Real Trade do Real Thingz!
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Description: This is a compilation of some of my most memorable TRADE encounters.
Verbal ****** 2009
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Description: This is an excerpt from 3 of many sessions that I have with the Verbal ******.He is on my A list, so I will suck his dick whenever he wants whether I am tired or not. He is REAL, He is thorough and he stay FRESH!!. These were recorded in Fall of 2009 and learly spring of 2009.
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Description: One of those magical moments when I was coming back from unfruitful trade hunting one late nite. Whats interesting is that I didnt have to bait him, he saw me from across the street, when I turned around he was standing infront of the bodega undoing a dutch. He bekoned me over and I in return bekoned him over to prevent cock-blocking. So after I told him that I wanted to suck the nut out his dick, he agreed to come back to my place since it was only a 2 blocks away.