Dads vs. Boys: Dads on Top
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Added: 29 Jul 14
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Description: In the new hot Pantheon daddy/boy DVD, it's the dads versus the boys and who do you think ends up on top? Well, this time it's the dads who take charge and make the boys do their bidding.
Dads vs Boys
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Added: 15 Jan 14
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Description: In the new hot Pantheon daddy/boy DVD, it's the dads versus the boys and who do you think ends up on top? Well, this time it's the dads who take charge and make the boys do their bidding. Not that these sexy boys mind because doing daddies is one of the things that they do best.
Dads vs Boys
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Description: it's the dads versus the boys and who do you think ends up on top? Well, this time it's the dads who take charge and make the boys do their bidding. Not that these sexy boys mind because doing daddies is one of the things that they do best.
Terry’s Body Tour
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Added: 27 Oct 12
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Description: Terry earnestly goes through every body part in a bid to appeal himself to you. He's desperate for your approval, as he knows approval = ratings and ratings = money. It shows, he does his best to show off his assets; his hairy chest, his juicy foreskin, his heavy balls, his muscular physique. Has he done enough though? You'll be the judge of that.
Fresh Outa Jail
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Description: Ain't much 2 do when u in lock up cept play cards, watch tv & workout so when a SNT member cum outa jail or prison he usually more diesel. Hollywood go bak & forth btween lock up & da street. He bak now after doin' another bid & got his body right. Here he give u a tour as he strip naked, show u his tattoos & explain them 2 u. Da camera swings around his straight naked firm body showin' off his ass & hard cock as he jerks off. Then he sits down & power pounds his dick til he shoot a thick load of his thug sperm on his gut. See real straight guys fresh out of jail and back on the street as well as skaters, punks, surfers and thugs at - see the guys that stole your lunch money getting naked and nasty now!
Cum In Bath
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Added: 28 Jul 11
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Description: Playing in a friends bathroom, shoot a load in their bath. Was naughty as they were just in the other room!
Heavy Cum Load
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Added: 24 Jul 11
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Description: Watching some porn, get really horny and play with myself mmm was sweet!! This is the ending as I shoot my hot load into a DVD tub!!
Big Dick Twink Lays Draz
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Added: 05 Jun 11
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Description: I'm pleased to announce an explosive pairing that won't soon be forgotten. Today I have our infamous muscular straight guy, Devin Draz here to have the depths of his digestive tract thoroughly plumbed by none other than the stunningly handsome and forever cool, Krys Perez. The two begin swapping stories about their home states of Texas and Arizona, figure out that their libidos are probably the polar opposites of the other, and share the details of their riskiest public sexual encounters. Devin, in typical commanding fashion, successfully ends the conversation and begins making out with Krys. Tongues intertwined, they both start rubbing each other until Krys takes Devin's shirt off and pulls his waistband down enough for a big throbbing dick to poke out and beg to be throated. Krys really puts the moves down on that fat cock, engulfing it entirely into his constrictive throat while Devin shouts out in pleasure. Never wanting to be the selfish one in bed, Devin pulls the rest of his pan
Porn Star Fuck Party
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Added: 04 Jun 11
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Description: Today, I've got long-time friend, dark and muscular Sean Stavos and super cute young blonde, Alex Andrews pairing up for my favorite type of combination - do you even need to guess why? The two start chatting about where they're from, the craziest things they've ever done in bed, and how old they were when they lost their virginity. All the flirtatious banter really got their juices flowing as Alex and Sean instantly lock lips and breathe through each other's noses. Making out really gets Sean's bulge to grow from slightly noticeable to absolutely obnoxious, as he dominantly pushes Alex's head down and rubs his face against his clothed crotch. Alex begins slobbering all over the front of Sean's pants, before he unzips the fly and unleashes a spring loaded rock hard erection that smacks the saliva out of his mouth. Alex quickly tries to cram Sean's veiny tube-steak as deep in his throat as he can. This generates a torrent of spit that leaks out and spills down Sean's visibly pulsating s
Horny Hot Troop Leader
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Added: 07 May 11
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Description: Jeremy has been working for boy scouts for a few years and decided he wanted to try something different. So, he did a few scenes for a gay porn studio. Somehow he found dirtytony and decided to come in for a spin on my casting couch. He says he doesn't really see himself ever having a relationship with a guy, but he doesn't mind having sex with them. His handsome chiseled features and sculpted body make him a perfect candidate for this business. And, his giant cock doesn't hurt his chances either.
Prison pry (Cell pry, escape bid from prison)
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Added: 25 Mar 11
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Description: This bully inmate was about to make his way out his cell. What he didn't expect was that a hole he made led to the other cell next to his. He as well never expected a big surprise that he got right out of this hole – a beautiful thick dick, already hard and up, pointing right into his face. This was the temptation this burly bear couldn't confess. So he opened his mouth wide enough to stuff this tastiest lollipop of a huge size really deep in his throat… He didn't move from his cell that day, but he was far from disappointed by the end.
Bodybuilder Daniele and Philippe
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Added: 25 Feb 11
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Description: Behind the scenes with Daniele Montana and Philippe Delvaux. Daniele shares his bodybuilding secrets and illustrates each step of his formidable muscle growth --from the time he was 16 to... yesterday. Philippe bids farewell to gay porn
british meat
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Description: im back for a bit till i do my big one for all u who like to watch if u wonna add me thx
Punks Vs. Skinheads
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Added: 01 Sep 09
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Description: A young puck boy finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Caught in the dungeon by two big and beefy skinheads, the young rebel is ******* to service the mean muscle men with every hole at his disposal. The young stud sucks and gets fucked whether he wants to or not. But looking at his hot performance, I think he enjoys doing the bidding of two tattooed daddies.