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Description: We always felt that Jason Martin and Bobby Long would make a great looking couple. With their matching big brown eyes, cute boyish faces and dark brown hair, they almost match like bookends. But there is just one slight mismatch: Jason is 6'3" and Bobby is 5'5". But they were both determined to do a duo together so we had to oblige them. But how would they look in a duo with such a difference in size? They both agreed that Jason would top and Bobby would bottom in keeping with commonly held notions about size and sex roles. But when they got down on the bed, and Jason got his hands and mouth on Bobby's beautiful cock, their ideas evolved and Jason came to realize that he really wanted to get fucked by this little bundle of sexual energy. And Bobby lived up to Jason's heightened expectations giving him the fucking of his life.
"Hangin' out" in my levis
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Description: In the day, I was so horny that if someone wanted to see it, I never would disappoint them, inside or out.