Connor Maguire & Jake Bass Flip-Fuck!
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Added: 11 Jun 14
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Description: Jake Bass is back and this time he's bringing fresh meat with him. Meet Connor - God's gift to the gays. Conner is THE definition of "adorable muscle cub" that you just can't take your eyes (or hands) off of. With a solid muscular body, a smile that lights up the room, a rock hard massive cock, and a bubble butt, Connor is just trouble waiting to happen. And we all know Jake - he just loves to get into trouble!
Jake Bass Pounds Max Carter
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Added: 03 Apr 14
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Description: You might be used to seeing Jake Bass with a different Max (of the Ryder variety), but Jake is also friends with the handsome Max Carter. The guys have an entirely different relationship -- Jake likes to take charge while the modest Max gives him exactly what he wants, the two often bereft of words!
Sons of Montreal: Pierre Fitch vs. Jake Bass
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Added: 26 Feb 14
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Description: If there was ever an instance where you want to say to someone, "why don't y'all just go ahead and fuck already?!" it would be Jake Bass and Pierre Fitch! Both sons of Montreal, they have at one time or another been both friends and rivals. Both boys have big personalities (and egos) and it's safe to say Pierre and Jake have more than once crossed paths in Montreal -- even sharing the same ex-boyfriends. Over the years, they have indeed become classic frenemies.
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Description: CockyBoys' smash hit RoadStrip picks up where the award-winning Project GoGoBoy left off, with CockyBoys' stars Max Ryder and Jake Bass front and center. Like Project GoGoBoy,RoadStrip is majorly blurring the lines between adult entertainment and mainstream filmmaking. TLA's Erik Schut says RoadStrip "heralds an entirely new genre in gay filmmaking". After being a certifiable hit online at the film even had it's full length premiere at the 2013 Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival!
Jake Bass fucks Tony Milan
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Added: 12 Jan 14
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Description: Jake Bass and Tony Milan come from completely different places and speak different languages, so they had a lot to talk about when they first met in Montreal. Brazilian-born Tony had never been to Canada, so Jake had a good time explaining the facts and the myths about his culture. Likewise, Jake had never been to Brazil so he asked Tony to teach him some Portuguese. The first thing he asked to learn? "I do porn." The language lessons were a good segue into the real reason they were there. Tony was eager to put that amazing ass of his to use on Jake's cock, and Jake was ready to give it to him. Two very different guys, but both extremely hot in their own unique way!
Paint It Black - Cockyboys
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Description: What can I say about Jett Black that you can't see for yourself: he's a cute, blond Adonis with a body that will make you speechless. Paint it Black will leave you wanting more, with Arnaud Chagall, Jake Bass and Gabriel Clark, who wouldn't want to watch this on repeat! Enjoy, Jake Jaxson
Jake Bass Fucks Liam Emerson
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Added: 19 Jun 13
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Description: Sometimes chance meetings can lead to great things. Liam Emerson first met Jake Bass on Facebook and they friended each other and chatted from time to time. Liam didn't realize Jake was a porn star until he saw him at the Gay Pride Parade with crowds of adoring fans all around him. So Liam went over for a photo op with Jake and they got to talking about making porn, a subject that's been on Liam's mind for awhile. Jake took Liam under his wing and offered him an introductory workshop on how to make a porn scene. And just a few days later it all came together. And what an education it was. Liam, the eager learner, didn't want to wait for the preliminaries of taking off clothes, so he jumped right into the shower with Jake and started making out. French kissing and blowjobs under the cascading water got things off to a steamy start but for the serious fucking action, Jake wanted some dry land and some solid furniture for better traction. The leather couch was the perfect platform for ed
Jake Bass Fucks Sonny Stewart
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Added: 16 Jun 13
