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Description: Weekend At Camp Palm Springs Scene 2 Factory Video BarebackRT Media proudly presents Weekend at Camp Palm Springs, the weekend summer get-away your cock has been throbbing for! You'll get hard over watching these studs, so stroke your meat throughout six cum filled scenes. We once again find him getting his asshole eatien out, this time by a hot, thick and hairy bear of a man. They get right down to business with Matthew getting his ass pounded hard. He takes a quick break to suck off his hairy friend but soon enough the fucking starts again, this time harder and faster until finally the seed comes squirting out.
Our Daily Bred Scene 1
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Description: Our Daily Bred Scene 1 Factory Video Our Daily Bred is kind of a sick and twisted little tale filled with horny priests, naughty monks, communion wafers served off of hard dicks, sasses fucked by crucifixes, glory hole confessionals, and lots and lots of cum being fucked into asses by big, raw dicks.
Hot Raw Bears Scene 3
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Description: Hot Raw Bears Scene 3 Factory Video The fur is flying as so is the cum in Hot Raw Bears. Hot furry bears with big raw dicks fucking hot loads into tight furry buttholes. The ceaseless action is enough to get any bear lover exactly what they crave! Grrrrr..
Hot Raw Bears Scene 2
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Description: Hot Raw Bears Scene 2 Factory Video The fur is flying as so is the cum in Hot Raw Bears. Hot furry bears with big raw dicks fucking hot loads into tight furry buttholes. The ceaseless action is enough to get any bear lover exactly what they crave! Grrrrr..
Mack and Steve: Abduction and training
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Description: Start where Steve Parker is hand cuffed & thrown into the back of MACK's big black sinister looking windowless van & taken to a secure location across town. He's collared, leashed, & led like a sack of fuck meat behind bars where his shirt is torn off & that beautiful hairy chest & abs we all love so much are shown to you by MACK like a hunters trophy. And then true to form MACK uses & *****s Steve with total disregard for Steve's needs and in doing so Steve gets exactly what he's needed for a long time. The pretty boy is caught jerking off so MACK puts him in a locked chastity belt & leaves him leg ironed to the bars for hours with nothing but a pair of his stinking week old cum & piss stained briefs to make sure “things remain hard” for Steve. Along the way, Steve is humiliated and ******. MACK mercilessly fucks & tortures the sweet unused hole between those amazing fuzzy globular ass cheeks. Every scream & holler of hurt is real as MACK trains Steve to pleasure a Man with his pu
Troy McNastee and Machael Johnson
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Description: Troy and Machael hook up for a hot night in a hotel room downtown and these bears are ready for some nasty action. Troy takes a shower before they get in the sack, but Machael can't wait for his furry cub to finish. The super hairy bear starts caressing Troy while he's toweling off, and once his hands start sliding through Troy's mat of chest hair, he just has to get a taste of Troy right there. The two bears start pawing and manhandling each other, kissing, licking and sucking. Machael has a big and ready boner, and Troy greedily gobbles the shaft, trying to please his daddy. They flip and sprawl all over the bathroom, jerking each other off, sucking each other's cocks and inevitably Machael is ready to shoot his load. He sprays his cum all over Troy's chest hair and Troy quickly follows with a second cumshot that really makes a mess of his furry chest. Looks like its time for another shower for this bear!
Marc Angelo and Dean Wyatt
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Description: Dean Wyatt took the train all the way from Philly to Queens for the chance to get with Super Bear Marc Angelo. Here's a teaser Daddy/boy scene that's going to tickle the loins of everyone who loves intergenerational ageplay. Dean's a little furry, a little cubbish, but he's crushing hard on handsome and rugged Marc, just like so many of our Bearfilms members. They strip down, Marc letting Dean strip off his sexy jock to free his rock-hard pecker. The pair kiss, caress, cuddle and suck in this smoldering BJ/JO scene, and we get a great Marc Angelo solo fantasy capper to the end. Marc, naked as the day he was born, showing off and jerking off in bed. What a sexy fantasy we all relate to!
Rick Maxx, Handy John and TJ Brown
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Description: Lonely and bored, cub Rick is looking for company and if things work out well, some hot cock. He gets on the phone to his old buddy, TJ Brown and teases him with some dirty talk, inviting him to the hotel for some one-on one. TJ does him one better and offers to bring his friend John. What first looked like a lonely winter night jerking off to pay-per-view in the hotel has turned into a bear threesome! Rick is in heaven bottoming for his burly fuck buddies, and TJ *****s his ass with his thick cock while John facefucks Rick's hot mouth. Rick is really eager to please and he keeps spreading his hairy hole wider and wider. This is definitely a scene that will chase away the winter blues!
