Straight Submission
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Description: It looks like Seth is ready to go as soon as he's blindfolded and bound. His cock sticks out straight from him boxers waiting for some attention so I begin giving him a blowjob. He squirms in the chair as I suck on his ball sack and devour his cock. Seth moans loudly as he launches a huge load on my face.
Blindfold Submission - Seth
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Description: Seth sees Officer Zack uniform hanging on the door and he puts it on, and as soon as he's blindfolded and bound it looks like Seth is ready to go. His cock sticks out straight from him boxers waiting for some attention so I begin giving him a blowjob. He squirms in the chair as I suck on his balls and devour his cock. Seth moans loudly as he launches a huge load on my face.
Layton Styles
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Description: Super fit Layton Styles was found drinking in a local straight club. Our crew-member Sebastian chats him up and buys him drinks until the stupid street boy agrees to come back with us under the proviso that he'll get loads more ****s. ****** and after showing Layton some hot girl magazines, Sebastian finds it quite easy to talk Layton into letting him strap him down to the bed. Once tied up tight, we get to work on Layton's thick throbbing cock. Blindfolded Sebastian heats the whole thing up using the dreaded pin-wheel on Layton's soles, cock and balls. One thing we have learnt about straight guys, some drink and some hard cock and they don't care less who's wanking them off, they just join the ride and look forward to the climax.
Luke Hammond
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Description: Sebastian has always had great taste in the guys, but Luke Hammond is one super hot fucker with a gym fit body and massive 8-inch dick. Tied down and blindfolded, Sebastian starts by tickling Luke without mercy. Luke screams and tries to break free but our evil crew keep up the tickling and watch on as he struggles. Sebastian can't keep his hands of Luke's massive cock and soon starts work it. Hard and horny, in time Sebastian brings Luke to climax but not without some more tickling and torture to the head of his cock!
Ryan C and Brandon L Southern Strokes
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Description: I asked Ryan if he would be open to wearing a blindfold during the shoot. I thought that this might allow Ryan to sit back and enjoy a little pleasure thrown his way. What might have surprised me the most was the ease at which Brandon took control. Brandon immediately grabbed a rope and blindfold sitting in the kitchen and took Ryan outside. We have barely put the cameras in position and next thing you know, Brandon has Ryan tied up and blindfolded and he is exploring his body with his tongue. I couldn't tell which one of the boys was more turned on. (Or it just might have been Ryan's girlfriend and the crew.) Ryan's cock was throbbing as Brandon teased him with his tongue, licking his balls and ass. At one point Brandon lifted our hot little country boy and we all thought that he was about to get the fucking of his life. There was so much going on during this video that we knew it was going to be special. After Ryan completed his face fucking of Brandon, Ryan shot a huge lo
Blinded for Sex-Trailer
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Description: Enjoy as O.K., in the darkness of his blindfold, fantasizes about the sex he can feel, smell and touch but not see -- just like we all have experienced in those dark back rooms we all know so well...
sucking piss from shorts and getting fucked
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Description: blindfolded guy sucks my piss from my shorts then he ends up fucking my ass
sensory pleasures 5 (uknakedmen 34)
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Description: SENSORY PLEASURES 5 - LUCAS KNOWLES & IVO COSTA Lucas Knowles has another helpless, yet willing naked soul in his dark dungeon. Filled with lust, Ivo Costa is there only to please his master. Although he doesn't know what is in store for him inside the master's lair, he anticipates Lucas's every move with a groan of desire. Strung up and blindfolded, Ivo is virtually helpless but he trusts that Lucas will bring him only pleasure... with a few twists. Bindings, a blindfold, cigarette smoke and cold water are only the foreplay. This master doesn't only tease and taunt. He also delivers the full-on fucking that Ivo has been anxiously awaiting. Both men eventually erupt in a cum explosion that leaves Ivo's chest and stomach drenched in spunk.
Blindfold Blowjob
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Description: Horny, bald muscle hunk wearing a blindfold never gets to see the cock he s sucking.
Brazilian Cum Ons 5: Making Out
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Description: At least one porn star in this series values cleanliness. Carlos de Olivira, with very unique facial features, is surprised by his buff swarthy friend Paulo Colimbra with a blindfold and a sparkling candle on a cake. After Paulo feeds the cake to Carlos with his fingers, he feeds his giant uncut cock to Carlos, who has to really stretch to get this one in his mouth. The surprisingly gentle Paulo sucks Carlos for a bit before inevitably bending him over the kitchen table and fucking him. His fuck is definitely more in line with his chiseled strong body. Carlos cums a huge one being fucked.
Straight Submission - Zack
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Description: Before he lets me bind him up Zack wants to watch some of the porno flick and pull on his cock to get it hard. As soon as he's ready I tie his hands and blindfold him before we continue. I lube his cock and his cock swells up in my hands as I jerk it and lick the head. When I go down on him he starts fucking my mouth and in no time he's moaning loudly and shooting his load on my lips.
huge army cock
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Description: army stud gets his huge cock examined then sucked, get this full video at gay video site #1
CodyCummings & Sebastian Taylor
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Description: Looks like Cody Cummings has a new buddy to play with and his name is Sebastian Taylor. Sebastian has Cody blindfolded and Cody has no idea what Sebastian will do. Cody stands firm while Sebastian lets his hands wander all over Cody's tanned fit body. Sebastian takes his time before removing Cody's clothes but once Cody's underwear drop, the monster of a cock pops right out into Sebastian's waiting mouth. Sebastian loves to deep throat Cody's hard shaft. Sebastian never takes the blindfold off because it's so much more fun to tease Cody's aching cock. Come on inside and watch as Cody pumps his hot load deep into Sebastian's willing mouth. Enjoy
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Description: Jon found out that his boyfriend Jasper has been playing around, so he wanted to teach him a lesson . So Jon ***napped Jasper and took him to a derelict area, tied him to a chair and blindfolded him. Japer was so scared and did not know who the ***napper was. Jon was so pissed with him he decided to give him a good hard fucking and show jasper not to fool around with him again . Jon started to slap his cock around his face, slapping his cheeks then he rammed it down his throat , he then ripped his trousers down and opened his ass with his fingers before sticking his huge cock into his ass. Jasper then finds out it's his boyfriend who is doing this to him and then the games begin.... This is hot sex action ..
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Description: ha! this guy doesnt even know what hit him... thats what happens when you're blindfolded I guess!