder as he whips out his huge pierced pink cock. This guy has everything going for him, a great body, big hairy bush, and a pair of low hanging balls that just beg to be cradled. As Taylor starts stroking faster and faster, his dick gets more and more engorged and impressive. Taylor moves onto the bed to get a little more comfortable and to spread his cheeks just for little ol' me. His middle finger traces his pink rimmed hole and then plunges deep into his cavity. All this anal activity is too much for Taylor, he flips onto his back and quickly strokes his dick to completion. A big all-American white boy load comes shooting out the tip and lands on his blond pube patch. Taylor smiles for the camera, obviously relieved of the load that had been weighing him down all day. Damn, I love straight guys!
Just A "Warming"
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Description: Up for some hard time for the crime, dark-haired Josh Bentley, and long-haired Josh Rodgers play nice for the Special Bottom's Unit in this two-part video. The cop in the leather jacket is JD Harding, and the other blonde is Derreck Lynch. Down for gagging now, rather than in jail, Josh Bentley blows Dereck as Josh Rodgers has the “larger job,” of doing JD Harding; and they say “crime doesn't pay.” Trading off, the two Josh's are a bit inept at “cop sucking.” Derreck takes over blowing his partner; let's just think about that a moment, while the two Josh's learn by watching the “Unit” in action. Josh Rodgers then works on Josh Bentley and again, all the guys switch off. So, if the detectives aren't taking the boy's in, is this just a “warming?” JD has Dereck get to the bottom of Josh Bentley; JD blows his load into Derreck's mouth and has his buddy spit it into Josh Bentley's hole. If you're keeping score, it's one shot from a cop, and one bo
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Description: Toned twink Richard does some sit-ups to show us his athleticism before getting his cock out for some jerk-off action. We love the big nipples on him too.
babyface blond jerks
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Description: Charming yet alluring with piercing blue eyes and a smile of a gentleman. After an intense work out, he went back to his spot and enjoyed the majestic view. Feeling slightly sweaty he decided to jump in the shower. After gracing his cock with the soap… lift off began. He appeared to get hornier and hornier and needed to release. He left the shower and headed to his king size bed. Stroking his cock and humping the bed almost sent me over my ***** pressure. A bust at the end was the icing on the cake for such a long and productive day.
Adhem Stone Gets Dirty
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Description: Hungrily, he dropped eye to eye with my cock and began tasting and licking it like a popsicle on a warm summer day. As he began to find his comfort level, he began engulfing it with his perfectly pouty lips. Gazing up me occasionally to make sure he's doing a good job, Ahdem pursued his first oral adventure with zeal. He laid on his back so he could stroke his own cock while still gobbling mine. Suddenly, glue was spurting from the tip of his pink swollen cock and his abs caught some of the goodness while more squirted over his shoulder. He continued working on my cock, trying to give me the same pleasure he has just experienced. I explode onto his chest, the first glob landing right in his cleavage. Several more spurts cover his hairy leg and a piece lands in his blond bush. Still panting, he asks if he can come back for more soon.
Illusion 2
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Description: Horny blond Supercub takes a cold shower, but it doesn't do the trick. He ends up crawling into bed to fantasize about dark-haired Jake taking him in a sling.
Fuck Me On The Couch
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Description: Horny blonde twink Matt is aching for pleasure and Sean is more than willing to give him the hard cock that he needs. In this scene you get to see these two hot guys getting it on in a hardcore fuck right there on the couch. Check them out as they go down on each other, slurping cock like it's their favorite treat, before Sean slams his thick shaft balls deep up Matt's tight asshole. Wanna see more?
Soldier gets fucked
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Description: Jason's getting a reputation as a top, but Max isn't willing to take that lying down. Max takes the bull by the horn, though, as he power bottoms for him. Max sucks Jason's hard cock, and then he feeds his big cock to him before giving his ass to Jason's long hard strokes.Their epic explosions, Max's reaching his chest, are the culmination of their exciting afternoon together. GayHoopla members will revel in the hot sex between these two gorgeous young men.
