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Description: Want to move into this hip crashpad? Before you sign the lease here, you have to leave a deposit. In the second episode of NakedSword's Roommate Wanted, Cam Christou is looking for a shared apartment, but when sexy Luke Harding opens the door, he sees that the floors aren't going to be the only hardwood. The house has more men than it does bedrooms, Luke tells him, and the communal living arrangements extend way beyond the chore wheel. It's a sharing economy based on sex, and lean-and-tatted Cam shows he's more than happy to contribute. The initiation starts out in the hallway, and before long the two are joined by Leo Forte, who breaks in his new roommate with his fat dick. Luke gets in on the action as well, first riding Leo and then moving into Cam's back bedroom. The three collapse in a pile of sweat and sex. And just think — the other roommates aren't even home yet!
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