Threesome Bareback
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Description: Win is pounded by his new friend Best, while he sucks Rain's cock. When it is time for a bathroom break, Rain has to piss. But his cock is so rigid it is difficult to let go. He pisses on Best's body, and then Win sucks up the last drops. They continue their bareback fest in the bathroom, still wet with piss. Then it is time for Win to fuck Best's slutty ass.
Extreme fuck
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Description: Rain bareback Best for an extreme fuck. Rain is an expert fucker and after he takes it out, Best licks it clean. Win takes over the fuck, and lets best clean off the cum after he shoots inside. Shortly after Win cums again, and Rain that to continue the fuck. He has his climax and then cumfucks his friend for a kinky final.
African Man Protein
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Description: Alpha barebacks his friend. He always wants to fuck Chui but there's no right moment and now is the time. He'll gonna take this opportunity by giving his best performance for Chui. Fucking Chui's hole makes Alpha want to squirt his cum. He fucks Chui until he is about to shoot. He pulls out, and unloads jizz all over Chui's heavy black ball bag. Alpha wants his friend to feel the pleasure of unloading cum. Alpha wanks Chui's massive hard black cock slowly. When he feels the cum starting to pulse, he wanks him furiously. Loads of spunk squirts all over Chui's hard twink black torso. Alpha loves the feel of jizz and rubs it into Chui's skin.
The Best of Hot Desert Knights Volume 1
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Description: At last, the first “Best of” volume from your friends at Hot desert Knights! Five of our best scenes from five of out hottest, hardcore, XXX
Straight Friends Pissing
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Description: Two hot straight guys piss on each other then jerk off and piss more on the best gay piss fetish site on the net! Take a free tour now at and cum get wet with us!
Bear Hug  Kamol and Sanupong
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Description: Kamol and Sanupong are best friend since gradeschool. But they both have secrets they are both gay and didn't tell each other but oneday they have a talked and told each other the thruth about themselves. They hug and kiss, that's the start of their new level of closeness
Alec gets fingered during first handjob
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Added: 28 Jun 14
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Description: Alec is Nevin's best friend. They've actually known each other for most of their lives, and when Alec signed up with the military, Nevin wasn't far behind him. These two have a bit of a bro-mance going on, for sure. Alec is the instigator between them, always pushing the envelope a little. They even had a jerk off race together in a hot tub one night, just for shits n' giggles. Alec is the one who goaded Nevin into doing his massage video. That alone earned him a gold star in my book, so after Nevin made the leap, it was Alec's turn in front of the cameras.
Twink Bondaged By Blacks - Rodrigo Beckmann and Riu Melo
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Description: When you see Riu Melo walking down the street, you know he's going to end up getting fucked. It's just one of those things. When he happens upon some straight porn taped to the walls of an abandoned structure you expect he's about to find his new best friend. Instead, he gets caught by Rodrigo Beckmann and bound to a chair.
Stroking Nevin's rigid Marine cock
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Description: Nevin is back and I couldn't be more excited. I had my doubts that we'd see this furry str8 Marine again. When I pitched him about doing a massage video, I thought that was it; scared him off. Luckily, his best friend talked him into it. He even drove him to the shoot! (You'll be meeting Nevin's buddy soon.) Okay, so Nevin's never gotten a happy-ending massage before, and was extra nervous about his first experience with a guy. Or so he said. By the time the cameras were turned on, Nevin was pitchin' a tent from beneath his towel. I think he was just a ****sy little bit excited about it.
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Description: I loved my job. But when I visited Jiri from Czechhunter half a year before and when I saw that his little homepage allowed him to cancel his old job - I was really jealous. My name is Jan and I am a sales-guy from Prague. Some people call me a bit arrogant but I still think I am a nice guy. I have the ability to persuade people - a bit like Jiri - but still different. So I met with two of my best friends and we decided to put our money together to found an agency. We placed some ads and the message was: you are young, good looking and male? You have debts? We offer our help! I was quite nervous when the first guy called. He wasn't actually what I expected him to look like. He was so naive... but a good fuck.
Suck Boy Guzzles
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Description: Once again, getting off for Aleksandr is a simple mouth away, as he calls Mahail over for a nice warm time. With Aleksandr's large uncut cock, the “open your mouth” invitation is quickly gobbled up. These two models are so into giving and receiving, they don't even notice the camera; or maybe it turns them on even more. A nice “suck my nuts” view is presented, followed by a “choke on my log” shot. Mahail is so into his “job,” he doesn't even realize Aleksandr stripping him. As the pair cop a squat, Mahail multitasks with a bit of a tug on his own dick. Aleksandr changes positions to accommodate his “face fuck” friend. Swallowing even more, Mahail is a perfect “suck boy.” Using Aleksandr's moans as a guide, Mahail has him on the edge. Blowing his nut into Mahail's opening, Aleksandr once again delivers his best; greedily guzzled and swallowed.
Shower Bondage - Riu Melo and Goncalo Morales
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Description: Francisco's friend's shower is the perfect cell for keeping a tight, little bottom like Riu Melo right where he can do his best work. Goncalo Morales seems ready to enjoy the treat behind glass when he's brought into the bathroom. Seeing him check out the slave while he rubs his bone through his pants is hotter than fuck. Alexander captured it perfectly. When he's got his cock adequately stimulated, it's time to open the cage and use his sneakered foot to wake up the hole he's about to use. Riu struggles to get out of the duct tape that is holding his wrists and ankles bound, but he opens his mouth up accommodatingly for Goncalo's hard dick. Goncalo flips on the shower and washes out Riu's pussy before he tears it up with his fat cock. Riu's face tells the whole story.
