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Kinky Angels April
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Description: Spring is in the air. April KinkyAngels features the newest members of the team. Some are completely new and others already started to discover their secret desires with the other Angles. Take a look here at a preview of the latest
Jesse Is Terribly Ticklish - Ricky, Mike, Jesse and Jerome
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Description: Jesse is one HOT 20 year old grill cook. He works out every day, jogging a few miles every morning and pumping the iron right after his jog, and it shows. What a hot body! Just so happens Jesse's HOT body is horribly ticklish! His first concern was that he would break our straps, and he did break one. He admitted to being very ticklish and that not even 4 people could hold him down. This boy is tough, strong, and ticklish as hell and his angelic face delivers the most angelic giggles, chortles, and yelps! This video will keep a smile on your face and a rod in your pants all the way through this delightful 13 minutes.
Angel Pedroza and Tom Wolfe
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Description: Warehouse worker Angel indulges in a break. He takes out his enormous cock for a wank. He dreams of a hairy muscle guy in leather. But he is not dreaming - the guy suddenly stands before him and pashes him! Before long Angel has a stiff cock in his mouth. Tom licks out Angel's tender ass as Angel's cock stands at attention, his hole is looking forward to the ride. Angel rides Tom's dick with relish. Tom fucks him hard and dribbles a powerful load on Angel's hairless chest.
Cheaters Episode 4: Payback's A Bitch
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Description: On the highway of love, we can all use an occasional ride. Furious with his lying, cheating dirtbag of a boyfriend Tyson Tyler, Landon Conrad hits the road. And what luck! The car service he calls sends a Cuban charmer (Angel Rock) to pick him up. Angel lends an ear, and offers a little counsel for the broken-hearted hottie. A level playing field mends a broken heart, he tells Landon, and turnabout is fair play. So what if Angel is speaking less from his heart than his balls? He knows what ails Landon, and he's happy to deliver. He jumps over the partition, and — in position after position — pumps Landon back to life. When the dicks are this big and the boys this gorgeous, who cares if the meter's still running?
Cocksucking Fabien Rossi in the Classroom
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Description: Angelic little Fabien Rossi and his slender, well-hung schoolmate can't wait to pack up their book and pack out their stiff, uncut cocks. Fabien has soon buried his bare meat up his school chum's bubble butt and empties his tight, smooth sack in thick ropes of cum.
Awakening a sleeping angel
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Description: The older lover got down on the bed and pressed the ******** boy against his hairy body.
The Mix Episode 2: Trouble Arrives
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Description: When oil and water don't mix, try using a little lube! In "The Mix," NakedSword Originals' wild weekend in the country, it's a pre-engagement party with two warring factions. First to arrive are Christian Wilde's free-spirited friends: Connor Maguire, Blue Baily, Jake Farrin and … Angel Rock? Sure, Angel's only a fuckbuddy along for the ride — but why waste that ride? The boys have barely unpacked when Angel starts to get a little restless for a taste of Jake's free-spirited ass. So while the rest of the boys settle in, Angel takes Jake for a ride in the country — and in the pool, in the hot tub and in front of Blue Bailey, who's happy to take in the view. Ah, the beauty of nature! But what will husband-to-be Felix Warner's uptight friends think?
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Description: I spent the whole day in a small restaurant watching boys at the nearby basketball court. And I almost fall in love with one of them. So after I had three ****s I decided to try my luck. I offered the slim, sportive angel crowns to show me his butt and his body. And yes, he agreed - it was too easy. Then I made the mistake to offer him money for more in front of his friends. I still think he would have agreed but he was too shy as his mates were listening. What a stupid amateur mistake. But then I realized that another boy seemed to be interested. He looked at me and left the court. I followed him and offered a nice amount for a blow-job. For an even nicer amount we went to a remote hotel-room.
Angel of my Ass
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Description: Redhog sucks Angels uncut cock while his ass is eaten out by sexy skinhead Angel. Angel fucks his juicy hole before jamming his right arm into it. RedHog then shows the novice newcomer to the fisting world how it's truly done with an first-class arm fuck. The two pigs finish with a Fisty-Nine.
