CodyCummings & Sebastian Taylor
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Added: 11 Feb 09
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Description: Looks like Cody Cummings has a new buddy to play with and his name is Sebastian Taylor. Sebastian has Cody blindfolded and Cody has no idea what Sebastian will do. Cody stands firm while Sebastian lets his hands wander all over Cody's tanned fit body. Sebastian takes his time before removing Cody's clothes but once Cody's underwear drop, the monster of a cock pops right out into Sebastian's waiting mouth. Sebastian loves to deep throat Cody's hard shaft. Sebastian never takes the blindfold off because it's so much more fun to tease Cody's aching cock. Come on inside and watch as Cody pumps his hot load deep into Sebastian's willing mouth. Enjoy
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Description: Jon found out that his boyfriend Jasper has been playing around, so he wanted to teach him a lesson . So Jon ***napped Jasper and took him to a derelict area, tied him to a chair and blindfolded him. Japer was so scared and did not know who the ***napper was. Jon was so pissed with him he decided to give him a good hard fucking and show jasper not to fool around with him again . Jon started to slap his cock around his face, slapping his cheeks then he rammed it down his throat , he then ripped his trousers down and opened his ass with his fingers before sticking his huge cock into his ass. Jasper then finds out it's his boyfriend who is doing this to him and then the games begin.... This is hot sex action ..
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Description: ha! this guy doesnt even know what hit him... thats what happens when you're blindfolded I guess!