BBC stroked to completion
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Description: The long dark chocolate meat is stiff against the blue of his underwear. He finally whips it out and gives it some good strong strokes. It's getting hot in the room and the military hunk strips from the waist up. His warm brown skin is stretched over bulging muscles and is adorned by several tattoos. Making himself a little more comfortable, he reclines across the sofa with his boots still on. His cock is stiff and oozing precum from the dark purple tip as he switches hands occasionally. He moans slightly and white jizz leaps from the end of his dick. He skillfully catches it on his wrist and hand. There's so much, it wells up and begins dripping over his knuckles and onto his thigh. He milks the last few drops out and grunts while staring at his new creation.
Lawson Kane Solo Scene 1
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Description: Lawson Kane Solo Scene 1 Naked Sword Lawson Kane, with his bulging pecs and giant uncut cock, is an embodiment of masculinity. With a bar through one nipple, a tat above the other, and a beard accenting his self-assured face, one look at Lawson lets you know that he can satisfy any craving.
Golden Gate Season 3 Scene 3
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Description: Golden Gate Season 3 Scene 3 Naked Sword Back from Golden Gate Season 1, Robert (Kennedy Carter) is still trying to make ends meet as a struggling writer. Alvin (Lawson Kane), meanwhile, is an artist with a successful career. And when Robert shows up a day early to review Alvin's work, he ends up getting a private showing that expands his views on art.
Cruising Budapest 6 Brian Bodine Scene 4
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Description: Cruising Budapest 6 Brian Bodine Scene 4 Lucas Entertainment Brian Bodine is welcomed back to the apartment with a dual knee-buckling blowjob by the Mangiatti twins. Brian returns the greeting by swallowing both cocks and gives equal amounts of oral action on their butts and toes. The twins then take turns feeding Brian's holes at both ends, making sure this is a trip he'll never forget.
Cruising Budapest 6 Brian Bodine Scene 1
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Description: Cruising Budapest 6 Brian Bodine Scene 1 Lucas Entertainment As ebony stud Brian Bodine begins to prepare breakfast, Flavio Valentino can't take his eyes off of Brian's supple ass and gropes him from behind. After making out the two strip and swab each others meaty cocks. A 69 session and generous ass eating allows Brian to plunge his dark dick deep into Flavio's pearly trench. The two flip fuck and share copious loads over Brian's ripped stomach.
Cesar plays with his dong
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Description: Cesar is one gorgeous ebony stud! Watch him playfully take his clothes of in this sexy semi-exclusive video. He loves provoking while touching his slender and hot body in very sexy poses. Then it's time to take the party to the next level while he masturbates his uncut dong into a spectacular orgasm.
Weekend At Camp Palm Springs Scene 2
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Description: Weekend At Camp Palm Springs Scene 2 Factory Video BarebackRT Media proudly presents Weekend at Camp Palm Springs, the weekend summer get-away your cock has been throbbing for! You'll get hard over watching these studs, so stroke your meat throughout six cum filled scenes. Matthew can't get enough dick and has an appetite for every type of cock. To his delight he soon finds himself making out with a buff black man who has a beautiful package waiting for him downstairs. Within seconds of hooking up with this lucky stud Matthew has his lips wrapped around his monstrous rod. After some heavy dick sucking, Matthew's asshole gets exactly what it's been begging for, a pounding from a stiff, smooth, black cock. He jacks himself off while being fucked and blows a hot load all over his own stomach.
The Day of the Breeding Scene 5
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Description: The_Day_of_the_Breeding_-_Scene_5_-_Factory_Video Take a peek into the real life of porn star Damon ***g in The Day of the Breeding. Watch as he gets his ass bred in this video directed and starring the notorious Damon ***g. He and his fuck friends breed the day away in his first installment of Damon ***g's Cum Factory series. Watch as Damon gets his ass pounded and impregnated by his buddies. Check out Damon taking load after load up his ass and down his throat. You will not want to miss a minute of the action in the eight scene fuck fest. Often Damon will set up the camera in his bedroom and film himself and his fuck buddies destroying his hot ass.
Slurp That Spunk Scene 2
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Description: Slurp That Spunk Scene 2 Factory Video Young cum pig Brice goes hog wild in a house full of hot, horny and hung men in Slurp that Spunk. Watch as he slurps the spunk from their junk with a big smile on his cum splattered face in seven hot scenes. This will definitely quench your thirst!
Our Daily Bred Scene 4
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Description: Our Daily Bred Scene 4 Factory Video Our Daily Bred is kind of a sick and twisted little tale filled with horny priests, naughty monks, communion wafers served off of hard dicks, sasses fucked by crucifixes, glory hole confessionals, and lots and lots of cum being fucked into asses by big, raw dicks.
NYC The Return Scene 4
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Description: NYC The Return Scene 4 Factory Video In 2004, Blue Alley Studios debuted it's first movie, NY Cum. Hundreds of loads and 48 cities later, we go back to the place where it all began in NYC Cum: The Return. You'll see our cum whore Archer Adams try to suck all the man juice out of the Big Apple!
Damon BootyBangin Scene 4
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Description: Damon BootyBangin Scene 4 Factory Video In Damon ***g's Booty Bangin' Birthday, Damon sets out for a motorcycle ride to Phoenix, AZ to celebrate his birthday. On the way there he's stops off in Los Angeles where he gets loaded up by a buddy, Monkey ***g (no relation). In Phoenix he hooks up with Shai Keyon for a hot breeding session. He stops in L.A. and gets his booty bred by two gorgeous black dicks, Justin Coxx and Alex Ryan. Upon arriving back home, Ray Dalton comes to his garage to have some fun and to breed Damon on his motorcycle.
Cruising for a Breeding Scene 3
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Description: Cruising for a Breeding Scene 3 Factory Video The sacred art of cruising isn't dead... but the rules have changed. So how do you find your load? In Cruising for a Breeding, of course! Horny studs cruise each other on the internet, via phone apps, on the streets, and wherever they can - each one looking for the hottest bareback sex and hot loads they can find. The film also features the music of the gay punk rock band The Gloryholes which is in and on itself a nice treat!
Breeding Is Fundimental Scene 1 Factory Video
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Description: Breeding Is Fundimental Scene 1 Factory Video These guys don't need a lot of coaxing in Breeding is Fundamental. Watch as they get down and dirty the best way they know how to- condom free.
CAUSA 453 Darius
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Description: As previously mentioned, June a year ago when I began thinking about potential former models whom I wanted to re-appear for ClubAmateurUSA's 10-year anniversary, Darius was on my list due to the voluminous positive feedback I've received in his regard. Although I was not able to secure him for a shoot last year, I am thrilled to re-introduce you to Darius, today, as the first returning CAUSA model in our new Scottsdale studio! When Darius texted me several pix to demonstrate his current physical appearance, I commented back to him that he's not aged in the almost seven years since his last appearance, November 2007. At 40 years of age today, he's still got his handsome baby face, rockin' muscled stocky bod, and of course, his solidly thick BBC. What is different about Darius, today (versus seven years ago), is the fact that he's completely comfortable in his skin. Whereas his participation & sexploration back then was “opportunistic,” this time around I believe the actual sexperience