Anonymous Sucking and Deep Fucking
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Description: Steeve Boy is blindfolded when Tony comes in and presses the swelling in his pants into his face. Tony does not only want to get sucked, he also wants to fuck a firm ass to relieve the pressure in his balls. Blowjob and ass fucking for a monster dick! Steeve is fucked in ***gy style position - and he can take it all!
r117: Bradley Boyd
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Description: 23-year-old Bradley is alone in the House with Franco, who tells him to strip and straps him to a chair. Franco blindfolds Bradley, jacks his uncut cock and plays with his furry butthole until he cums.
r116: Warren Blindfolded and Bound
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Description: For the right price, Warren agrees to be tied up, blindfolded and jacked off by another guy. Franco makes Warren cum using a masturbation sleeve on him, but can Warren cum a second time for extra cash?
Bodybag and Tag
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Description: Rugged stud Owen Hawk wiles a bodybagged and blindfolded Adam Burr to deepthroat his thick dick. The little punk begs for Owen to shoot a load right into his hole, and he gets his wish.
Bodybag and Tag
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Description: Rugged stud Owen Hawk wiles a bodybagged and blindfolded Adam Burr to deepthroat his thick dick. The little punk begs for Owen to shoot a load right into his hole, and he gets his wish.
Inmate with a massive cock
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Description: Perverse sex games with new inmate Luke. Warden Dean fucks the lad in the arse and shoots a full load of hot sperm into his face. And to top it off, lots of blindfolding, gobbing, boot-licking, hot wax play and anal stretching.
Sam Young Gets Man Handled
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Description: We've got a hot 3way for you with Kamzouze, Jonathan Darko and Sam Young. Kamzouze has one of those big fat banana dicks and a beautiful set of balls. Yes, yes, I know, I'm a "ball fanatic" but what better to bury your face in if it isn't a nice sweet ass? The scene opens with Sam blindfolded and sucking Kamzouze who gets off on choking and gagging young Sam (pun intended)... Sam Young, young Sam, get it? After a lot of slurping and slobbering Kamzouze is ready for some of Sam's cute twink ass. Sam stands up, braces himself against the wall while Kamzouze slips on a condom and starts fingering and playing with Sam's ass. Unfortunate for Kamzouze, he wastes a bit too much time playing because Jonathan Darko shows up and takes over at the "helm." Darko as we call him, wastes no time at all taking charge being the aggressive dominating top that he is. And when it comes to being filmed while fucking, Darko is one big ham and loves to demonstrate his dominance and looks directly into the ca
Fisted Blindfolded
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Description: Hot session with fisting, sucking and fucking! Sathia is always willing and needs a real master for sex. Louis is exactly the right one because he knows how to break into an ass with his fist and then fuck it hard. Very intense scene with wicked actors!
Twink HiJack
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Description: Meet our bottom boy, Masa and our hot top, Ken. These two sexy twinks like to dabble in BBSF (bound, blindfolded, spanked and fucked). The scene opens with Ken tying up Masa and dragging him over to a chair where he binds his feet and takes off Masa's neck tie to blindfold him. Now bound and helpless in the chair, Ken begins to have his way with Masa. It doesn't take much of getting his "noodle" sauteed and Ken is ready to take this scene to the next level. Pulling Masa out of the chair and throwing him over on the bed, Ken unties his wrists and feet and takes the belt out of Masa' pants and begins to spank him with it and I mean REALLY spank him. After this, Ken begins to rim Masa's nice ass kissing all over his sweet cheeks and running his tongue up and down the crack. This boys' got some real talent!!! Ken has either watched a lot of porn and paid close attention to how it's done or he had one hell of a good teacher. Download this video and more here!
Mark Coxx and Jonny Kingdom
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Description: Ashley is out in London again looking for a top. His cameraman sees a guy buying an ice cream and Ashley runs over. They find out he's called Jonny and they tell him about Mark. They take Jonny back and he gets straight onto Mark's hot mouth and ass straight away. Mark sucks down on Jonny's thick cock and as he has never been fucked before Mark's tight ass is ripped open by Jonny's cock. Jonny fucks him good and shoots his load over his back. Ashley then tells Jonny that he has to play the game and offers him the two cards; Jonny *********ly picks one and it's red. Ashley unties Mark and gives his place on the bench to Jonny. They tie him up, blindfold him, and leave.
