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Description: Eric must be the closest thing to a virgin boy you will find in Pattaya. He got a nice thick cock, slim body and a really tight hole. Getting finger in was hard, getting the cock inside was even harder! But Eric with minimal experince manged to take it after some moaning and twitching.
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Description: A smooth bottomed Shou submits to Tsuyoshi's aggressive topping ways; Shou is sexually controlled by Tsuyoshi and we are lucky enough to watch. Cradled, Shou enjoys Tsuyoshi's firm skills; he is jerked and positioned so that we may all enjoy Shou's body. Tsuyoshi is so taken with his partner that he even tells Shou to slap his own ass, while sucking him. Both boys undress and we then watch as they caress, Tsuyoshi style. Shou is allowed to kiss Tsuyoshi, but only after he is again spanked and his hole tapped; Tsuyoshi does join in, and the two orally caress. Tsuyoshi puts Shou in a missionary position and gets the lube so that he may prep Shou's hole, with his fingers. Shou pants and moans as Tsuyoshi's cock stiffens. Tsuyoshi tells Shou to ride him; up on his feet, and squatting over his partner, Shou slowly lowers himself onto the large dick. Tsuyoshi then rolls Shou onto his back and penetrates. The top, watches his partner intensely and kisses him passionately, their hands interloc