Cristian Villasanti  Tomas Palmero
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Description: In part #2 of the “Milking Massive dicks: Cristian Villasanti and Tomas Palermo,” the two continue their fucking session. Slapping skin to skin, these men were born to fuck. At, hot men and Barebacking go hand in hand. Taking him from behind, Cristian rails Tomas. As he plunders, Cristian checks to make sure his partner is okay, and then goes back to giving it to him, hard. The two grunt and groan: Tomas' hole is being gauged and he likes the stretching. Cristian then flips Tomas over to again enter his hole, this time in a missionary position. Tomas tugs at his cock for comfort; Cristian slams his large meat into his partner. The camera zooms in from above then below, we see both are sweaty because of the pounding. Tomas squirts out a load that lands on his chest and stomach; white streams of jizz plop onto him. Cristian follows with a nice shot to Tomas' face. The dollops of splooge are lapped up by Tomas and then shared with Cristian as they kiss.
Wasabi Boyz
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Description: At the apartment, Tsuyoshi shows Ryota a game with food. The winner will top, the looser will bottom. As the game goes along, Wasabi is introduced as part of the play; putting hot things in both their mouths, these “Wasabi Boyz” show their skills orally. In this Japanboyz video, Ryota is also going to take something hot in another one of his holes. Wait a minute, playing this game, is there really a winner and looser? Tsuyoshi has Ryota up and hard in no time. Stroking through his bright blue underwear, Tsuyoshi continues to have fun. Both of them then strip naked and kiss; Tsuyoshi is using his controlling ways to show Ryota who's in charge. Ryota loves his nipples being sucked and the dry docking has got him so hot. They go into a 69, licking and sucking one another; Tsuyoshi face fucks Ryota before he turns his attention to Ryota's ass. Adding a bit of lube, Tsuyoshi finger Ryota's willing hole; adding lube to his own cock, Tsuyoshi enters. They take a minute because of Tsuyoshi's a
Poolside Fucking
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Description: Latino jock fucks his white buddies tight butt poolside. Clip from Catalina Video PHOTOPLAY.