What You Didn't See
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Description: Often we get requests from dudes who wanna be on the set and think they should be fluffers, but they ain't interested in being on cam. Well, check this scene out and understand why that's not necessary. Even though these three gave one of the greatest marathon fucks of all time, they didn't even take stop during downtime. I had to take a piss and told the guys to “take five”, but while in the bathroom I could hear a slurping sound. I came back out; grabbed my cam; and got what I could…I didn't bother to shake my dick!
Cute Twinks - Blowjob in the Bath
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Description: EastBoys.com - David and Drake are at it again, first enjoying themselves in the shower, than complete works, blowjob, jerking off, and trying to suck each others dick without choking on cum - in the bathtub. Holy crap this scene is HOT! Must see!
Asian Toilet Fuck and Cum
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Description: Kim fucking his buddy on the toilet until he cum. The his friend shoot a load straight in Kim's face.
Jack Bloom’s Bare Anal In Public Bathroom
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Description: Jack Bloom is so horny he'll even call up a random stranger whose number he finds on the wall of the public bogs to get his tight fuckhole filled. The muscled stud who shows up fuck him through the gloryhole plugging Jack's pierced mouth with bare cock, dumping his babysauce all down his chin.
Thien Lan Is Everyone’s Favourite Fuckhole
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Description: When Thomas Fiaty walks into this open public bathroom he knows straight away what he wants - to fuck his stiff twink cock straight up Thien Lan's tight ass. Thanks to a cleverly placed gloryhole, the tattooed guy in the next stall gets to fuck Thien's throat anonymously as the two spitroast their bottom.
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Description: EastBoys.com - Tom Baker casting takes place in the hot tub, where he show offs his smooth body and nice thick cock. Speaking of cocks, he works his nicely until detailed cumshot! Long jerking off action!
Getting that clean twink cock dirty again
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Description: When you shack up with your older male lover, things can get out of control - and they do get out of control pretty often for this twink hottie here. He was chilling in the shower taking care of his lovely tight body, and then his lover entered the bathroom to help the boy dry the water off. A random touch on the boy's cock, and the guy was done. He couldn't help it, he just couldn't help it. His mouth got busy sucking on the hardening thing, and in a few moments he was having this thick long bat-like dick all the way in his wet manhole. The twink got dirty without even leaving the shower which was supposed to wash him clean!
Bareback all around
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Description: Argie and Gilbert want to explore whole new things so they think to fill the whole house their nasty and smelly piss and cum. They started their fucking in the bathroom up to the bed and experienced bareback of a lifetime with awesome watersports
All Up for sex
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Description: Argie and Gilbert are two cute Asian boys who decide to experiment with piss fetish. They want to feel the warmth of their clothes getting piss soaked before they strip down for some 69 action and bareback gay sex in their urine saturated bed. Then they head into the bathroom for some more golden showers and gay fucking.
Too clean not to fuck
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Description: Water was running down his divine curves, making him hot and wet - literally! His older lover must have caught the naughty vibe, that's why he came to the bathroom and got busy giving delicious head to the boy not even letting him get dry. The geezer knew his technique working his tongue hard to turn that twink cock into a steel hard spike of love. Then it was time for something else! Watch him bend over and have his guts rearranged with the boy's hard cock - which later glazed the older guy's face. Look how happy he was!
Berlin Bathroom Ballers
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Description: Leave it to Euro Pig Matthieu Paris to find one of the dirtiest, sleaziest locations in Berlin to fuck his boy Kike Garces. They
Threesome Bareback
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Description: Win is pounded by his new friend Best, while he sucks Rain's cock. When it is time for a bathroom break, Rain has to piss. But his cock is so rigid it is difficult to let go. He pisses on Best's body, and then Win sucks up the last drops. They continue their bareback fest in the bathroom, still wet with piss. Then it is time for Win to fuck Best's slutty ass.
Str8 Steven Beats Off
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Description: With his jeans are around his ankles, straight boy Steven strokes his cock, while rubbing his torso and fingering his hairy hole. Steven gets himself to the edge quickly and pops a decent nut onto his belly. Then gives it a taste and heads for the bathroom to clean up.
Toilet Jacking Twink
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Description: Who, when we were young, didn't sneak off to the bathroom for some privacy, while jacking off? In this solo scene, take a stroll down memory lane, as we watch cute young Shane doing the same. With the aid of a porn magazine, he strokes his big cock, and after a good workout, shoots his load.
Str8 Boy Gets A BJ
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Description: In this encounter, straight boy Zack grabs the camera to film himself getting off. He goes into the bathroom and starts stroking to a new Playboy, as he catches himself in the mirror. Of course, Vinnie is watching the whole thing unfold. Unable to just stand and watch, Vinnie steps in and starts playing with Zack's balls. Soon he lets Vinnie stroke his cock, as he films it all. It's a perfect time to take advantage of his occupied hands, so Vinnie goes down on him. Zack grunts and moans, before plastering Vinnie's face with warm str8 boy cum.
Raw Load Takers
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Description: Champ and Rock are cruising one another in the Dick Wadd bathroom. Rock sees that big fuckin' black piece o' meat and his mouth starts watering. Champ spies that hot muscle ass and his enormous cock springs to attention.
Khan's "Ichiro-ing" For A Hand
Category: Asian
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Description: Khan, in yellow, has a friend over for some hand-to-man action. Typical for these Asian hotties, the fun starts with a shower, and soap. As these Japanboyz.com twinks play, the lather and hands go everywhere on one another. Oops, I forgot to say, the friend is Ichiro; seems to have quite a “bond” with Khan. After their bathroom time, they sit on the bed and explore more. As the camera hovers, the sweet twinks lick, fondle and harden one another; they're not the only ones aroused by touch. Khan, a true nipple worshipper goes right on to Ichiro's areolas, both Khan's mouth and fingers tantalize. With their legs interlocked the boys, face one another and begin some oral stimulation; I think ever since Khan saw that nice big head on Ichiro, he's been “Ichiro-ing” to get his mouth on it. Khan then becomes the receiver of Ichiro's oral abilities; the hottie has Khan twitching from the first mouthful. Getting some “good vibrations” going, Khan uses a toy on Ichiro, and
German Hole Wreckers Part 2
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
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Description: The German hole wreckers are at it again. First, they start off with a little bathroom water sports session. Then it's on to more hole wrecking.
Bedroom Bareback
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Description: Cute as fuck Damian is having a slash in the bathroom when his mate runs in desperate to relieve his bladder. Unfortunately Sean can't hold it in and pisses himself completely soaking his underpants! Back in their bedroom Damian agrees to keep the incident quiet - if Sean has sex with him.