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Description: As the 21st of December closes in and the imminent destruction of the world approaches, we asked ourselves "Who would you want to fuck with only a few days left until the apocalypse?" A lot of you answered "Jake Bass of course!" And so did Videoboys' sensational new model Sonny Stewart. And even before they ever met, we somehow knew that the sparks would fly if we got them in the room together. But the truth is, when we put these two tattooed cuties in a room together, they really didn't have much to say to each other and we were kinda worried that we'd made a bad match. The photo shoot going along a bit cold until we suggested "Ok, let's try a kiss." That's when the sparks really began to fly. Jake Bass is known for his passionate kisses and we really think he's met a good match in Sonny. This was a face sucking contest the likes of which we've never seen before. And it only got hotter from there. Sonny may be new to video but he certainly knows his way around a cock. And Jake was h
Jake Bass and Arnaud Chagall
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Added: 05 Jun 13
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Description: If you've ever seen Jake Bass and/or Arnaud Chagall in action then you'll know that the are both prodigious cumshot shooters. When either of them are shooting solo they can hit their own face without breaking a sweat. And when in duo action it's always their fuck partners that are in jeopardy of a surprise long-distance facial. Both of these models have the right to claim the title "Cumshot Champion" but we wanted to see how they perform under the pressure of competition. And our big surprise in this 2012 Cumshot Contest was not that Jake and Arnaud are fierce competitors. That much we knew already. The biggest surprise was their sportsman-like conduct. Both readily admit that being more sexually excited has a huge impact on the distance of their cumshot. And yet each was eagerly willing to help his opponent get as excited as possible. In the past Cumshot Contest contestants have pretty much focused on their own business and virtually ignored their opponents except maybe to hurl insu
Shawn Beliveau Fucks Jake Bass
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Description: Jake Bass finally charms Str8 boy Shawn Beliveau into coming over and fucking Jake's little bubble butt. Jake loves it.
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Description: Jake Bass and Liam Emerson, fucking on the couch.
Project GogoBoy Episode 3
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Added: 20 Jul 12
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Description: In the first episode of Project GogoBoy, we saw Max Ryder and Pierre Fitch sneak away from the DJ booth to have an elevator tryst, ruining Jake Bass's set in the process. This week, we see Max and Jake doing what frenemies do best: shopping and being snarky! Throughout the entire outing, Jake can't stop ribbing Max about hooking up with Pierre, harping over and over again about Max's "Pierre obsession". Max tries not to let it bother him, but later that night, when Max discovers Jake's been spreading rumors, the tension comes to a head and the boys explode into an epic fight, moving officially from "frenemies" to just plain "enemies." Now that Max and Jake's friendship is on the rocks, Jake decides to try to drive a wedge between Max and Pierre by cozying up to Pierre. While gossiping by the pool, Jake spills to Pierre that he's got a hot date that night with an iPad boy from the club. This iPad boy, Stephen Forest, wasn't always an iPad boy. In fact, he used to be one of the b
Bobby Long Fucks Jake Bass
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Added: 04 Jul 12
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Description: Everybody knows that what goes around comes back around. So does Jake Bass' ass! And this time - it's REVENGE time! Bobby Long has been waiting for that moment since the very first time his tight hole got penetrated by Jake's cock! And let me tell you - he wasn't going to let Jake get away with it that easy. We all know Bobby can be a tough little fuck sometimes but that's nothing compared to what he had in mind for Jake that day. Amazing how a good dose of anger and bitterness turn into passion and lust when the clothes come off! Enjoy.
Jake Bass and Seth Knight Flip-Fuck
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Added: 05 Jun 12
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Description: Jake Bass is full of surprises these days. Sporting a totally new look the stud is now also becoming a lot more open minded about getting fucked and shooting his load with a dick in his hole. It's quite the addictive feeling indeed so I can't blame him. We were in the middle of the scene, Jake pounding the little Seth mercilessly, when he decided - he needed some of that treatment up his hole as well. So he bent over and took Seth's dick like it was his birth given right. I wasn't sure if that was even going to work out since we all know Seth is one big total bottom but I was absolutely blown away when I saw him pound Jake's hole like as if he was angry at it and now it was payback time! Who knew he had it in him. Never a dull moment on Cockyboys. Check it out!!