Breeding Joey Angel's Ass
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Description: Hot studly jocks are fucking, sucking, busting loads, and even breeding a hot jock ass at JaysRoom...
On The Road: Southern California - Matthew
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Description: Okay, so maybe you're thinking it's not that much of a road trip for Defiant to drive down from NoCal to SoCal, and maybe you recognize three of these dudes—including Matthew—as familiar faces. Relax and cum along for the ride. Trust your driver: director, Joe Serna. You never know what might happen on the road with Joe—and this is only Volume One. Hang with us. First stop, Los Angeles, where Joe catches up with Matthew, who made a strong debut in the original Sportin' Wood. “Remember me?” Matthew asks, hopefully. If you didn't, you will. He looks even better here, still carrying his board, wearing baggy jeans, boxers, a cool black CHAOS t-shirt, and white socks (that stay on throughout). In fact, Matthew looks so good that you won't begrudge him that star tattoo plastered right above his fully shaved meaty cock. He's earned it. More confident and adventurous than he seemed a few years ago (and has his cock grown an inch? Looks like it could be over 8!), Matthew fingers his tight hole.
Casting Jaden
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Description: Jaden Idol was first discovered by spritzz. This mischievous angelic boy uses his charm to wrap every guy around his little finger. When it comes to sex he is sometimes active, but mostly passive. On our couch he willingly shows us his branch and his tight hole.
Scandal In The Vatican - Bel Ami
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Description: After reading all about the Vatican and its many scandals, Bel Ami's kinky angels decide to investigate...
Pure Leather: The Best of TitanMen Leather
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Description: If there is one thing TitanMen does best, its leather! From the hugely successful and industry changing Fallen Angel series to the modern and trend setting Folsom series, TitanMen has always lead the way in leather! Pure Leather is a collection of some of the very beast Leather scenes ever produced by TitanMen. Spanning a decade of hot, hardcore leather action and starring legendary Titan leathermen Joey Dino, Spencer Quest, Tony Buff, Dirk Jager, Alex Baressi, Diesel Washington, Tober Brandt, Rick Van Sant and more! If you are into hot, hung and hairy leathermen doing incredibly nasty things you can’t afford to miss this one!
Dante Escobar
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Description: Dante Escobar is a 19 year old stud out of Los Angeles. Dante works as a GoGo Dancer at a well known LA nightclub, where he is quite popular. Dante loves to show off his tight athletic body and wants nothing more than to tease and please you! He slowly strips while touching and rubbing his body. He looks amazing in those baby blue Cocksox briefs which encompass his quick growing cock. The briefs come off and we get our first glimpse of his beautiful bubble butt. Dante proceeds by spreading his cheeks and fingering his hole. Lying back on the bed, Dante caresses his body, taking hold of his manhood and begins one hell of an intense jerk off show for you! As he reaches his peak, Dante lets go with a thick, creamy load of cum, which he spreads all over himself and enjoys a tasty sample of his cum as the scene ends.
Real House Husbands Of Miami - Phoenixxx
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Description: Angel, Sean, Joey and Alexander are all living the high-priced lifestyle in hot and beautiful Miami, thanks to the support of their wealthy wives. These four married men keep busy with Miami's sizzling social scene and a jam-packed schedule of charity events and fundraising galas, but there's one thing that brings them all together... they're GAY! All the hot gay sex on the side, and the drama that comes with it, might be the one problem their money can't solve!
Roman orgy
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Description: The absolute climax comes in the form of a Roman style oil set. Two absolutely angelic boys, one wiry the other muscular and defined, start to massage their immaculate bodies with oil. They shine like two classic gladiators, when suddenly a weapon almost ready for battle protrudes from under the loin-cloth. Andrej grasps his chance and starts to rub in the weapon until it is fully ready for use. Then they provide a real fuck and blow feast for our eyes.
Angel & Cody Part 1
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Description: Well I'm here to rent Cody, explains Angel. This gay guy met Cody on Facebook and wants to play with his "ginormous cock." Apparently Angel's got eyes for Cody's "other white hole" and is up for fucking him. Cleaned up and ready to go, these two "friends" are from the Straight Rent Boys Facebook page. Don't forget to "like" what you see as Angel and Cody will be on the futon today for starters. They begin with some tongue and touching as Angel strips his boy down, pulls him close, and strokes. Angel then goes oral on Cody and has him up fast; "he's quite fervent about what he does" comments Cody. Well shit, I'd say Angel's NOT living up to his name, and Cody loves it. Switching positions and stretching out, Angel has Cody close to orgasm. It's not long before Angel asks if Cody is going to cum; Cody's response spews out in thick creamy globs that splatter his nipple and stomach. Download the full video here!
