Cock Attact
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Description: Walking along the corridors that are now familiar to viewers of either Part 1 or Part 2 (the gloomy locales are the same, with only the hot men to spiff them up) are dark-skinned Gaspar Farao and boyish Rafael Ferreira. Both are looking for a place to fuck, open and honest about it. When they get there, Rafael goes immediately for Gaspar's colossal cock. Gaspar face-fucks him gently to get some more in there, but only so much of it can possibly fit! So, it's off to the fuck where Rafael's fuzz-covered ass gets it good from a spunky Gaspar, who isn't at all afraid of some speed, despite his bottom's worried face. Gaspar eventually settles into a rather monotonous routine, but it's helped when he gets to go at the **** missionary as well. This perks them both up and they cum pretty quickly, with an especially big shot from Rafael.