Barefoot Victor Black Bullies Troy in the Ring!!
Category: Horsing Around / Non Porn
Added: 23 Jan 11
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Duration: 0:04:23

Description: Victor Black, the Barefoot Bully, stomps, kicks, tramples, chokes, and humiliates poor jobber Troy with his bare feet for an entire hour! Between barefoot beatdowns, he adds insult to injury by ******** Troy to have a taste of his feet!
Barefoot Beatdown on Jeff
Category: Horsing Around / Non Porn
Added: 31 Dec 10
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Duration: 0:03:07
Tags: barefoot beatdown trampling footsucking

Description: Victor steps all over the rookie Jeff as he trains him in the grappling basics of his new wrestling league, Male Barefoot Bully!
Victor's hotel beatdown!
Category: Horsing Around / Non Porn
Added: 22 Jul 10
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Duration: 0:01:07
Tags: barefoot beatdown foot licker toe sucking wrestling barefoot

Description: Victor Black steps all over a fan who asked to meet him while staying in town on business. Victor leaves his footprints all over this wimp!
Sweating from *****
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 03 Dec 08
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Duration: 0:01:16
Tags: wrestling domination bearhug *****er scissor ass anal hole Hungarian eastern european suck dick fuck punishment twink muscle humiliation gangbang hunk euro musclemen bodybuilder bi straight domination bj blowjob fetish

Description: Hunkbash Demolition - No Foul, No Mercy, No Quarter Not an Inch given, but plenty taken, in a tough, grueling wrasslefest. Hard competition-trained Hungarian wrestlers, FABRIZIO MANGIATTE and RENATO BELAGGIO, get down and dirty and demolish each other's rock-hard bodies. Showering in each's sweat and man juices, this is an utterly intense, personal and bruising battle for alpha male domination and the right to enslave the other without limits. They grapple viciously ******** from the off, knowing one is going down, on the other – mercilessly. Divine Muscle Gods, both are keen to teach the other a ******, sadistic lesson in SM Domination. Renato's big doe eyes water up as Fabrizio stretches wide and fills him up as the real beatdown begins....