Luke Desmond and Mark Coxx
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Description: Ashley is in the studio. He has asked a cameraman over to help him out with a project. Ashley tells him that he wants to play a game with one of the models. He's going to get them over make them pick one of two cards: if the model picks a blue card he can go and we have to look for another model but if he picks the red card the we tie him down to the red bench, blindfold him, then go out into central London to look for a top to take back to fuck him. Ashley Looks through his phone and finds Luke Desmond's number. He calls him and Luke comes over. He picks a red card. Luke is now tied to the bench and Ashley finds a guy called Mark outside the Tat Modern. Ashley tells Mark about Luke being tied up at the studio and invites Mark to fuck him. Mark takes no time in getting his cock out and plunging it deep into Luke's eager mouth. With some hot sucking and rimming, Mark plows his big hard cock up Luke's tight, eager hole. They are both covered in sweat. Mark makes Luke cum by wanking him a
Blindfold Submission - Seth 2
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Description: Seth enjoyed wearing Officer Zack's uniform so much he returns for a replay. I let him watch the porno a while and when I start sucking his cock he gets totally into it and starts fucking my face. It doesn't take long for Seth to blow a creamy wad in my mouth. Only one problem: I forgot to blindfold him. OOPS!
Sleazy Bareback Action
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Description: If you're into some kink, uniforms, dressing up, bondage and blind folding then you are sure to love this amateur shoot presented by WankOffWorld! Too much happens to describe it in this short description but lets just say it gets very sleazy and includes lots of barebacking action! Download over 270 exclusive images of this raw hardcore gay sex scene and 34 minutes of DMS free exclusive video!
Marco Di Lucca and Jordan Fox
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Description: Muscle lad Jordan Fox proves that straight guys really do fuck harder! While his girlfriend is away on holiday this sexy Straight French man takes the opportunity to find out for himself if gay guys suck better than girls do. Looks like he was pretty stoked with the outcome!
Blindfolded Slut
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Description: Emilio, slim, young and submissive, kneels on the ground, blindfolded. He doesn't notice Max sneaking up from behind. The boy slave has to perform everything his young master demands from him. Sexy subdom action with two hot mates: sucking, arse play and fucking - everything with a blindfold!
Cock in Vice
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Description: Gagged and blindfolded Kieran is led into the BreederFuckers room having no idea what's going to happen to him. His cock is secured in a vice making the straight man shake with fear. His arms are spread wide and tied so he has no control whatsoever. Wicked boy Toby whacks the end of his cock and teases his glans with a vibrator. This is the most intense intimate stimulation this straight fucker has ever received. With his tumescent cock pressed and under pressure while stuck in the vice Kieran is in absolute agony nearly ripping the work table up from the ground. His tight arse is fucked with a dildo till he begs for mercy. He's secured in place with his dick caught in the device and the dildo rammed up his hole where he's left to remain all night.
Hairy Daddy and Tall Blond
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Description: Tall and slender Blake Daniels is blindfolded and chained up, waiting for Nick Moretti, a top leather daddy with a big dick who knows how to use it. Even more importantly, Nick knows how to push a submissive like Blake to the brink, dangle him over the edge and make him explode in a gush of cum using his hands, fingers, belt and flogger. This is an incredible mind-fuck between a tattooed Daddy and his roleplaying son who gets screwed in a sling.
First Ass Fuck On Camera
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Description: Dominant Sam is the first to get some dick in his mouth, worshiping Rhys' beautiful pink uncut cock. But Sam is soon feeding the guy his own shaft and we get to see how greedy Rhys is for cock too! But you should know this is about this amateur gay guys first ass fuck on video, and Sam knows how to make it one of the most memorable ass riding sessions Rhys has ever had. Not only does he slam Rhys' ass, he blindfolds him, restrains him and fucks his hole with toys too! And it all ends with two impressive loads of hot cum and two lovely smiling and satisfied faces. I think it's fair to say Rhys will be back!