Exclusive - Fresh 18 boy - Part2
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Description: EastBoys.com - Watch Adam play with his cock, his balls and ass and finally watch him jerk off his cock hard while his smooth young and muscular body flexes in agony! Nice cumshot too! Pure eye candy! Starring: Adam Kreyson
Well Hung Gays Get Dirty
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Description: Well hung schoolmates get down and dirty in this hot scene of gay sex. They get naked and stroke their dicks together, but that's not all they also give each other oral pleasure and fuck till cumshot. They jerked off each other hard dicks until they exploded their jizz.
Plowing Jordan's Hole
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Description: Cameron's dick is getting good and stiff while he's giving Jordan the rim job of his life. He squares his hips right behind Jordan and slides his huge dick into the tight hole. Seeing the dildo laying on the couch out of the corner of his eye, he grabs it and shoves it into the hole next to his meat. Jordan is really moaning now, as his hole is stretched wide by the double penetration. He's ready to ride Cameron and sits right down on the massive tor****. When he's worn out from squatting on Cameron's dick, Cameron takes control by picking Jordan up and laying him on his back. The plowing continues while Jordan moans happily. The stuffing he's getting makes his balls boil and jizz begins to spray out onto his rippled, tan abs. Cameron continues thrusting until he's ready to burst. He jumps to his feet in time to feed Jordan an enormous load. Jordan is pleased with the new game he's just learned.
College gays play together
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Description: See these horny college gays playing piano together in their dorm-room in this intense vid. Watch how the music gets them excited before it's time for one of them to devour the other's dong into heaven with his perversely skilled mouth. The action is definitely out of this world as one college twinks fucks his friend's tight ass.
Sailor Twinks
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Description: Tom and Brad are out sailing when the mood strikes them. In this scene you get to see these two horny twinks getting down and dirty in a hardcore fuck for your viewing pleasure. Check them out as they strip naked and suck each others' cocks before Tom slams his dick balls deep up Brad's tight asshole. Wanna see more?
Dumping a Huge Load In Conan's Mouth
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Description: Timo's expert mouth draws Conan's soldier to full attention and then Timo stands up to receive some attention of his own. Conan dives in to Timo's crotch like it was the end of the chow line. His wet tongue glides up and down Timo's meat, taking that dick balls-deep into his throat. Timo gets impatient and flips Conan onto his knees for a good long look at his hole. Satisfied with the hairy present before him, Timo pushes the head of his dick deep into Conan, who cries for more. Timo rolls Conan over and pile drives him relentlessly, shoving his shaft up to the hilt into Conan. Boots in the air and cammies around their ankles, the two soldiers fuck long and hard. Timo calls it mission accomplished and pulls out of Conan's throbbing crevice with a grunt. He dumps a huge load into Conan's waiting mouth, flooding the young serviceman's face in cum.
Jizz Leaps From Dax's Cock
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Description: He pulls off his pants and is completely naked jerking off on my bed now. His legs are thick and hairy, spread just enough to get a peek at his furry taint and balls. His cock is thick and oozing precum as he rises to his knees in the center of the bed. He dry humps my bed for a few seconds and I get a good look at his round ass cheeks and hairy crack. Flipping back onto his back, his balls are sucked up tight against his hairy shaft, signaling his readiness to cum. Suddenly a fountain of jizz leaps two feet into the air and lands on is his dark bush. Several more smaller explosions land on his stomach and legs as he stares straight at the lens.
Sucking Tony's Cock
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Description: I ask him if he's ready and he jumps at the chance, tugging at my belt, trying to get at my cock. Before long, this slim, tanned horn*** is slurping on my cock. Although he claims this is the first time he's had a cock in his mouth, it feels like he's a pro. He wraps his hand around the base as his mouth glides from the head to his hand, his bicep flexed. As he swallows my prick, I can feels my balls welling up with cum. I grab my cock and start to jerk it while his lips are still wrapped around it. As i squirt my load into his gaping mouth, his own dick explodes with a white river, in concert with mine. He smiles, covered in jizz and gives the thumbs up sign.
