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Description: Hunter hasn't appeared in video on the site since September of last year and given his the reception he received at his most recent webcam appearance, I thought I would prop his live show from October as a Live Archive update. Hunter, the chatters, and I had a lot of fun during this show. He's a natural exhibitionist who gets off on the adoration of an audience, and given his... er... "****can" thick cock, Hunter definitely receives lots of love. :-P During the taping, Hunter watched his first MMF bi video. Needless-to-say, he was rock hard and on the verge of ejaculating throughout. Enjoy!
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Description: Between the chiseled features & big blue eyes that take your breath away, a body of death that a majority of us would kill for, and being hung like an old Army mule, plainly spoken, Noah is fucking HOT & BEAUTIFUL! Have I already mentioned his ****can thick cock of death? :-P Although nervous and quiet, you can see from Noah's involuntary body spasms that he and his cock of death thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I've chatted Noah up a couple of times since this shoot, and he's definitely looking forward to my return to his area of Arizona. I think I've got him talked into further exploring his sexuality. WOO of the HOO HOOs! For now, enjoy Noah's debut on ClubAmateurUSA!
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Description: Nikolai was another for whom I had not seen good images of him before he arrived to my home. So, when I threw back the red-velvet curtains, and there he stood, I knew that I had another hottie for CAUSA! Now, let me just say, that unless the guys have shown me previous digital images of their cocks, the majority of the time, their initial undressing for the camera, is the first time I see their "bidnez." Because my approach to eroticism on video has more to do with the guy's overall experience, unless he's hung like a toddler (credit to "****can" for that one), it's his entire physicality that makes him sexy & desirable. So, when Nikolai dropped trou, and I got my first glance at his beautiful, uncut cock... Well, needless-to-say, I was doing the "Happy Dance" inside my head. Now, fast forward to Nikolai on his back and after a little rubbing, tugging, and sucking, I soon found out that that beautiful, uncut cock could stand at attention all by itself as Nikolai lay on his back.
Lifeguard Gobbles Up Petty Officer's BeerCan Cock
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Description: Lifeguard Mark is sitting next to Eddy finding out what goes on when you're a welder for the Navy. They compare notes on what it takes to save a life. Mark loves the beach life, running around naked, and meeting all the hotties at the beach. He takes off his shirt to show Eddy how he stays in shape. Eddy's admiring it and shows off his own ***s. Mark reaches over and feels Eddy's abs and accidentally bumps his cock. He feels the monster through his pants and is intrigued to see what's going on down there. He pulls it out and admires the girth. Eddy offers to let him get a closer look. Mark leans in, closer and closer until he's got it touching his lips. Mark jams the giant snake into his mouth and starts sucking. He likes a challenge and does his best to swallow as much of it as possible. He can barely wrap his fingers all the way around. But he keeps slurping the foreskin like an expert cocksucker. As he's sucking, he reaches into his own pants to pleasure himself. While gobbling down
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Description: Prepare yourselves for a scorcher! Slim twinky lad Robbie is pushed to his limits as he takes on the ****can thick TEN INCH cock of mixed race rugby lad Drew Brody. Inasnely hot jaw stretching oral and intense hole stretching fuck action, climaxing with messy cum facial.. Unmissable!
Bareback Hideaway
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Description: On a trip away to the countryside two twinky buddies end up fucking in their room. And when you see the size of that ****can dick you just know its going to end up in a twinks ass. And he repays the favour by cumming inside his buddies mouth. My kind of holiday!
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Description: Met this 21yo twink with the thickest dick i've ever seen... it was like a ****can (about 8" but THICK and HARD!). We both shot the biggest load and I was drenched in cum at the end. He wasn't sure if he was into making a video, but later we got into it. I couldn't get enough of that cock, but the condom (magnum) was still too tight for him so we can to pause for a bit to get him hard from time to time.
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Description: I pay this big beefy str8 dude with 6 pack and ****can cock to let me blow him. I love a guy with big muscular thighs and a big bubble butt.
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Bathside Dildo Stuffing
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Description: Huge fucking dildo stuffing on the side of the bathtub. This is one huge fucking toy! i didnt know they made them in '****can size!!'