Billy Cotton & Boris Beckham
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Description: Billy Cotton is very experienced and he loves to show his potential to other boys. Boris Beckham is very pleased to enjoy his athletic and, not a BelAmi standart, tattoo body. Even though the scene is filmed in the cool evening hours, both guys manage to work up quite a sweat here with their enthusiastic love-making. Boris is serving his butt to Billy with pleasure and he is happy to receive Billy's load on his hole. Nobody does it like
Kinky Angels - June preview
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Added: 06 Jun 14
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Description: June edition of KinkyAngels is coming your way with: Big and Bigger - Jack Harrer teaches Dylan Maguire Good Deeds...Reap Rewards - Andre and Adam give a lift to Jaco. Billy and Boris's Bang in the Bedroom...and much more, including pics of Joel Birkin together with Jack Harrer! - The Ultimate Porn Reality Show!
Triple pleasure
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Added: 01 May 14
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Description: Kevin turns out to be quite the little house keeper. When he comes back to the apartment, Jaco is still in the shower and Billy is still in bed. Within a jiffy though he has the place clean, only to find out that while he has been working, Billy has been playing with himself (not that we could blame him) and as soon as Kevin has finished in the shower, and Jaco in the bathroom, they are all helping Billy out, playing with his dick.Nobody does it like BelAmi!
Billy Santoro and Mark Rivera
Category: Bareback
Added: 28 Mar 14
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Description: Ripped hunk Billy Santoro tops latin bottom Mark Rivera in this steamy clip. The scene dives right in with Mark dropping to his knees and sucking Billy's juicy cock and licking his balls. Next, Mark lays back in bed with his mouth wide-open and devours Billy's cock, balls deep in this hot face-fuck clip. Billy takes a break to taste Mark's ass just before ******** destroying it in all positions possible. He finishes on Mark's hole and licks the cum off clean. Mark finishes by cuming all over Billy's chiseled chest
Bareback Shack
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Added: 18 Mar 14
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Description: Billy's Pad is the bareback shack. He and his friends use every room and even the roof to fuck and suck each other raw!
18 year old Billy's shower tutorial - Public Humiliation task!
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 15 Mar 14
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Description: As one of the forfeits for losing at a guessing game, Billy must do a 'shower tutorial' that will be posted widely across video sharing sites. Ah, the humiliation!
Mathieu Lafitte’s Super Sloppy Hole
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Added: 11 Mar 14
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Description: In an abandoned ****house Mathieu Lafitte and machofucker Billy Baval get down to some rough, nasty anal action on the stairs, with one of the messiest fucks we've seen. Mathieu's stretched ass dribbles and squirts the sloppy slime down Billy's hairy thighs.
slutty sleepover 2 euroboyxxx
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Description: Nickie and billy can't wait to explore each others bodies, smooth cracks, big dicks and slippery foreskins
Skater Twink Gives Outdoor Blowjob
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Added: 26 Feb 14
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Description: Billy bumps into an amateur skater who will do anything to suck cock. His name is Han and he's horny and ready to wrap his lips around a hard cock. illy has been lonely for a long time and don't longer remembers how a blowjob feels like.
Denis Vega & Billy Santoro Muscle Fuck - Menatplay
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Added: 15 Feb 14
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Description: Its a double whammy week at MENATPLAY as we welcome two brand new faces to our already stunning collection of Men - US Porn Star Billy Santoro makes his suited debut, alongside mega HOT Latino newcomer Denis Vega. You can definitely see AND feel the chemistry between the two men, as they kiss, suck, rim and fuck each other like there's no tomorrow. Denis, who's normally Top, takes Billy's cock deep in his ass… and you know there's something so incredibly HOT about seeing a big, muscled top getting flipped around and pounded! And if you're expecting a Valentine themed 'love scene' you couldn't be more wrong, this is 100% man-on-man, hard, sweaty fucking!
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Added: 10 Feb 14
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Description: UH...MAH..GAWD!!! The facial expressions, grunts, groans, and gasps were phenomenal. Of course, Billy being the ham that he is, could not pass up making faces and mouthing words to the cameras when I wasn't looking. And as we all know, that's what makes Billy so fricking endearing. As I said out loud when I finished editing the video, "dear gawd, that boy is CUTE!" Enjoy Billy in the 150th video on ClubAmateurUSA. I emailed Billy a little bit ago to tell him that I hope he's around for 200, 250, 300, and so on. :-P
Billy Pissing
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Added: 13 Feb 14
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Description: Billy has become a porn icon. He is lead straight guy at StraightNakedThugs and often lends his talents and naked body to other porn sites - that is if he likes who runs it and likes the fetish! Watch Billy now piss, jerk off, cum and piss again for all the piss fetish fans on! Cum get wet with BoysPissing Now!
New Muscle God, Billy Santoro, Bound and Fucked By House Dom
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Added: 07 Feb 14
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Description: House dom, Dirk Caber, approaches a blindfolded and bound muscled hunk and warms him up a bit with some nipple-biting and punches to the chest before he breaks out the whip and fucks his glorious ass. Billy Santoro is then throat-fucked by his master's cock and endure some hot wax before he gets his reward all over his face.
