Horny Asian twinks
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Description: Asia boy newbie Alex and the adorable Asian twink Vahn start off with a playful tickle fight on the bed which quickly turns into a rambunctious and lustful gay bareback sex adventure
Tatted Ripped Stud
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Description: Ahdem served as a Marine helping the locals in the Asia-Pacific area of the World. When he was in the service it was still illegal to mess around with other guys. But every once in awhile he found himself having a little fun with other enlisted men. It's not surprising that he's had a few opportunities to express himself sexually. He's lean, with tanned white skin. He's been working out so his thin frame supports well developed muscles with ripples here and there. As he speaks, his crystal blue eyes focus directly on the subject, and his pink lips gently curve into a sheepish smile. He reaches under the denim of his pants and grabs hold of his cock, gently tugging it. As he unbuckles, the pink tip peaks out of his waistband. He jerks awhile longer before shoving his pants down and spreading his legs. His balls bounce against his taint. His biceps bulge as he pushes the denim away from his hips. Under his tank-top are perfectly round pecs, and ripples of abs that seem to cascade downwar
Intimate and Erotic Anal massage
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Description: Erotic art film from asia showing intimate and beautiful anal massage for lovers. he will love it.
Indian double Cumshot
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Description: Exclusive video for you all . Like dis video n post your comments . Thanx for watching
Daddy Mike's Cock Massage
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Description: They call it a "Linggam Massage" here in Asia, but essentially it's a professional handjob! This was 17 minutes of pure extacy!
18yo Asian Showe Tease
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Description: Lin Dong tease us in the shower. Slim body, nice ass and a rock hard cock!
Sweede twink rubs it
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Description: One thing I LOVE about travel is that you never know who you might meet along the way. On a recent holiday in Asia I met this guy Ron. He was staying at the same hotel and he caught my eye the second he walked to the pool. He has an amazing body, sexy all over. I begged to get him infront of my little camera. I did the best i could do without actually joining in! Definitely worth checking out at BentleyRace.
Aussie Gym wank
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Description: Ok so this shoot is a little close to home. Mostly cause its me! When we were in Asia we hadnt intended on doing any shoots, but we ended up meeting some really hot guys, and doing some amazing shoots. Afer all that fun I had blue balls, so after a work out one morning i just had to have a wank. Luckly Ben was there to get it all on camera. I havnt done too many shoots as a model, mostly cause im always working behind the camera, but there are some way back in the archives at BentleyRace.
Sweede twink - BTS
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Description: BTS - Behind the Scenes. A recent trip to Bangkok which was just meant to be a simply warm holiday, ended up being a small shooting trip. There are so many hot guys always passing through Asia, and we I met Ron while swimming in our hotel pool, I just had to get in infront of the camera. Check it out at BentleyRace.
Spanking at the Wet Bar
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Description: Young Jake West still has to pass this second interview. He’s nervous to meet the big boss, Spencer Williams, because he really wants to model in Asia. But he never expected to be asked, “Why don’t you bend over my knees and let’s see how firm that ass really is.” Jake braved the spank test, so Spencer continued with the cock endurance test. Watch and see if Jake passes during this week’s episode of The Asiancy “Spanking at the Wet Bar” starring Spencer Williams and Jake West.
Caught In The Act #32
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Description: "ICS Video for the best Gay Asian Videos. Close up of the PASSION FRUIT gang trying it all on for size. Somkiat, Pratai, Bun, Pramot, Bancha, Panat. Who says there are not gay guys in Asia? These young gay Asians want to prove to the world at large what they can do. They are not afraid to blow their jaws up! They enjoy going downtown on themselves and like fucking big cocks. Watch these hard dick gay Asians."