Playing To Win, S02
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Description: presents scene two from Studio 2000's "Playing To Win". Playing To Win is about guys on the rise: upwardly mobile crowds, who seem to be up, up, up all of the time. Our tale follows the adventures of two good buddies, Steve Sax (more about this later), a very rising young entrepreneur who has almost everything; money, looks, a body to die for and a cock that could kill, and Pagan Prince (a STUDIO 2000 exclusive whose wonderful cock knows no limits except hard, harder and hardest), a television sports reporter who personifies the idea of minimum effort for maximum effect. The action begins as Steve and Pagan leave the ballpark and head for the nearest butch gay bar. Steve bemoans the fact that his search for a new lover is going nowhere; Pagan replies that he's too busy for a lover, and that probably Steve is also. Steve says that he just hasn't found the right guy. He thinks he needs a good injection of up-and-coming ballplayer, Josh Sterling. Pagan is skeptical and asks
Ball play cum - Genuine first time!
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Description: I shit you not, this is the first time I did this and it took me by surprise! A most pleasant surprise of course!! Got my cock out at work and was going to have a nice wank on cam. I felt so horny and when I started to play with my balls hard, it felt even better. I thought 'omg this going to make me cum!'.....and it did. So please, for your pleasure, I would like to share this special moment and show you my virginal ball play cum video. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.