Category: Massage
Added: 06 Feb 14
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Duration: 0:05:01
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Description: In Dalton, I see a cross between Billy and DJ. He's got this great energy, attitude, and presence about him, and of course, Dalton loves the camera and the camera loves him. :-P When Dalton first contacted me on my favorite sex & swingers site, his primary interest was to do a masked, jackoff-4-cash video. Based on the pix on his profile, I brought him in to shoot that video which will eventually be on MysteryGuys when itlaunches later this year. My intuition (and a few verbal indicators on his profile) told me that if I got Dalton in for that shoot, I would be able to talk him into "A Rub & A Tug." It worked. So, today I present the hot, compact cub, Dalton. With a scrumdillyumptious bubble butt and a quite-tasty-looking uncut cock, hopefully, I can talk him into going further on video. He's a natural on camera, and judging from his constant erection, Dalton loves being played with. Enjoy!
Billy Smoke Cum
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Added: 17 Jan 14
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Description: Billy da ***d is one of the most well known straight badasses on the net - he's the lead model and runs StraightNakedThugs but lends his talents and naked body to other sites. For he stands beside his hot, yellow street racer, smokes and then goes into his bathroom for a few smokes. He strips naked and shows off his straight naked twins body while smoking a cigarette. Then Billy jerks off and puts his cigarette out in his own cum pile! Download the entire video now in high quality at
3 Straights Piss & Cum
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Description: Billy da ***d and a few of the guys from StraightNakedThugs lent their talents, naked bodies and piss to - one of the guys has a real piss fetish and the other two joined in on the fun in this raw, amateur, unrehearsed, homemade piss porn video from - take a free tour now for more free samples of hardcore gay piss fetish porn!
KC and Billy Fuck Bareback
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Added: 02 Jan 13
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Description: Check out KC and Billy. These 2 are definately two hot studs. Before in the past they'd only suck cock and swallow cum. They are real life friends but KC is a top. KC thought Billy was a top too... Until today when he discovered Billy's a versatile barebacker. KC couldn't wait to be in his ass. Together they fucked raw, swallowed each other cum yet again, and had some hot fun. These two make a pair of hot friends.
Fostter Riviera, Jace Tyler, Billy Rubens and Bruno Fox
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Added: 13 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:02:18
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Description: Billy and Bruno are the head jocks for their collage team. Having spent a full days practice on the field they head back to the locker room to get changed. When the two boys hit the shower, Fostter snatches their dirty socks and jocks and is hard before he can really get a full lung of their man sweat. Bruno and Billy return and find Fostter messing with their kit, finding it funny they offer him the real deal and within seconds Fostter is pushed to his knees as these star players sword fight in his mouth. The pre cum flows and when they flip him onto the weights bench they take it in turns to fuck his hole making what was just a fantasy a horny reality for this super-hung super bottom! Seeing the size of the toy, they think it is only fair to get Fostter's hole well and truly worked over. Bruno pulls a glove out of his kit bag and encourages Billy to follow suit. When both players are gloved they fist his hole to the max! What happens next ends in torrents of cum, but not before Jace
Billy Dewitt and Cash Montague
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Added: 05 Jan 14
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Description: Cash Montague has just been released from prison. Instead of being good, he breaks into a fancy house and finds Billy Dewitt reading about black history. Cash whips out his big black dick, insisting the best way to learn about black history is by sucking him off. Billy playfully protests but it's clear he's turned on by the beefy, trash talking ex-convict. After a while, Cash slaps on a condom and orders Billy to ride him. The cute white boy straddles Cash and sits down on his dick, riding Cash before getting bent over. With his ass up in the air, Billy is ready to be taken. Cash stretching his hole while still talking dirty. Riding Cash once more, Billy then flips onto his back, spreads his legs, and shoots his load while Cash fucks it out of him. Burly Cash then blows his load all over the freshly fucked white boy, steals his watch and leaves, with the promise to return the following week with his homeboys.
Billy and Jonathan, Part 1
Added: 29 Jan 14
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Description: Part 1 of 2. Billy is working up a sweat, slugging away at the punching bag. Jonathan is doing everything he can to distract him. After a while, Jonathan decides it's his turn at the bag. Billy half-heartedly "works out" but is soon distracted by Billy's hard cock. He pounced on Billy's cock without bothering to take off his boxing gloves. The two take turns on each others cocks until Jonathan flips Billy on all fours and starts working on Billy's ass. In short work, he's inside, making Billy's eyes roll back in his head. Billy takes his turn on Jonathan's ass. They finish by gulping down each others hard earned loads.
Big Tattooed Fuckers
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Added: 09 Jan 14
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Description: We love those tattooed lover boys, that perfect mix of bad boy and vain boy. Tattoos always used to be the domain of criminals and sailors, street boys and rough trade, now we see them stretched over the bulging biceps and broad chests of Harley Everett, Gio Cruz and Issac Jones. Of course those straight lads are still in on the act, Billy Essex, Andy Lee and Paul Walker are added to our rogues gallery. Our big-dicked, uncut studs, strip off and give us a tour of their inked bodies, intimate tattoos, tribal tattoos, big projects and just cute ones, what better excuse for an intimate exploration of a naked man's hot body?
Bear Fun
Category: Bear / Hairy
Added: 03 Jan 14
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Description: Manly hairy buds Brad & Billy rub & grind their fur together