Straight Dude Uses a Dildo
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Description: A.C. continues playing with his virgin hole, pumping that toy in and out like he's trying to siphon water out of a flooded boat he's sinking in, continuing to jerk his beautiful thick tool edging towards the precipice, but falling back just short so he can work on his newly found prostate a little more. A.C. flips onto his back and lifts his legs in the air really giving a perfect view of his sweet hole clenching down tightly on the thickly substantive purple dong while he plays with his sensitive scrotum and jerks his way to the outrageous mouth-watering orgasm just on the edge of the horizon. It happened upon him almost all of a sudden like an enemy attack, as the salty white contents of his big balls flood out all over his sculpted stomach and sexy pecs, with eyes clamped tightly shut in a vertigo-like state, not knowing which way is up, or how anything could possibly feel so fucking amazing. One can only imaging a sexier scenario is to see him give this same kind of pleasure to ano
Badpuppy Carlos Dido
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Description: Carlos Dido has his cool going on during the preliminary interview, and when questioned about the size of his dick, he sheepishly grins. Once the Q&A is over, Carlos whips it out & WOW! This furry, uncut cub is indeed hung like an old army mule! Enjoy!
Giovanni Gets His First Gay Blowjob
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Description: Immediately Tanner begins Giovanni's second voyage into foreign man-mouth territory by wrapping his tight tonsils around that hunk of veiny tumescent flesh and then pulling his soft lips off the head making the hottest suction sound I've ever heard. Giovanni's eyes roll back in his head, sighing as he reclines even more into the chair while giving way to the professional throating techniques of elite veteran cocksucker Tanner. After a good session of cock swallowing while sitting, Giovanni stands at attention while grabbing Tanner's head and pushing his cock balls-deep into his tender, insatiable mouth. With each determined thrust, Giovanni facefucks closer and closer to the precipice, as hot liquid ropes of pearly white joy juice r*p from his armed f*rces and land all over Tanner's tongue, face and jeans. The sheer amount of jizz that f*res from this commander's ass*ult r*fle really blows Tanner and myself away. Who knew it was even possible to pack this much heat!
Tanner Takes Globs of Cum
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Description: He places his hand on the back of Tanner's head and fo*ces his mouth up and down the wide shaft of his penis. Eryk frees up more space for his serviceman and lays down on the cot and tells Tanner to lick on his balls some more. Eryk gets a bit more intense and starts plowing into Tanner's warm wet mouth, face fucking him like a champion. He then stands up, revealing even more how defined and toned his hard body is! Tanner's mouth continues to receive hard thrusts from the manrod before him and even gets a few deep throats in. After a few more sucks Eryk tells his Seaman he is about to feed him some semen and moans out as he enters a state of pure pleasure and bliss, unloading thick globs of cum into Tanner's mouth. Tanner gets up and leans in to Eryk's face, sneaking in a kiss with a snowball attached. Eryk didn't buy into it too much but he still enjoyed his suckfest and leaves with a smile embedded on his face.
Badpuppy Lukas Slatina
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Description: With killer blue eyes & a rockin', ripped, furry body, our straight identifying Czech guy, Lukas Slatina, gets his first manhandling from another guy with hot, sticky results. Enjoy!
Penis and Ball Pumping in Rubber and White Sox
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Description: A young and sweet guy in rubber and dirty sox is playing with his pumping equipment on a boring afternoon. He does some penis enlargement like enlarging his penis in a cock pumping cylinder, worshipping the pumped meat, pumping his penis including his balls in a cock and ball pumping cylinder, worshipping his pumped genitals, sniffing his extremely used and very smelly socks, worshipping his unwashed boy feet, and showing you two orgasms at the end of this hot pumping fetish video. The first one is a cumshot onto his rubber shirt and the second one is a cumshot into one of his dirty sox. To see more of our fetish stuff visit http://fetish-boy.com/.
Mankini Masturbation #2
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Description: I was sunbathing in my mankini in the garden when i got really horny. So I went inside to jerk my young, shaved dick off. Who would like to sunbath with me naked and suck on my shaved balls and penis?
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Description: “… I went for a walk along Vltava river on this sunny day. Nice weather attracted many people to spend some time outside. Ended up at a football pitch where I've spotted three youngsters kicking the ball around. One of them completely shy, another one just didn't pay attention to my presence and just last one talked to me. He was quite funny and open minded. Got him to show me his private parts but then all fun with him was over. Decided to try my luck with second dude. As soon as I saw his eyes, I felt in love with him. Cute, sporty, blonde and charismatic young man. I knew I had to get him on his knees to suck my “ young Czech “ hungry cock. I didn't care for the prize I would have to pay. Gents believe me when I say : this one was worth of every penny! … “