The French & Spanish Cum Together
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Description: You know how sometimes you just want to be alone with your thoughts with nobody else around? Well, that's the mood Rod Malek was in. He went to the old abandoned house to get a way. Unfortunately for Rod, Martin Clause, an older man from S**** was there and stum**** across Rod. You know what's really bad? I understand more Spanish than I do French. Regardless of whether you speak it or not, you'll have no problem understanding the body language and especially from the domineering Martin. It's clear Martin wants to have sex with Rod whether you understand Spanish or not and Martin has that "cocky bad boy" manner about him. I guess when you look as good as Martin, you can be a bit cocky. As we watch the scene unfold, Martin takes charge asserting himself. At first, it's clear that Rod just isn't that keen on having sex at the moment. Once Martin starts eating Rod's ass and gets him in the mood, Rod spreads eagle bracing himself against the wall. Then we get to see this little pig boy bot
Big Beefy Cocky Stud
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Description: The bigger they are, the harder they cum. Dexter is the biggest slab of man meat to grace my lucky sheets is quite a while. He starts off strong and silent until we start talking about women. This beefy latin lover has an eye for the exotic and is a self-proclaimed ass man that likes nothing more than to bend over a nice piece of tail, and dominate ***gy-style. When we got to talking, I was surprised to find out all the things Dexter has not had a chance to try yet. Believe me, I have a laundry list of things I would like to have him try. He loves his big butt and seven**** inch pythons, I can't wait to see what else Dexter will let me measure. He has a huge dick and no problem popping a thick veiny hard-on as soon as I asked him. Hips start rocking and his six-pack tenses up into a perfect tan canvas to catch his thick white load. Panting and laughing Dexter crosses one more thing off of his