The Sales Call - MEN.COM
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Added: 26 Mar 14
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Description: Rookie salesman Chris Bines is in for a treat when Andrew Stark takes him to call on a very horny client - Rocco Reed!
Bryce & Chris
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Added: 14 Sep 11
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Description: After Chris Bines sucks Bryce Tucker's huge throbbing cock, Bryce gives him a hot rim job then fucks his ass until he blows a huge load all over himself.
Chris B and Max
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 08 Jun 11
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Description: Chris Bines loves cock and jumped at the chance to deep throat Max London's thick piece of tube steak.
Chris, Dallas & Richard
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 30 Apr 11
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Duration: 0:04:20
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Brunette Tattoo Muscular 3 Way or Group FacialHair

Description: Chris Bines and Dallas Evans bookend Richard Pierce. He blows them, he gets rimmed and fucked, and the guys try out a little DP just for kicks.
Chris & Travis
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 17 Mar 11
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Duration: 0:03:55
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Description: Chris Bines gives up his virgin hole to Travis James who opened the door, and Chris' hole, for lots more action to cum. Check out the standing sixty nine in this super hot hardcore video.
Chris, Dallas & Richard
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 09 Dec 10
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Duration: 0:04:20
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Brunette Tattoo Muscular 3 Way Group FacialHair

Description: Chris Bines and Dallas Evans have been such good little porn models lately that I wanted to give them a treat. So I brought along their very own sex toy to play with. And this sex toy is five foot nine, nicely muscular, decorated with a stunning tattoo that covers his left shoulder and pectoral, and a pair of smoldering brown eyes. His name is Richard Pierce and he was perfect to be the piggy in the middle with these two hotties. It was a little like throwing a hunk of meat to a couple of hungry tigers. That is, if the hunk of meat is begging to get eaten. Richard blows both of these two studs getting them so horny that they are more than ready to thrust their rock hard throbbing cocks into any hole he's got. Then Dallas rims Richard's hot ass, preparing it for his thick piece of manmeat. From then on there isn't a moment where Richard's mouth and hole aren't getting used by one of them. In fact, Dallas and Chris both wanted a crack at that ass so badly that for just a moment they both
Chris B & Max L
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 01 Oct 10
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Duration: 0:05:03
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Description: Chris Bines loves cock. Sucking cock is one of his favorite pastimes. And when he got a look at Max London's thick piece of tube steak his eyes got real big and his eyes began to water. Seeing these guys together you get the feeling that they would rip each other's clothes off at any moment if given the chance. Well, we gave them the chance and within minutes they were naked and working over each other's bodies like hungry ******s. There are just not enough redheads in the adult industry and one look at Max's patch of bright red pubes will have you wishing for more. Chris totally got off on having all those red hairs in his face as he swallowed Max's huge dick, nostrils filling with his musky man scent, fingers running over the ridges that form that perfect V just under a stomach so tight you can bounce quarters off of it. And while Max may still be getting used to messing around with other guys he sure as hell recognized a perfect blowjob, enough to grab Chris' hair and begin fucking
Chris B & Trent
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Added: 14 Aug 10
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Duration: 0:01:55
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Brunette Hairy Tattoo FacialHair

Description: Poor Chris Bines. All he wants to do is take a little cat nap. But what's a guy to do when a rowdy little horn*** like Trent Davis come crawling through the covers? It's not like he can turn him down with that lustful hunger in his eyes, his talented tongue lapping at his increasingly hardening cock. Trent is looking amazing with that nice tight college muscle jock body. And Chris, who's hot body comes from all of his outdoor activities, is looking ruggedly handsome with his sexy beard and newly grown out chest hair. Trent wastes no time getting Chris so hot and bothered there's no way he could go back to his nap. Then Chris goes after Trent like a wild *******, rimming his bubble butt, licking and tasting every inch of his tight muscular body, and fucking his brains out. Hardcore gay porn with lots of rimming and ass ramming before both guys shoot their hot loads.
Chris and Dominic
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Added: 25 Jun 10
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Description: Chris Bines fucks Dominic Brown senseless. This is the kind of Straight on Gay hardcore that gay porn is made for