Petty Officer Seth
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Description: Seth is sporting the T-shirt he got while serving in the Army National Guard. The grey cotton is stretched to its limit by his bulging biceps and huge chest. His cock is bulging against the grey fabric as he uses both hands to massage the area. When he finally unzips his spring loaded cock pops out, surrounded by a patch of thick black hair. As he continues stroking, he removes the shorts and shirt completely before sliding his hand down to his ass. First his fingers just tease the hairs that line his taint and hole, circling the purple round prize. He reaches to his side and grabs a large dildo, which he lubes up while fingering his hole. Arching his back, he guides the tip of the dildo to his pucker before sliding it all the way in to the hilt. For a moment, he gives his hole a rest by sliding the dildo completely out and shoving it in his mouth, sucking on it like a nursing b*by pig. He stands and places the dildo on the couch before mounting it and riding it like a h*rse. After his
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Description: The world is sometimes small. Just one week ago my new colleague had an appointment in a social housing compound. Now I got a call from a guy who was also living there. Well, I decided to ask Jan if he could visit him there as he knows the area already. When he came back I was a bit jealous because the guy was really cute. But he was also one of the more „difficult clients“. The talked about all his debts and Jan offered him our help. Then he explained him our only condition: to be a sex toy for one hour. The young man was really not amused. He told Jan to leave immediately and even throw the money which was already on the table to the ground. But Jan can be persistent as you will see.
Fucking In The Wild
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Description: After they are done in the abandoned warehouse, Benz and Oliver move outside to a wild area behind the barn. Benz leans against a papaya tree and Oliver fucks him hard. Benz shoots his cum on his pants with a big warm smile, marking the end of a sweaty and horny al fresco session
Bottom Breeders Scene 1
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Description: Bottom Breeders Scene 1 Factory Video Rough and tough guys working hard in the sun take time to fuck each other raw in Bottom Breeders. These hard working men really know how to blow off some steam during lunch break. Watch as each scenes debuts hot studs ripping there cloths off and shoving their hot raw rods into their coworkers asses. Two young roof workers take a break from the hot sun for some hot man on man action. Hunter Nash and Xavier Nice get things started with a really hot blow jobs exchanged. Deep in a storage area these guys are eager to slide their hard raw cocks deep in their ass. Hunter Nash sticks his perky butt in the air as his hole nearly screams for a big raw cock as it waits impatently to be mounted. Atop some scaffolding the two really start to fuck, Hard! Xavier slams his hard cock into Hunter with nothing more than a little spit. After that they make there way back down to a mattress on the floor for even more fucking. In the end Hunter and Xavier shoot
Cum Eating Trucxker
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Description: This friendly, good-humored truck driver and jack-of-all-trades was a little concerned about doing this shoot. Dave has a son in the area and was concerned he might see the video. Apparently Dave wasn't all that worried, as he certainly was enthusiastic during the shoot. Dave is a great cock sucker and has come to enjoy eating cum. He drops by regularly for another mouthful.
Diego & Yilbert Down and Dirty
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Description: Gay Latino boy scouts Diego and Yilbert are horny and get down and dirty (literally) while hiking outdoors. They find a secluded area to have some raunchy bareback gay sex in the dirt.
Threesome Outdoor Fuck
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Description: When a hot and cute skater passes by Larry and Kevin at the waterfront, he takes notice of them and finds reason to return. They end up in a secluded outdoor area and show the skater what gay sex is all about. He watches Larry and Kevin suck each other for a while then joins in right when the bareback fucking begins.
Clark Kent and Texas Holcum 1
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Description: Texas Holcum, 21, lives in San Diego and enjoys the area; and all the things that the boys “offer” here. He sometimes dances at go-go clubs and is always ready to pleasure boys with “Texas Jr..” If you want to reach this “big boy,” try his Twitter or tumblr accounts: @Texas Holcum or . I checked out his profile photo for Twitter, nice. Anyway, we're waiting on Clark Kent to arrive so I can film these two; Clark never seems to be on time. He must be off saving the world or at least a boy or two. presents Texas and Clark; a “big boy” and an “insatiable hole.” Clark shows up and immediately the attraction is evident. As they start to kiss, Clark's hand finds its way down to a surprise, “oh, what's this?” Clark coyly asks. Texas responds by saying, “that's Texas Jr..” I don't know if Clark has ever been to Texas, but he's about to. Eager for the ride, Clark tells Texas just to, “relax,” all the while unzipping Texas' shorts.