Adrenaline Studs Get to Fucking
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Description: After a few quiet minutes of jerking, Dominic is the first to take the plunge. He dives head first onto Rohn's dick giving a first class blowjob for a self-proclaimed straight guy. Rohn returns the favor and decides to one-up the firefighter. He bends Dominic over and starts chowing down on tight man-hole. After a good solid tongue bath, Dominic drags Rohn to the sheets for some real man on man fun. Rohn straddles Dominic's cock and rides him until he gets weak in the knees. Dominic then flips his blond buddy onto a crate and the real railing begins. Rohn gets so turned on by a thick cock in his ass and a hunky fireman nibbling on his neck, he explodes with a cry and a big bright stream all over the army crate. Dominic does not like to see anything go to waste. So, he shoves Rohn's head right up to the puddle so he can clean up his own mess. Dominic wastes no time blowing his own load all over Rohn's sweet face, and quivers to let him know just how good it was.
Fucking Brendan's Virgin Ass
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Description: Pulling rank he orders Brendan to put his pretty smile to something more useful, like sucking dick. It turns out brendan has some secret talents he didn't even know he had. Brendan gets fucked this way and that, relentless Mikey's true colors come out. Plunging his cock unaplogetically in and out of Brendan's virgin ass. He thrusts slow and deep, spreading Brendan's cheeks to get a better look at that tight blonde hole. Brendan ends up on his back after his knees almost collapse under the weight of fireman's fiery fucking. He tries to squirm away by inching up the bed but unappeasable Mikey grabs him by the hips and puts the trainee back in his place. When Mikey is done breaking in Brendan, he dumps his load all over tanned freckled surfer stomach. Being the natural performer that he is, he even blows the camera a sweaty breathless kiss to seal the deal.
Getting a Hot Creamy Facial
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Description: After working each other's tools out, Clayton plows his raging dick deep inside Micah's greedy hole. Micah tells him to fuck harder, wanting to feel every inch of his thick shaft sliding in and out of him. The cute twinky blond moans out in ecstasy with every thrust, but wants to get bent over and have Clayton rail his hot ass, ***gie style over the back of my couch. Using the bottom boy's hole to climax, Clayton pulls out and sprays white man gravy into Micah's waiting mouth. Swallowing down the hot cum, gets his own juices going and Micah blows huge wads of pearly white spunk all over his ripped torso. I think this dirty boy got exactly what he wanted, a hot creamy facial!
Rocker Twink With Toys
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Description: Hans is a cute skinny twink who loves everything about sex. When there's not a man around to fuck his ass, he pulls out his toys to loosen himself up while he beats off. Watch him stare into the camera for extended contact with his big blue flirty eyes, big pouty dick-suckin' lips, and long blonde rocker hair!
Jiri Prazan
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Description: Jiri is a 22 year old from Prague who works as a photographer and moonlights as an established porn talent and dancer. Given another chance to see what it was like on the other side of the camera Jiri performs deliciously. Check out this hot bottom's hot round bubble butt and fat ****-can cock. Enjoy
Boys Taking Loads
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Description: Smooth, big dicked, blond twink Jerek gives his ass up to Dean Cooper's talented fist, while swarthy Brock Pierce gets his hairy fuckin' hole fisted by Jeff Allen.
Blonde Shemale Outdoor Interracial Anal Fucked
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Description: Blonde shemale Kananda loves a big black cock. She primes her guy's asshole as she sucks his hard dick. Getting hard, Kananda puts her cock in his mouth and fucks his mouth hard.
War and Grease, Part 3
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Description: Blonde fistmonger Aaron King furiously double-fists away at the ultimate pig Tommy Rawlins as Tim Kruger gives Demetrius a filthy ride on his arm
Blonde Shemale Ass Deep Dicking Fucked
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Description: Karol is a big oral fanatic. Giving or receiving this little harlot will gladly open her lips or her ass for some deep dicking