Masculine Bear Jerking Off
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Description: Mickey Squires is a hard assed police officer who knows how to handle tough situations. He has a hairy, muscular body and a ferocious appetite for cock pleasure. Watch him get turned on and take matters into his own hands in this hot solo stroking scene.
Tristan Riant
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Description: You might remember Tristan Riant from Canadian Bears. Well, he is back and sexy as ever. Caught him one morning jerking off while gazing out the window. He told us later he was remembering spying on his hot neighbor masturbating and it's one of his favorite daydreams to stoke his thick cock to. By the size of the load he blew all over his furry belly, it must have been some kind of fantasy!
Smearing His Cum In His Hairy Muscled Chest
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Description: Brock is hot! One hundred percent beefy man meat; he's built like a brick shithouse, and covered in a thick coat of sumptuously dark fur. From his delightfully dimpled, picture perfect smile to his pulsing purple-headed slamdragon, Brock Landon is the real deal. Candid and refreshingly honest in his initial interview, Brock says he's straight, "at least as far as he knows!" Brock admits to experimenting with strangers for money, and claims that porn is an avenue he's always been curious about. He doesn't even flinch when I mention that we'll be filming gay porn with him all week. In fact, this straight guy's ease concerning his sexuality makes him even more alluring. At my insistence, he takes off his shirt to display his lush matting of chest hair. He pets his pelt affectionately, and remarks that before I asked him to grow it out, he'd been shaving it for years. Basking in his newly adorned furry-bear confidence, Brock settles in for the duration. He pushes against his cock, still ly
 Stroking 7 inches of thickness
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Description: Tripp thinks he's qualified to do porn because he's in great shape from lifting and swimming. He's pretty horny today because he never jerks off. The only time he cums is when he's having sex with a "pretty lady". As soon as I give him the go ahead, he's pawing at his zipper like a bear trying to get at a picnic basket. He unzips and reaches under the waistband of his gray underwear, where a faint treasure trail leads up his rippled abs to his navel. Occasionally, the pink tip teases the eye by poking just above the waistband. Finally, he pops the whole 7 inches out and goes to town stroking. Slipping his jeans down to his ankles, he reveals a set of thick, hairy legs. And as the shirt comes off, his swimmer's build is uncovered: defined, swollen pecs, rippled stomach, developed arms and shoulder muscles. A tattoo along his left ribcage draws the eye up from the stiff dick he's got gripped in his hand. As his pink balls bounce against his hairy taint, I reach in to measure his cock. He
Big Hairy Bear Sex
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Description: A big hairy bear and his hairy cub swap hot ass fucking and thick loads in this bareback video
Scott Exhibit
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Description: Smooth sexy guy exhibit for large group of daddie and bears stroking his dick and cumming
Unbelievable CUM!
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Description: After an hour of edging I can't bear it anymore, and this is what happens: endless pleasure, spurt after spurt, as cum just pours out of me like cream.
Reflections of a Muscle Bear
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Description: For those of you who like your men tall, dark and handsome, we think Alessio Romero fits the bill. This sexy Latino is also a hairy muscle bear with a steamy look, a fuck-you attitude, and a sexual hunger that often drives him to fly solo; like most of us! And as some of you might already know, sometimes going for a jerk-off session is just what we need to fully satisfy our urges when another man isn’t available or for those moments when we just feel like doing it alone. In this scene, Alessio is back and better than ever. Firmer, harder, bigger. Standing in boots and jockstraps, this hairy hot stud whips his fat, curved dick out, stroking in front of a full-length mirror. As he gets off on his own reflection, Alessio flexes his muscles, pinches his nipples, and sniffs his sweaty armpits. But he doesn’t want to cum. Not just yet. Down in the dungeon, Alessio uses a Fleshjack, abusing it mercilessly. When he lays back in the sling, his massive thighs up in the air, you can almost se
Bear Cub Angel
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Added: 11 Oct 12
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Description: Angel was a student working his way through college when he contacted me through an ad for models. He is tall and trim with Latin complexion accented with a lusciously hairy chest. Sprawled across bright yellow sheets with dark red pillows, the reflected light gives a warm amber glow to his perfect skin. The full length video begins with a slide show of glamour shots, with some of the best taken just as the sun went down. His jerk off scene is frantic and intense as he prepares to deliver an explosive cum shot.