Firefighter's Geyser of Cum
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Description: Hero or not though, this man needs to get off and when he does it sprays out like a geyser on full blast. His cum shoots everywhere, watering his abs in every area with creamy white jizz. Jacob is extremely vocal, too. When he cums, he lets every one know through his loud ************ moans. He truly expresses his orgasm in the most genuine way known to man. Which man would not like to get off and have a mind blowing experience like Jacob? Just look at how he felt shooting his steamy load that trickles down as white rivers, rushing to the edge of a beautiful, creamy, cum-filled waterfall.
Tatted Ripped Stud
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Description: Ahdem served as a Marine helping the locals in the Asia-Pacific area of the World. When he was in the service it was still illegal to mess around with other guys. But every once in awhile he found himself having a little fun with other enlisted men. It's not surprising that he's had a few opportunities to express himself sexually. He's lean, with tanned white skin. He's been working out so his thin frame supports well developed muscles with ripples here and there. As he speaks, his crystal blue eyes focus directly on the subject, and his pink lips gently curve into a sheepish smile. He reaches under the denim of his pants and grabs hold of his cock, gently tugging it. As he unbuckles, the pink tip peaks out of his waistband. He jerks awhile longer before shoving his pants down and spreading his legs. His balls bounce against his taint. His biceps bulge as he pushes the denim away from his hips. Under his tank-top are perfectly round pecs, and ripples of abs that seem to cascade downwar
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Description: So it's time to introduce the General. Of course he has a real name. But he prefers to stay anonymous. He is one of my oldest friends and he served in the Czech Army many years. He is a tough guy who likes discipline. As he is gay his fetish is control and humiliation. Well, unlike me he wasn't nervous at all when he had the first call of a potential „client“. The guy lived in an area which we in Prague would call a ghetto. Many people have to live in those communist buildings. This one even had a nice and clean flat. But he was so desperate. An easy catch for our General. He persuaded him to strip and perform humiliating acts of submission. But then he went for his ass - what a cutie.
Fucking Chad's Hole
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Description: New ***** in the room, but the same HOT shit! I have a newbie getting comfortable on my bed. Chad is just as hot as hot can be. He is a rising star from the Bay Area, and a perfect match for LA's favorite handsome, hairy Mikey. Mikey loves coming to my place. It gives him a chance to get away from it all, and get into something he loves: fucking. Sexy Chad is all ears listening to straight, studly Mikey lament about his lost love. Apparently the engagement ended badly for him, but good for Chad. To get his mind off of his girl-trouble Mikey decided to go a very different route; like straight into Chad's tight round ass. Lots of heavy petting, steamy sex, two cum shots, and a very hot suprise from Mikey ends this lip smacking video. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!
Super Gay BDSM Hunk
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Description: Watch as his penis gets pumped so hard it's ready to explode, and then his entire crotch area gets lashed and tortured. Things get a bit out of control here as all men in the room pop massive boners and rough anal penetration is in the air.
Tommy Lima In Brazil 3 - Fernando, Ivan and Tommy
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Description: In a different locker room area we catch Fernando Paes and Ivan Correa in a hot make-out session. Tommy, of course, finds his way into the midst of it. By the time he's done with his tour of the inner stadium I don't imagine he's going to be able to sit on that sore ass! Ivan is clearly very turned on by being caught and then joined by Tommy and sits back to jack himself off while Fernando gets some superstar head. Fernando isn't there for a blowjob, though. He's there to fuck and he proves that he has what it takes. The pounding he gives Tommy is a lot rougher than his tight little body would make you think possible. He tears Tommy up and then sits back so Tommy can use his well-fucked ass to jack him off. It's another 'tip' for the janitor when these hot fucks blow dump their wads on the bench. After the guys get dressed Tommy gives Fernando a smooch on the lips and then bends down for a little thank you kiss to the cock.