Azer's Tickle Torture - Azer, Mike and Ricky
Category: Asian
Added: 25 May 14
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Description: What do two tickle pros and their best friend do on a boring Christmas day? They convince their cute Asian friend to let them tie and tickle him! Azer gets tied to the recliner and tickled mercilessly by Mike and Ricky. Azer has a FANTASIC laugh and some VERY ticklish feet. This video is just loads of fun and laughs.
Hot Threeway
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Description: After finishing plowing Hollister, Mikey switches over to try out Jake's round bubble butt. Jake tries to suck on Hollister, but getting power fucked from behind distracts the little twinky bottom. However, still eager to please his civilian friend, Jake strokes him off and blows Hollister when he isn't totally consumed by the huge dick in his ass. Hollister finally wanting to take a turn on Jake's sweet ass, lays back for the ride of his life! Jake bounces his sweaty fuckhole up and down on his dick while tasting Mikey's massive pole in his mouth. Finally all ready for some cumming action, they have a jerk off onto Hollister's stomach. Mikey blows his load of cum first, followed by Hollister, who bursts huge streams of white juices on his abs. Jake, last but not least, gushes out streams of hot jizz all over his buddy. This is a threesome at its BEST!
Wrestling Turns Fucking
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Description: What starts off as a playful wrestling match between two buddies home alone, turns into something they have both secretly wanted for years! Best friends Tep and Jao start pulling off each other's shorts, then the shirts, and there's no more need for pretending. They start kissing while they release the passion and lust that has been bottled up for years. Jao thrusts his manhood in and out of Tep's tight hole and the scene concludes with Jao squirting that load he's been saving for Tep for years.
JO buddies blast their loads
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Description: I've been wondering where the bro-mance "competition" between Randy and Sean would end up going. It took a while to make it happen (you'll hear part of the story about why in the video), but these two Marine buddies finally ended up in front of the camera together. And even I was surprised at the outcome. That sneaky Randy had something up his sleeve for the ending… but I'm getting ahead of myself. The guys showed up looking very nervous about the shoot. After reassuring them that they could relax and just have fun with it, they did just that: had fun, and lots of it. From teasing each other about dick sizes and cumshots, the connection between these two best friends (as well as the curiosity) was obvious.
Dude Sucked Off By Best Friend
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Description: Dude needed someone to suck his long black dick and his best friend was willing to give gloryhole servicing to him. Black gangster shoots a big load all over his dude's chest, and black gay teaches him how to finish off a gangster
College Friends Fuck
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Description: Best friends Mitch Hudson and Andy Taylor have grown up doing everything together: they laugh, they play, they joke around and of course they share their closest guarded secrets. But when Mitch starts developing feelings for Andy the line between friend and lover begins to blur. Mitch is worried he might ruin the relationship but bravely decides to open up to Andy. Is falling in love with your best friend "Playing with Fire" and waiting to get burned or have the boys finally realized they're meant to be together?
More 3-Way Positions - Chad, Francisco and Luis
Category: Latino
Added: 21 Feb 14
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Description: Chad and his friend Francisco de Noronha do some shopping nearby with the street vendors. The two meet Luis de Paiva, a street vendor, who offers his best banana to them!
Maquina and Bombero
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Description: Ever fantasized about sucking off or being fucked by your next door neighbor? Your parents best friends husband? Gay and proud Maquina certainly has and in this shoot, all his dreams come true when he sexually comes onto Bombero and starts to suck on him! To his surprise, Bombero loves man to man sex as well! Over 40 exclusive images of this shoot and 14 minutes of exclusive video!
Bareback Bi Fuck
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Description: Sean really is straight (which you'll see in the video). Sean's girlfriend Latrina has always wanted to see Sean get it on with another guy. Trust me! We have too! Latrina brought Marcus who's Sean's best friend over who's had the hots for Sean. Sean fucks Marcus raw, Marcus sucks Sean, they both gang bang Latrina, they all end up making out and shooting their loads on Latrina's sexy face.
Straight Virgin Ass Fucked
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Description: This video began with two straight best friends who agreed to let us film them while they smoked cigarettes and masturbated. One thing led to another and before long they were playing with each others cocks and even giving each other blow jobs. Finally one agreed to let the other fuck his virgin straight ass! This video is filled with big dicks, dick sucking, ass fucking and smoke! Watch the entire video in high quality now at
Brent Corrigan's Tag Team
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Description: Brent Corrigan came back asking if he could bring a couple of buddies with him. Brent is best friends with Jarod Steel and wanted him to only top. Brent brought Josh who is a complete bottom and wanted to fuck with him. We said sure. These two took the icing off the cake. We gave no direction and let Brent take the screen. Brent showed his true colors for dick and ass. He'll be back for some more!
Dorian Wilde and Justin Greil
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Description: Dorian Wilde and Justin Greil have known each other a few years but have never connected. After all, it's rare for a twink like Justin to bond with his older *******'s best friends. And Dorian is about the best friend Justin's ******* has. When Dorian comes over and finds his buddy is out, he gets cozy with Justin instead. The tattooed punk twink gets up for a much needed beverage and, when he returns, Dorian gives him an idea of the kind of things they do together. But Justin already knew. He kicks back and enjoys a good blowjob, getting his hole rimmed in the process, before sucking Dorian's cock, then fucking him raw. The sweet, almost innocent looking twink gives Dorian a good fuck, pumping the cum out of his *******'s curly-haired friend before spraying a load all over his belly, then shoving his cock in Dorian's face to clean up.