Kidd Z Naked and Jacking
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Description: ***d Zombie knows how to attract a crowd when he's promoting the club he works for. Everyone from freaks to geeks shows up when he's there. The producer liked his wild alternative look and approached him about doing a shoot. ***d agreed and here he is, all naked and stroking.
Freddy Fucks Miguel (Part 1)
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Description: In part 1 of a 2 part series, Freddy Vega and Miguel Santiago are two very hot Latin studs who pair up for this erotic fuck fest video. Of course, there's plenty of making out and cock sucking, before they get down to the main attraction.
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Description: Actually I was planning to just have a few drinks together with a friend of mine. I was sitting already at one of my favorite restaurants next to the river. It was pure luck that I had the cam with me this day as I just came back from Jiri who had the cam before. My friend knows about my special hobby and he wasn't even pissed when I told him that one of those two guys sitting close to us attracted my attention. And he was even curious to see me in „action.“ Well, I was a bit worried because both guys appeared already a bit *****. I could say that from their „special“ way of speaking. First I thought that I would maybe have to convince both to join me but then again I was happy that the other one left for home. And me all alone with his friend ;-)
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Description: It seems that trains stations are my favourite spots to hunt. And yes, they are! Just after I switched on a cam I've met well built young and handsome dude. Talked him into showing me his cock, but unfortunately his train just came, he couldn't miss it. Such a shame. Suddenly there was no one and I've be*** to worry. Until I've spot someone. Young, slim and smiley cute face. Bit shy but easy to talk to. After some usual chat, I went straight to the point. Showed him my huge pile of cash and that really attracted his attention. He was a party goer, therefore I knew he will go with me to the end of the world for the money. After we found a nice and quiet place, he started to jerk me off. He was so concentrated, it almost made me laugh. I've be*** to be so horny and couldn't wait anymore for this to go slowly to blow job part, so I've just told him to suck me. That was very risky and could loose him. What do you think guys, did I loose him?
Baysian Love E1: Foreplay
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Description: Real life boyfriends Dax Masters and Coda Filthy chat about “stalking” one another online; you can tell by the banter, their chemistry is palpable and their attraction is intense. First time hooking up, happened at The Steam Room, here in San Francisco. As Dax explains it, “next thing you know, his ass was in my face; best ass ever.” As they talk about dating outside their own culture, both agree there are plenty of positives; Dax laughs and says, “Coda's a freak in bed.” Coda grins and quips that, Dax's big cock and balls are a real turn on, “a lot bigger than the Asian guys I've been with.” Wanting to celebrate their love, in front of us, Asian Boy Nation has provided the lights camera, and these two hotties will definitely provide the action. The two strip and orally pleasure one another fully. Dax, true to his word, has his face all up in Coda's beautiful hole almost the entire time.
Muscular stud wants to provoke
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Description: He's hot, he's kinky and he's ready to misbehave! Watch a horny and athletic stud flaunting his muscular and attractive body all over the bed while assuming very hot poses. He definitely loves provoking and he's getting ready for something much intense and kinkier than you could possible imagine!
Clark Kent and Texas Holcum 1
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Description: Texas Holcum, 21, lives in San Diego and enjoys the area; and all the things that the boys “offer” here. He sometimes dances at go-go clubs and is always ready to pleasure boys with “Texas Jr..” If you want to reach this “big boy,” try his Twitter or tumblr accounts: @Texas Holcum or . I checked out his profile photo for Twitter, nice. Anyway, we're waiting on Clark Kent to arrive so I can film these two; Clark never seems to be on time. He must be off saving the world or at least a boy or two. presents Texas and Clark; a “big boy” and an “insatiable hole.” Clark shows up and immediately the attraction is evident. As they start to kiss, Clark's hand finds its way down to a surprise, “oh, what's this?” Clark coyly asks. Texas responds by saying, “that's Texas Jr..” I don't know if Clark has ever been to Texas, but he's about to. Eager for the ride, Clark tells Texas just to, “relax,” all the while unzipping Texas' shorts.
Noppadon and Ronakit
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Description: Noppadon and Ronakit met last summer in the beach. They talked and find each other attracted to each other. Since then, they always meet up every weekend to the beach or in the city for a fun filled fucking session.
Fellatio And The Two Boys Part One
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Description: Heading home from the university, these two students stop for a quickie at a local place; you know, the “No Tell Motel.” Very much in love, they lick and play with one another happily. Once the taller guy has most of his clothes off, he is sucked by the long-haired boy, who will be topping. As clothes are fully removed, and bodies revealed, it seems as though this is a case of “opposites attracting.” Kissing and grinding, their hands are all over each other. With the bottom on his back, the long-haired boy continues to suck and lick his partner. The two begin to masturbate as they lie face to face. Needing more “dick to face time,” the bottom boy goes back to give more fellatio, greedily. Up and ready, the long-haired boy slides in and begins to thrust easily. As the bottom boy opens up, the real action begins; the pair rock in unison. After some very intense fucking, they go back to their “oral” roots.
