Uncut Vince's Dildo and Foreskin Play
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Added: 05 Sep 12
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Description: Vince Cooper is tall (6'4") and has a dick to match his massive frame! At a real 9 1/2" it's an uncut wonder. Vince also has a lot of foreskin and he's happy to show it off. He puts on a great foreskin-play show, pulling and stretch in between stroking his intact monster! Vince has a great stroke technique where he leaves his cock covered and uses his 'skin for maximum stimulation. Yum! Feeling particularly horny, Vince grabs his dildo end enjoys fucking himself as he strokes his covered cock. His dildo is huge like everything about Vince! The combo of the ass play and 'skin stroking sets Vince off as he sprays milky white on his mocha skin.
Randy Blue - Malachi & Tai
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Description: Tai Lee gets his first male blowjob from the gorgeous Malachi Marx, who has become quite the impressive cocksucker!