Hairy Big Balls Latino on Boots
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Description: In front of webcam he is undress his boots and brief while he grabbing his bigballs
Tommy  Jerks his Bulging Cock
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Description: Tommy greases up his monster cock with albolene (moisturizer). With his lubricated huge penis, Tommy edges his massive fuck stick during his live webcam show. His big balls shoot an impressive volume of thick cum.
Stud Shows Off While Interviewed
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Description: Mike Rivers shows off his stuff while being interviewed. You can definitely agree his background matches his physical appearance!
Kade's Egg Sized Balls Explode
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Description: Curious The other day I walk into my studio and find a pair of big blue eyes and a bright white smile waiting for me. Fresh out of the marines, tribal tattoos, and a faux-hawk to boot, I had a small slice of young America ready to bear it all for me. Behind that pretty exterior was a young man with a few experiences of his own under his belt. Kade and a jerk-off buddy of his even roped a sailor into coming along and joining in a suck-fest 3-way! Confident Kade knows he has what it takes to be a real man's man. What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom...just like the marine base! All joking falls wayside when Kade gets to work on his cock. He pulls out a nice thick knob with a set of large egg sized nuts and starts stroking it's gentle curve to the left. Neither of us can take our eyes off the throbbing schlong, the poor **** was about to go cross eyed he was concentrating so hard. All that work came to a head when Kade came all over his chest tattoo, gave a sigh of relief, and
Straight John's Big Balls
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Description: Straight John states that he has quite the high sex drive and loves to fuck in public, especially with young hot girls! He lost his virginity a few years ago, and has been hot and horny ever since he first deflowered his girlfriend! Being a young frat boy has lots of advantages when you are young, especially lots of sex. As you can imagine, John doesn't have any trouble finding opportunities to have some fun! With his big dick, lean body, great smile and friendly attitude, he gets all the sex he wants. He tells us stories about filming himself and his girlfriend taking turns going down on each other, fucking her outside while getting caught by a **** walker, and plowing her inside a trailer at Sea World! John definitely knows how to have a great time and explore his voyeuristic desires, let's hope we can catch him fucking his girl sometime!
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Description: Now I know they say patience is a virtue, but I am not one who is known for such things. I am not above a nice drawn out strip tease every one in a while, but some days you just want to get straight to the point. That is exactly why I made you cum lovers yet another bundle of joy. Cum-shot after cum-shot from some of my hottest, straightest, and sexiest boys. There is more jizz in this gem than most men can handle in a week! Big loads, thick loads, creamy messes, and waterfalls are just a few ways to describe the pearly goodness that practically gushes out of this addition. So clear your calendar and pull the drapes for this one, there is not a PG moment this week! All my best, Tony.
College Grad Luke Swallows
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Description: Luke is a recent college grad that I like to call tall, dark and handsome. This is his first brush with the adult industry and he thought it would be something fun to try. He has no idea just how much fun it can be! This horny frat boy jerks off three times a day, everyday. Anonymity is Luke's thing, no names, no muss, no fuss. Wow, I miss college. Now Luke is a self-proclaimed bottom, and loves to get fucked, but he is not afraid to climb on top and fuck a man in the ass. Handsome Luke also said he loves to suck dick, and man, did my ears (and other parts) pop up when I heard that. Now Luke is sure that porn is right for him. And what better way to test the water than to dive in head first? Big dick, buff, and sexy, with a full bush downstairs and a couple of hot tattoos, Luke is going to work out just fine. Now, I can't remember, was there ever a course called cock sucking 101 offered at college? If there was Luke would have made magna cum laude, with his talented tongue! He blew me
Military Big Balled Marco
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Description: Infantry Specialist Marco is one fine, beefy piece of hot Latino ass. He's got a nice fat cock and fur spattered on his chest, trailing it's way down his rippled stomach to a healthy black bush. Just the way I like them. He's fresh out of the military, and just full of hard-on turning stories that would get any man's privates to stand at attention. He doesn't waste much time before he starts slipping out of his cammies to reveal his broad chest and a tight six-pack. He definitely works his body out hard, and he's here to work another muscle out just for everyone to watch. He starts groping himself through his pants, working up wood, still wearing those hot, tan desert boots. Before long he's rock hard and dripping precum from the tip of his swollen man stick. He's definitely not shy about showing off his meat, nor about his hairy hole. His fingers creep ever closer to entry as he strokes his dick into submission. Finally, splaying back against the wooden box he's been beating his cock
Straight Nick Prada
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Description: A self-proclaimed money hungry mother fucker named Nick Prada graced my casting couch today. He is a real firecracker with just the right amount of cockiness and is all about having fun and getting laid. This co-ed cutie came from the University of Wisconsin and girls, girls, girls is all he can think about. Nick loves anal, getting his ass licked, and just fucking in general. Now when I first started talking with Nick, he was shaving his body. And I took it upon myself to show him the error of his ways. This gem among straight guys grew out his silky man-coat and was very pleased with the results. The ladies love it and as a matter of fact, so do I! Nick strokes himself hard, and brings his pink straight-boy cock to full attention. Slow and steady, he looks so sexy with his pants undone and a thick rod sticking straight up in the air. He turns over to give me a panoramic view of his great ass, with hairy hole and all. He grows stiffer and more determined with every stroke as he nears
Mark Hammer Live
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Description: The resident college boy Mark Hammer shows up today in the FratHouse with his fat cock, big nuts, and a nice hairy hole for a live show. He chats with his viewers talking about his sexual encounters with men, his thick cock and what he enjoys about women-big tits! Mark shows off his nice bubble butt after stripping down and spreads his cheeks wide open. After flaunting his hairy jock ass, he pulls out his new toy that he has been wanting to try and it glows in the dark! Lubing up the dildo, Mark glides it right in to his straight, furry hole as he is bent over the frat couch. After probing his tight man hole, he starts jerking his meat to get closer to blowing his long awaited load. Stroking his hard cock fervently, Mark slides his hands up and down his thick shaft, feeling the urge to cum getting closer. Eager to finally blow, hot collegiate man gravy spews out all over his tan 6 pack, while Mark moans out in relief.
Mark Gets a Hand
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Description: Mark likes girls, all kinds of girls. He also likes to surf, have sex in public and be naked in general. He's got broad shoulders, a nice tan, and fif**** inch ***s from all that surfing he does everyday. Mark also lets it slip that he enjoys a finger in his ass when he gets a blow-job. I wonder if he would go for two. Anyways, I can't wait to measure the muscle in his pants! Mark gets to business and starts pulling his cock and grabbing his balls immediately. He didn't wait to take his pants off first. Fat cock, big nuts, and a nice hairy hole. I like this one so much I just may have to give him a hand...
Webcam Diaries
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Description: Young, sexy and full of cum are just a few words to describe the US Porn Star Connor Habib. His dark features and boyish good looks will make your cock rock hard! Connor gets hot and horny in the office and decides to play on webcam. He takes his juicy cock and big balls out of his trouser suit flies and begins to tease one of his work colleagues on webcam. Being a complete exhibitionist he just loves knowing that someone is watching on the other side as he strokes his big hard cock in the office. And as they ask for more he's more than happy to oblige, even giving them a fantastic shower of hot cum, squirting his load all over the desk and laptop and then licking it up - Yummy!
Gettin hard (no cum shot)
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Description: Just playin with myself with track pants on. No actual dick or come shot but you can see how hard I'm starting to get...