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Description: After interviewing one another, Adam Killian and Mike Colucci strip one another out of their button-down shirts and Adam drops to his knees to feast on Mike through his underwear. He plays with Mike's bubble butt and strips him clean. He then dives into Mike's tight little hole tongue first for a spit-slathered rimjob. Mike unleashes Adam's big hard cock and deep throats it with primal hunger. Adam does the same in return, eying Mike's amazing body with every throat-jabbing moment. Adam flips Mike around for more butt play, clearly one of the hirsute tattooed top's favorite pastimes. The muscle men 69 with Mike deep throating Adam's powerful rod while Adam slurps on Mike's immaculate anus. Adam rims Mike in an unbelievable upside-down standing position, and Mike worships Adam's armpit. Finally Adam mounts his boy, pounding his hot ass like a dream come true. Mike rides Adam's dick like a psycho, giving new meaning to the term buck-wild. Adam pounds Mike out, picking him up onto his coc
Shane Front and Dylan Saunders
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Description: Super-sexy stud Shane Frost meets hot bottom boy Dylan Saunders and before you know it, Shane's cock is being worshipped and Dylan's ass is getting tongue-fucked.
En El Parque Part 2
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Description: Gabriel continues to worship Ben's cock, deep throating all that goodness. Spitting, stroking and choking, the bottom boy, on the rock, is about to get something equally hard. As Ben slides in him, the camera angle is perfect for some park time fucking. Slamming his cock back and forth in his boyfriend, the top has Gabriel moaning fast. Switching positions, the bottom then takes a noise ride on Ben; got to love those squeaky “outings.” Putting the bottom boy on all fours, Ben is able to go balls deep as he fucks Gabriel; that bottom boy has a hold sweet and welcoming. As the camera shows from above, Gabriel's tight hole and giggling ass has Ben spewing early, who wouldn't? “Sealing between the crack,” the top then enjoys his “own fruits” and sucks up the jizz before he spits it back in. Gabriel's mouth needing a taste of Ben's hard work, and his ass, again sucks on his boyfriend. The two then spend some quality time rolling around in the grass, licking and kissi
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Description: Muscle God Brendan has another encounter with an excited fan in this video, the masked worshipper! Brendan crushes his twink, who also loves the smell of Brendan's post-workout stench and sweat. Brendan makes him smell his pits and lick his muscles, but later crushes the twink by sitting on his face while flexing over him. Brendan makes the twink worship his stinky feet in his face, and then gives him a good servicing- with a huge cumshot over the mirror. Full video available!
Spanish Playhouse 1 - Carlos Vega and Cesar Santos
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Description: But he'll again have to wait, for when Tommy opens door number three, he gets a nice eye full of candy with the over-muscular, multiple-tattooed Cesar Santos sensually showering for his slim, horny friend Carlos Vega. Cesar's bulging biceps, plump ass and 10-inch cock are a huge attention-getter, and in time he hops out of the steaming shower and gives Carlos a little show. After Cesar jacks off for a while, he gives in and lets Carlos have a taste of his rocket-headed cock. He makes Carlos' small frame get out of bed – cock throbbing – and get down on his knees to worship and suck. Cesar eventually can't help it and gives Carlos a good ***gy-style ass fucking. After a fuck fest worth a million bucks, the two blow loads even manly men would be jealous of.
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Description: Two hunk friends went to hike. Mid way they stop for a rest but end up playing with each other. Gay cock sucking, ass licking and Hard anal fuck with a cumshot in the end. A beefy gay loves fuckin with his bestfriend im the wild.
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Description: Two dudes, sportswear and sneakers. Total body worship with tongue, foot/armpit-licking, sneakers wank and deep ass-pounding final.
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Description: Two dirty 30 year old pierced guys in tracksuit: sock fetish and worshiping. Gob, deepthroat action and rough ass-fuck, cum on socks
Underwater - Antonio de Castro and Pero Coresma
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Description: Two hotties visit a brazilian beach but wish for more privacy. Suddenly we see them stripping and locking lips at a penthouse hot-tub. The underwater ballet of brazillian boners begins. Blonde-boy Pero Coresma worships his new friend -- porn veteran Antonio de Castro -- both above and underwater. It's a miracle that Pero can hold his breath as long as he does as he goes down on Antonio under the bubbling water. He nearly sucks the cream straight out of his friend's wet pecker, then cums up for air only to lick Antonio's legs, feet, and cock 'til they are “bone” dry! They then move to Pero's sex dungeon where the scene heats up into a fuck session of unforgettable plowing! The young bottom moans in ecstasy until he finally explodes his horny load. Antonio rewards him by covering his face with his man-juice like a glazed-over white-chocolate donut, while Pero dreams of the next sex scene.
Sam grove
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Description: Sam Grove, “likes men, a lot.” He's from San Diego and enjoys sex; his first time was “anonymous,” but “I realized who I was.” As a top, he's definitely a giver and is a very stimulating guy. Undressing, he is serious about working out and taking care of himself, and it shows. Naked, it just gets better; a hot bod and cock ready to please. Rocking his hefty meat back and forth, he chats about what he likes; yep, he's a very sensual giver with loads to offer. Zooming in, his cut cock is a sweet sight, surrounded by a natural bush. Standing, he rubs is balls and the precum just flows; from behind, even his ass is delicious. I zoom in to his chest, got to enjoy those hard nipples; he says they're not really sensitive, but I'd love to “persuade” him otherwise. Kneeling, Sam cums, oozing loads from his head; strings of cream plop from his hand onto the couch. He is a sexy beast and his boyfriend worships every inch of this stud; lucky boy.
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Description: Down in the cellar Jordan Kiffeur is on his hands and knees like a do* licking Tony Rekins' sneaks like a submissive slut. Tony pounds his alpha status home when he ploughs his massive cock up Jordan's tight ass.
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Description: They cross a suspension bridge and find an empty vacation house. In no time they are exploring each other for treasure. Big is tall and lean for an Asian and is packing 'big” meat. Dew is short and slim with a swimmers body. Big pulls down Dew's rainbow shorts while he sits on an end table and sucks that purple pole. Soon its Dew's turn to suck on that Big rod and worship those dangling ox balls. Big moves on to probe Dew's hairless hole while caressing his balls and stroking his cock.