Jake Bass Pounds Jason Martin
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Added: 22 May 12
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Description: This is how Jake Bass operates. He sees a guy he likes and he gets what he wants. Jason Martin appeared on Jake's radar a week or so before this scene was shot. Rather than just up and ask us to arrange to shoot a scene with Jason, Jake went over our heads and contacted Jason himself to set up a "let's get familiar" meeting which ended up at Jake's house. . . two nights in a row! But well, I shouldn't make it sound as if Jason had no part in all this. In fact, Jason had been gently petitioning me for a shot at Jake ever since he first saw him in his solo scene on Videoboys. So all I needed to do was find a way for the text messages to start flowing between them and it was like letting water find its way to the sea. What you're about to see is the crescendo of two days of cuddling in Jake's bed without fucking. Today is the day Jake and Jason finally get to release all that tension that's been mounting. Something about Jason Martin seems to bring out the tender playful side of Jake Bass
Jake Bass fucks Alex Vaara
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Added: 01 May 12
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Description: Jake Bass and Alex Vaara are like a match made in heaven. They are both young, cute, and full of cum. So the little fucks decided to ditch all the big muscle boys for the weekend and instead spend a few days alone, getting to really know each other. It was so cute watching them flirt and waiting to see who will make the first move. Finally, the top in Jake Bass came out and it was time for Jake to reign. He got Alex all sweaty from the bike ride and then straight to the bedroom. He wasted no time getting him out of his clothes and ******** him down on his knees. Jake turns Alex around and leaves his finger prints on Alex's white bottom cheeks. He starts rimming Alex's hole and you could tell little Jake wasn't going to stop at nothing to get that thing stuffed and plowed like it's the first and last time he'll ever fuck a hole! Yes, indeed, it really was the perfect weekend!
Justin LeBeau Fucks Jake Bass
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Added: 10 Apr 12
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Description: CO-PRODUCED WITH VIDEOBOYS. When Justin and Jake first got together on the set the atmosphere was very low key with casual conversation and little to indicate the kind of explosion that was about to happen. I think both models were doing their best not to betray the kind of excitement they were feeling about filming this scene. After all the preliminaries, we started shooting the photos. After a few shots, we asked for a kiss. The reaction wasn't chemical, it was nuclear. The two of them just latched on to each other with such reckless abandon that videographers could do nothing more than try to keep up with what was going on. All sense of control was gone. Jake is not normally the kind of guy that likes to bottom but for Justin he was ready to go all the way. Together they went all the way and much further. If you can measure the "hotness" of this scene by the volume of body fluids dispatched then this scene definitely rates a few pints!!
Jimmy Clay and Jake Bass Flip-fuck
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Added: 15 Mar 12
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Duration: 0:02:59
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Description: By now you have probably already heard me say the line "Once a Cockyboy, always a Cockyboy!" a million times. Well, it's true. And this time we brought back Jimmy Clay to prove me right and show everyone how our Cockyboys like to roll. Sometimes it seems as if once our boys are done filming for our site they just disappear from the scene and are gone forever. We're here to change that idea! "Is there life after Cockyboys?" you might ask? Hell yeah there is! Jimmy seems to be reaping the benefits in his post-Cockyboys career - he showed up driving his brand new and loud convertible and wasted no time picking up Jake Bass and taking him out on a Sunday-funday ride to show him what the good life is all about. These days Jimmy's hair is a little longer, he has gotten a little wiser, a little bigger, and A LOT hornier than the old Jimmy we used to know! Before Jake had any chance to take in the beautiful scenery of Palm Springs, he found his head berried in Jimmy's crotch while he was drivi
Jake Bass Slammed Hard
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Added: 10 Mar 12
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Duration: 0:01:00
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Description: Because he generally prefers not to bottom, we were very surprised how much Jake seemed to be into getting fucked by his buddy Shawn. Even though it was clear that Shawn's big dick was causing a bit of ***** at the start, Jake's raging hardon was undeniable evidence that he was loving every minute of it.
