Straight To The Point Fuckers
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Added: 09 Aug 14
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Description: Aggressively going after one another, these “straight to the point” twinks ditch their tops and heat up the place. Troy Eros, the blonde, will top and Carter Bentley, the “longer” one, will bottom. Locking lips often, they grind; Troy's belt gives them a good laugh, but once their hands slide down each other's pants, it gets serious fast. Undressing Carter, Troy works that big cock, first with his hand, then with his mouth. Just as “oral,” Troy feels what Carter's tongue can do to his “southern region.” With more kissing, the top tells Carter to, “keep touching yourself to get ready for me.” Working it hard, Troy has no problem doing Cater, as the table tries to keep together. In various positions, these two fuckers are hot; not an inch wasted from either one. With a “fuck me hard,” Cater starts to jerk himself. Close, the top complies again with the bottom's request, “I want you to cum in my mouth.”
g121: Bentley Blown
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Description: Bentley hasn't cum in days, so he heads over to the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to get guaranteed relief and total ball drainage.
Bad Cop, Good Cop-ulation
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Added: 12 Jun 14
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Description: Going back to the last “cop shooting,” Derreck takes JD's cum and lubes up Josh Bentley's pink hole. When the “slick prick” asks if they're done, Derreck suggests otherwise, “bend over.” Getting a nice above look at Derreck going all in, the action soon gets real and rhythmic. This film could easily be used in the police academy: “How To Get In Your Man.” Derreck has Josh Bentley “ass-ume” the missionary position and truth be told, Josh Bentley's loving the feeling of his “cop-ulation.” “Fuck my ass,” begs Josh Bentley as the “dick” goes on, with his “in-terrogation.” Working now as a “Unit,” Derreck pounds Josh Bentley, but not for information; I think we get the “jizz” of this. It's good cop, being bad, and helping a boy feel good, about being bad. The lesson may be lost on Josh Rodgers, he's just along for the jerk. As Derreck presses Josh Bentley further, the boy gives up the goods, all over the backroom. Derreck then pulls out his “pisto
Just A "Warming"
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Added: 12 Jun 14
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Description: Up for some hard time for the crime, dark-haired Josh Bentley, and long-haired Josh Rodgers play nice for the Special Bottom's Unit in this two-part video. The cop in the leather jacket is JD Harding, and the other blonde is Derreck Lynch. Down for gagging now, rather than in jail, Josh Bentley blows Dereck as Josh Rodgers has the “larger job,” of doing JD Harding; and they say “crime doesn't pay.” Trading off, the two Josh's are a bit inept at “cop sucking.” Derreck takes over blowing his partner; let's just think about that a moment, while the two Josh's learn by watching the “Unit” in action. Josh Rodgers then works on Josh Bentley and again, all the guys switch off. So, if the detectives aren't taking the boy's in, is this just a “warming?” JD has Dereck get to the bottom of Josh Bentley; JD blows his load into Derreck's mouth and has his buddy spit it into Josh Bentley's hole. If you're keeping score, it's one shot from a cop, and one bo
Nick Cums And Gets His Man
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Description: Detective Nick Norway catches up with a graffiti artist in Trey Bentley's had his fair share of being cuffed, but not going to jail. Nick makes it clear; he's here to get his man, one way or another. Seems that Trey is up for the cuffs, and the sling. Filling his throat with Trey, Nick investigates all the cock he can. Trey then takes a turn sucking Nick, before putting Nick in his place; lucky the bar has this room for “in- terrogations.” In the sling, Nick presents his hole and Trey dives right in, tongue first. The detective quickly turns perp, as Trey gets his “bad boy.” Going balls deep from the start, I guess Trey also “takes no prisoners.” Nick continues to beg for more as the chains rattle and the “dick” gets the receiving end of Trey's “night stick.” Nick only has one suggestion, “fuck me harder;” good thing the backroom is sound proof. Even from below, you can see this examination is very thorough. Nick then switches and becomes the
Resort: Scene 2: Jay Bentley & Christopher Daniels
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Added: 03 Jan 14
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Description: In a resort room, blond Christopher Daniels drops to his knees to feast on Jay Bentley—the sucker wrapping his bearded lips tightly around the jock’s shaft. Jay’s smooth muscle pecs twitch as he gets sucked, Christopher gulping as he plants his lips to the base. He comes up for air, spit dropping from his mouth. Jay fucks his face before Christopher sits back on the couch, Jay licking his bright pink sac (“Suck those balls, baby! That’s good!”). Christopher grabs his own balls and tugs them as Jay sucks his cock, spit dripping down. Jay bends over the couch, offering his smooth hole to Christopher—who buries his beard in deep before sliding his dick in, Jay staying hard. Jay gets on his back, his stomach tight as he gets it slow and deep. Jay rests his foot on Christopher’s pec, the top putting his hand over it. Jay then sits all the way down on the sweaty top, their hands stacked on Christopher’s pec in another romantic shot before