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Description: With summer coming I wanted to experience some outdoor entertainment again. Do you know why I really love Prague? Because of all the nice green areas full of trees. So I have decided to use the beautiful weather to my favor and started to walk around, enjoying the view and expecting to find Prague's finest virgin asses. Just after a couple of minutes I've spotted a cute, young and bit tan athlete. He was reading his notes from school. I was surprised cause he was friendly and fun from the very beginning. But he didn't even look like that he would have some money issues. Someone up there loves me a lot and sent me two gay guys making out just a few meter from us. Did that make him willing to go with me? Crazy city we live in, right?!
Fucked by cameraman Kevin Reed
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Description: Kevin Reed is a 22 year old Marine, living in the San Diego area. His experience with guys really started in college; at 19, he had a friend who made a move on him. The other guy was going to bottom, but once his saw the "monster" in Kevin's pants, "we just blew each other." Apparently, he is well endowed and even his last partner was trying to "make me a bottom." In this SDBoy video, Kevin will jack off and show us all how to "tame the beast." Kevin is no stranger to sucking and deep throats the cameraman's dick while stroking his own. As the camera pans from behind and on the side, we see the penetration is deep and a little uncomfortable for Kevin. "I need practice," he says as he grits his teeth, waiting for his anal muscles to relax. He strokes his cock for comfort. "Oh fuck," says Kevin as he is still not feeling the pleasure; the cameraman also says, "oh fuck," but for another reason. Download Full Video @ SDBOY.COM.
Jungle Cruisers - Andre Castro and Darrien Leon
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Description: In another area of the sex jungle lurks tattooed sex god Darrien Leon, eager for a chance encoun-ter. He's absolutely adorable in his low-rise shorts that get shucked off faster than his tongue enveloping porn star Andre Castro's giant jungle spear! Andre prepares Darrien's ass for fuck-ing by rimming and licking his sweet cheeks. Once again, Bruno Loronha -- the sexy cop -- watches on, but does nothing but lust after the two jungle ******s as he, too, grabs for his own giant schlong. The wind starts to pick up giving a much-needed breeze to the ******-heat of the impromptu tryst. Darrien gets pounded against the tree as parrots squawk to the moans of the sexy-lipped bottom. They becum a side-show as we see their fuck scene being admired by other hunks hiding in the green forest. At the end, they nearly hyperventilate when a lucky jungle leaf gets a white creamy coating.
Cock Service Waiter
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Description: A cute and sexy gay Asian guy visits a restaurant that is well known by word of mouth for it's "special menu" and exceptional customer "service". The waiter takes his order fully clothed, and returns wearing only an apron. The customer and waiter slip into a more private area to satisfy his "hunger". The scene gets real hot as they feed each other their cocks then the waiter puts him on the wash basin and feeds him his huge cock via rear entry as the customer makes his satisfaction known out loud with moans of pleasurable ****.
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Description: I spent half the day in a usually crowded area without finding anyone attracting me enough to offer him a small fortune. Well, actually I must state that I met 2 or 3 guys but they were not willing to even listen to my offers. Not my day so far. But then I saw this young guy leaving the metro station. I almost had to run to catch up with him. He came from Ceske Budejuvice (a smaller Czech city) and was going to visit his girlfriend. I was happy to hear that he came from far away. Guys from Prague appear to be a bit spoilt recently. I told him that I record funny clips to upload on youtube. He agreed to run across the crowded place: butt-naked and for 1,000 crowns. How far would he go for real money?
Str8 Loads 11 Adam - Patience Of A Saint
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Description: I'm tired of seeing the same old blue silk boxers, so I start this session by having Adam try on some new underwear. He settles on a pair of Champions and after massaging his pole thru the briefs he strips and starts some serious strokin'. I try to ask him some questions but he's too into the porno to respond, so I break the spell by moving in to re-measure his cock - Yep, still 8'' - and while I'm in the area I grab and oil up his cock. Adam puts his hands behind his head and lets me play with his balls and manhandle his throbbing piece, squeezing out every drop of pre-cum. ''You like that?'' I ask. ''Yeah,'' he grunts. I can t stand it any longer and before he has a chance to react, I chow down on it, taking every last inch of his cock in my mouth. After only 30 seconds of bliss Adam begins a barrage of high-flying cum shots and I try to catch as much as I can for myself! ''How was that?'' I ask. ''Very good!'' he mumbles.