Meeting At Makoto's, Khan Enters
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Description: Meeting at Makoto's apartment, he, in the black, chats with Khan, in the white. The pair soon realizes the connection they share. Attracted to one another, this is going to be a far “deeper” bond than either first thought. films just what happens when chemistry is felt and desires are explored. As Makoto sucks on khan's dick, he watches the reaction and adjusts his oral abilities to heighten their pleasure. The boys trade places as Khan blows Makoto. Looking at his partner, Khan engulfs all, and then teases Makoto's frenulum with his flickering tongue. Standing, Makoto plays with his large, sensitive nipples. Moving inside, the boys wash one another up and suds all the “good parts.” Making out in the bedroom, Khan will be topping Makoto, who lies down and receives more of Khan's skilled abilities. Enjoying the “extra bath,” Makoto arches his back and squirms at all the sensations filling his body. Rolling under Makoto, Khan then lies on his back, h
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Description: “… I went for a walk along Vltava river on this sunny day. Nice weather attracted many people to spend some time outside. Ended up at a football pitch where I've spotted three youngsters kicking the ball around. One of them completely shy, another one just didn't pay attention to my presence and just last one talked to me. He was quite funny and open minded. Got him to show me his private parts but then all fun with him was over. Decided to try my luck with second dude. As soon as I saw his eyes, I felt in love with him. Cute, sporty, blonde and charismatic young man. I knew I had to get him on his knees to suck my “ young Czech “ hungry cock. I didn't care for the prize I would have to pay. Gents believe me when I say : this one was worth of every penny! … “
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Description: A Metro station is always a good place to as I'd say „HUNT“. It's always packed and crowded with lots of dudes for my short but very special interviews. I've tried a different tactic this time. Not just offering money as a motivation but as well some future cooperation and a career in modeling. Some people really believe everything. But I have to admit that this guy was really good-looking and handsome. I could feel the charisma and the inner energy which has been attracting me quite badly. Due to the nice weather I've decided to find some high grounds with a magnificent view so I could enjoy a tight virgin ass and a view over Prague at the same time. His masculine and tattooed body was the right turn on this sunny day.
Young Love
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Description: Meeting in person, Chris, on the right, invites Ai over to get to know one another in person. They've been chatting on line, but with the help of, they can finally “cum” together. Giggling, Chris is so attracted to Ai, whose name means “love” in Japanese. Equally aroused, Ai sees Chris and the pair connect on all levels. As they undress, down to their underwear, it is obvious that these boys are in for a long hot love making session. Watching Ai's body respond to Chris' sensual touch, as he bends and leans into his partner, is so arousing; he uses every inch of his partner to satisfy them both. Taking Chris' cock into his mouth, Ai breathes in all of the boy's scent. Caressing his legs while he services Chris, neither boy wants to let go of the other. Chris then pulls Ai under him and begins to orally stimulate what his touch has already ignited. The pair then fold into one another as they 69 on the bed, deepening the bond. We also put in some
Sexy Shemale Renata Doggystyle Fucked
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Description: Renata has that certain quality that breaks down the strongest willpower. Nobody is immune to this sexy tranny is undeniable attraction!
Beachbum Fucking Pt 1
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Description: We were at the beach with our friend Nic and were immediately attracted to Jason, a sexy blond beach bum. We just had to see him naked and thought you guys would love to see him in a hardcore shoot right away too.
Jungle Cruisers - Andre, Bruno, Rafael and Ramon
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Description: Being the hottest guard to ever grace Tijucia jungle, Bruno Loronha is tortured. His horniness is only outweighed by his reluctance to approach the mini-orgies sprouting up all over his jungle paradise. This time he chances upon a raunchy sex scene already in progress. If you like inked, smooth skin on brown beautiful boys, Andre Mello and Rafael Lucio will make your boner stiffer than a tropical tree. Exclusive porno star Ramon Mendez jacks his giant jungle jackham-mer a few meters away until he is beckoned over by the two new lovers. The dark, tattooed top readies the bossa-nova bottom with his own saliva, then pounds the fuck out of Rafael's perfect ass with the giant girth of his impossibly-sized cock. Then scene-stealing, super-brazilian Ramon Mendez gets his turn to rump pump the super-attractive Rafael. The two tops explode all over their faced-down ass-man then scurry away, leaving our Rafael alone to add to the growing pile of spewed cum-juice covering the jungle floor.
Rogan Rails Fabian's Hole
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Description: The two make such a hot couple! Muscles everywhere you look, lots of giggling, and jokes flying the whole time. These boys are both so attractive and exotic the room was on fire! Fabian is tonsils deep on Rogans cock after a smouldering make-out session. Not to be out-done, Rogan is all over Fabian's ass like shrimp on a barbie. There is sucking, fucking, ass munching, and even some 69 action. This is one video for the books people!
