KUK 1 - the bus boy
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Description: " KUK 1 " I met Dave in the bus into work a few month's ago, he kept glancing over in my direction across the crowded bus, he looked shy, but still with a very naughty look about himself, it turned out he was only 19. He left the bus two stops before my stop, but a week later I was in the bus sitting at the back upstairs, and he came and sat opposite me, it was a very quiet day, and I couldn't help starring at his bulge in his track suit bottom, he noticed, and smiled and squeezed his cock through the pants. I smiled back, he did a sucking motion with his mouth and pointed at me than his cock, i nodded, over excited hehe. We left the bus, he walking in front of me, and i followed him around the corner into a back alley behind some bins, classy I know lol… where I gave him a blowjob that he seemed to enjoy very much. A week later i invited him back to my place after work, and asked if I could film me sucking him for this little art project of mine, and he agreed as long as no face. Al