Angel & Cody Part 2
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Description: Okay, shit, Cody does have a bad sunburn; best thing for that is to get your mind, and mouth, on someone else. I'm glad Angel stayed around and didn't bolt, of course, it is his dime, and Straight Rent Boy. Cody blows Angel to stiffen him up and then bends over and takes it like a man. Well, Cody seems to love to take it as a man and yells, "oh fuck yes," to Angel's thrusts. Between the gasps and screams Cody looks like he's erect again. "Acrobatically," Angel flips Cody over, still inside him and begins to "jack rabbit" the hustler. I think Cody’s found a new toy he'd like to take home, Angel, who doesn't seem fazed by the yelping; guess Angel knows what guy's like. Within a few minutes of Angel's thrusting, Cody blows a second load and gasps. Angel wants to shoot too, and asks Cody for a mouth. Not long in, Angel is blowing his "chunks" all over his stomach, in a good way. Some boys are just born to fuck and be fucked, happily. Download the full video now!
Billy Rubens and Lyle Boyce
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Description: It's the last night of Mr Dom's dominance of the Hotel and Billy is tired, all those hot young boys and he's only been able to fuck one once! He thinks he's had enough but along comes the very young looking blond boy Lyle. Introducing themselves and joining for a nightcap, Lyle lets Billy in on a secret, and that's all Billy needs to have a final fling of the week! Lyle, the slim, baby-faced blondie is soon stuffing his face with Billy's rock solid dick, and Billy, still in his shirt and trousers leans back to enjoy the sensation! Thrusting upwards, Billy fucks the angelic face of Lyle, his thick shaft stretching his mouth, but wait until the mouth is replaced with ass, Lyle moans out loud as Billy fucks him hard and fast on the sofa, getting all his tension out on that hot ass of his where anyone could walk in at any time, but luckily they are left to it, spunking all over each other and left dripping in the white stuff!
Abele & Caleb
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Description: It is easy to get lost in the silhouettes of Abele and Caleb. Their chiseled bodies look like ancient greek statues with the faces of angels. One look at their asses and you will believe that they were forged by the gods. And the gods have provided a boon
Angel face
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Description: Kai, a young lad with an innocent face and curly, light brown hair, does some nude modelling for Kyle. The art student is slightly older and very turned on by the little twink's perfect, smooth body. As Kyle tries to correct the pose of his model it doesn't take long before the two start fumbling each other and that Kyle's massive boner pops out of his trousers. Kai certainly knows how to give good head, and will his tight bubble butt resist the student's relentless pounding?
Bronson Gates and William Vas
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Description: Bronson Gates is 44 and is from Los Angeles, CA and William Vas is 31 and from Palmetto, FL. While attending an event in Miami FL, they hook up and go back to Bronson's room. There they kiss each other, removing their shirts. William helps to remove Bronson's pants, getting down on his knees and begins sucking Bronson's fat cock. William's pants come off and Bronson devours William's cock. William bending over the couch spreads his cheeks and Bronson gets right in their, licking and rimming his man hole. He uses his mouth, his nose and even his head. Bronson rams his huge firm cock into Williams hole and begins fucking him hard, slapping William on the ass over and over. William straddles Bronson and is bounced up and down on Bronson's cock! On the floor with legs up, Bronson gives it to him good. William stands over Bronson and cums all over his hairy chest. Bronson takes his own cock in hand and squirts a huge creamy load on his stomach and they finish with a kiss.
Celebrating the Fist
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Description: Slutty stud Angel has his asshole worked to the maxxx by ?'s thick fists. He works endlessly on Angel's ever-expanding meathole, then fucks him.Slutty stud Angel has his asshole worked to the maxxx by ?'s thick fists. He works endlessly on Angel's ever-expanding meathole, then fucks him.