Old Hairy Robert
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Description: OK, so he's old, and he's definitely not purdy (in fact, he's pretty ugly), but I find something very sexy about this man - starting with that furry body. I've always been attracted to ragged men who don't fit the "handsome" mold but still exude masculinity and an wild kind of male sexiness. He's a remodel expert and a friend of Harvey's, and a nice fellow. Please, no "are you crazy" emails!
Gabriel Clark Fucks Levi Karter
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Description: In every boy's life there comes a time when the boy becomes a man. For Levi Karter, that time was when he met Gabriel Clark. Levi's not shy about showing his attraction to Gabriel even though they had just met. When you have two such passionate men as Gabriel and Levi in the same room it's pretty much expected that they're going to just get straight to it. And they do. Gabriel's attention is all on Levi's bubble butt and he could hardly wait to get a taste of it. Levi could only think about one thing - and that was Gabriel fucking the living hell out of him.
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Description: I spent half the day in a usually crowded area without finding anyone attracting me enough to offer him a small fortune. Well, actually I must state that I met 2 or 3 guys but they were not willing to even listen to my offers. Not my day so far. But then I saw this young guy leaving the metro station. I almost had to run to catch up with him. He came from Ceske Budejuvice (a smaller Czech city) and was going to visit his girlfriend. I was happy to hear that he came from far away. Guys from Prague appear to be a bit spoilt recently. I told him that I record funny clips to upload on youtube. He agreed to run across the crowded place: butt-naked and for 1,000 crowns. How far would he go for real money?
Hiking Gone Wild
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Description: Hank and Stefan have been walking for a while when they come up to a gorgeous lake and decide to take a breather. However, they can't sit idle very long before their attraction to one another gets the best of them and they start ripping their clothes off for a hardcore fuck. Check them out as they suck each others' cocks before Stefan slams his stiff rod balls deep up Hank's puckered asshole. Wanna see more?
Gay Asian Customer Service
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Description: This restaurant seems to attract the sexiest, cutest gay Asian boys. Another cutie walks into the bar and it's quite early and no other customers are there. The cute hunky bar tender lays his eyes on the stranger who just came in to refresh himself with a cool drink on this warm day. He serves him a cool sweet drink, and begins to serve him also with a cute, seductive smile, and some sensual touching. Refreshment comes in many forms he tells him, and the bartender and stranger can no longer hold back. The clothes begin to come off and the stranger starts sucking his enormous Asian cock. Things get steamy and they're laid out on the counter eating each other's asses and before you know it, our bartender is tending the stranger's ass with his fully engorged cock. He pounds his ass good and the scene concludes with a massive load blown all over the stranger's torso. Now that's what I call customer service!
Mature hunk pumping up his cock to the max
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Description: Alone in the dark, the kink-loving man puts his meat to the limit by pumping it with a vacuum device. See just how hard and swollen it gets, attracting the attention of his partner who approaches and starts stroking to the scene. Mutual climax is on its way, and this time the man is about to experience it as never before.
Czech Hunter 100
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Description: I was walking down the Badeniho, a beautiful small street in Prague, when I saw two sportsmen. But they seemed to busy or to literally run away from me. So another guy attracted my attention who was sitting on a park bench near the Spanish embassy. He was quite naive and he appeared to be shy. I was able to talk him into a well-paid blow-job. But although I tried my very best - he didn't agree to do anything more. Tough shit. So I went on to a park and there I met a young boy. I wasn't sure whether he was maybe even gay. He liked to go to theater and was really not talkative. When I seduced him to follow me to a hotel and to give me a blow-job I had to find out that he was a 200% straight.
Dream Team Episode 3 - NakedSword Originals
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Description: Lou Reed wasn't the only one who liked to walk on the wild side. In the sleek third installment of NakedSword Original's fashion-focused Dream Team series, boy-next-door Duncan Black gets paired for a shoot with down-and-dirty Christian Wilde. It's prep meets punk, uptown goes downtown, hipster hits the Hamptons. Opposites, as they say, attract — and Christian rotates around Duncan like he's got gravitational pull. He's got that raw sex appeal, and Christian pounds his alabaster ass in every position he can think of. You can't wipe the grin from Duncan's face and why the hell would you want to — aren't you supposed to smile for the camera?
The Mix Episode 1: A Wilde Proposal -  NakedSword Originals
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Description: Sometimes opposites attract —and sometimes they explode! In "The Mix," NakedSword Originals' brilliant and dirty take on the difference between friends and lovers, two groups head to the California woods for a sexy, dirty trip that will leave them shaken up — and stirred. Boyfriends Christian Wilde and Felix Warner are getting married, but before they do, they invite some old friends up to a cabin to celebrate. But will the sets of friends mix? In the calm before the storm, Christian and Felix remind themselves that if love conquers all, and lust conquers even more. On a sun-dappled bed in a meadow under a tree, Christian takes his husband to be in a passionate, deep fuck that has Felix loving his new ball and chain.