Gabriel Clark, Kennedy Carter and Jake Bass Threeway
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 29 Feb 12
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Duration: 0:03:03
Tags: threeway gay 3way cockyboys tattoos

Description: As most of you already know, Gabriel Clark completely fucked Kennedy Carter's brains out a few weeks ago, showing his hole absolutely no mercy whatsoever. What most of you don't know, however, is that Jake Bass was also on set helping out with lights and taking pictures and, of course, fluffing Kennedy. He was so cute the way he was sniffing around Gabriel and Kennedy like a little puppy that we decided the next day to shoot a scene with all three of them. There wasn't much of a set up there but then again - who needs a set up when you've got three smokin' hot horny fuckers?? Not us. So we let them do their thing and eagerly waited to see who's cock will end up in whose hole. Of course, more than one cockyboy got fucked, and of course - all at the same time. Check out how they did it!
Young Stud Shawn
Category: Toys
Added: 11 Feb 12
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Duration: 0:01:00
Tags: Videoboys Shawn Beliveau FleshJack Big Big Dick Athletic Boy

Description: Since his first solo video a few weeks ago we realized that Shawn Beliveau has a lot of porn star potential. He has a great hockey player's body that's getting hotter ever time we see him. He has big dick that gets hard on demand and he really seems eager to please his audience. And even though he's straight, he seems to be open minded. In fact, he seems to have developed a special friendship with Jake Bass.
Jake Bass and Tommy Defendi Fuck
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Added: 08 Feb 12
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Duration: 0:02:40
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Description: By now, everyone knows that here at Cockyboys we like to push the boundaries and try new stuff. We're quite the innovators in fact. But being an innovator comes with its own responsibilities. You got to be able to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. So we decided to put our models to the test and do something fun. We already knew that both Tommy and Jake know how to fuck hard and balls deep. But can they do it while filming the whole action all by themselves? Fuck yeah, they can! Actually, that was the easy part. The problem with a situation like this, however, where you have two tops is to figure out who's fucking and who's getting fucked. Both of them wanted to be on top so they decided to flip a coin for it. And it was Jake's lucky day. The lil fucker dodged a serious bullet or in this case – a monster cock up his sweet little ass. And it turns out, Tommy is quite the multi-tasker actually. He managed to shoot his load with his right hand, while getting plowed by Jake, an
Jake Bass Fuck Friend
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Added: 28 Jan 12
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Duration: 0:01:01
Tags: Videoboys Jake Bass Jason Martin Fuck Stud Anal Pouding Young Stud

Description: Hot horny stud Jake Bass is back on Videoboys and he brought his own personal fuck buddy Jason Martin to experiment a bit on him. See the Bass fucking and pounding Jason's hot ass.
Jake Bass fucks Mason Star
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 26 Jan 12
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Duration: 0:02:18
Tags: gay fleshjakck fleshlight dp

Description:  I didn't know what to expect when it came time to filming Jake Bass's and Mason Star's scene. The two CockyBoys have BIG personalities. Jake is a firecracker, and when he enters a room it's like a hurricane has hit. Mason, on the other hand, is a bit more toned down, but nevertheless strongly opinionated and sharp in his reactions. They'd been hanging out for a few days, but I also saw a bit of a “frenemy” relationship between those two. Sometimes I didn't know whether they were engaged in playful banter or getting downright agressive with one another. Well, turns out that when it comes to a good fucking, they're a perfect match for one another. Jake and Mason were just hanging out in the bathroom, and after Mason moved in for a kiss, the sexual energy that followed was paramount. All of a sudden, Jake couldn't wait to get his lips around Mason's 9 inches. Eventually, they went to the bedroom and started playing with a couple fleshjacks, then started double-fucking the same fleshja
Wet Dreams Part 1, Scene 1 - 1
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Added: 21 Jan 12
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Duration: 0:06:00
Tags: latins muscle couple anal sex sex

Description: Bass player Buddy Jones picks up German sailor Hans Hintern in the jazz club. After sucking the cum out of each other's cocks, Buddy sticks his huge rod into Hans' tight hole. Muscle bound janitor Marc Fortier shows up in time to turn the duo into a thre-way fuck fest.