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Description: He came in wearing his boxing attire complete with headgear and gloves. Even through his headgear, his sexy smile shows, and when he takes it off, he reveals a handsome boyish face with a hint of mischievousness - which is a total turn on! His dark brown eyes are captivating. But what really gets our attention is how totally hung he is! Nice and uncut, he retracts the foreskin to show off the pinkish head. He starts playing with himself and requests to watch a straight video, but the camera can't help but stay focused on his growing man meat. He jacks off and pauses, showing off his impressive length. He calls it his “warrior,” and it certainly does look dangerous and armed and filled with lots of spunk! He smiles proudly and naughtily all the while, intensifying the sexual energy he is radiating. He jacks off again, further lengthening and thickening his mouth-watering penis.
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Description: Jherrad has dark olive skin and deeply beautiful eyes. His punky hair cut and muscled body are just to die for. Wait until you take a look at the hunk of beef's ass! What an ass!
2 BiSexuals Create Heat
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Description: Daniel and James are two hot bisexual dudes who have been on camera before and are eager to get some steamy action going. Dan, 28, has done some on-camera action with other guys while James, 34, has only been in some solo jerkoff videos. Dan's curly dark-hair and ultra-masculine appeal are in contrast with James who has classic chiseled good looks and sports short-cropped hair and a neatly trimmed body. This only means to say that the two look awfully good together on camera and certainly promise to make your screen sizzle...
Kellan Parker
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Description: When I found out that Kellan Parker was only 18, I could not believe it. He has this dark sexy smolder behind his eyes that most 30 year olds cannot master. And once he stripped down to his swim trunks, I can attest that his body is all man. As the sun ra
Amateur Gay 3 Way
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Description: John, Will and Eric are three hot blokes who have appeared for some solos and a few duo or group videos. But this is the first time the guys have all been together for an amateur gay 3 way, and all of them are totally up for it too. All three are in their 20s and their cocks are ready to be pleasured at a moments notice! John is the dark, exotic type with a naturally buff build, while Will and Eric are the pretty guys with lean, sexy bodies. All three guys are hungry for cock, and after a little bit of an interview where we find out some more about them they get busy! They are immediately at ease with one another as they start groping and kissing, with their hands roaming over the most sensitive parts of each others bodies – nipples, abs, buns and the bulges in their crotches. Clothes are gradually peeled away until all three are totally naked, with so much wanking...
19 yo Is Hung and Uncut
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Description: 19 year old amateur twink Lucas is a very popular lad and has done some solo videos before. But he is at that age where his sex drive is at its peak and he can probably get himself off several times a day and come back the next day for some more! Lucas has nice dark hair and eyes. Touching himself sensually, he begins to take off his clothes piece by piece. His body is slim and smooth, but what really grabs the most attention is how big the bulge is between his legs. He strokes it teasingly and enticingly… He finally whips it out – all 8 plus inches of uncut cock. As he jacks it off, it grows even more. Once fully erect, his cock is simply magnificent – long, thick and throbbing. He keeps himself hard and takes his time. He moves over to the stairs that lead downward from the attic but pauses to jerk off some more...
Mark 21yo Couch Wanking
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Description: 21 year old Mark is a versatile bisexual dude with dark, curly hair and nice, brown eyes. At 5'11" and 66 kilograms, he comes across as a cute, innocent type of guy. But he has come in for a solo video shoot simply for the pleasure of it. He puts his hand on his crotch and starts rubbing the bulge underneath the fabric of his pants, before sliding his hand inside his briefs to play with the hardening piece of male flesh hidden underneath. He proceeds to step out of his pants, while continuing to play with his cock inside his briefs. But as he gets harder and more aroused, the urge to get completely naked becomes impossible to resist. Peeling off his briefs, he proudly displays every inch of his naked flesh, especially his fully erect cock. With slow, full and sensuous strokes, he jacks off while his other hand roams gently all over his chest and abs. The tip of his uncut cock becomes moist with precum as the pleasure he is feeling continues to intensify...
Massively Hung Jacob
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Description: Jacob is a dark eyed and dark haired amateur who wanted to experience what it was like to perform for the camera. He is a 30 year old gay man who says he is passive in bed. He goes straight up to the attic and wastes little time stripping off his clothes until only his boxers remain. He touches his body all over, playing with his chest and nipples. His other hand goes lower on his body, grabbing and massaging the burgeoning bulge on his crotch through the cloth of his boxers. He strokes his cock and makes it harden. He proceeds to lose his boxers and now stands completely naked. His cock is thick and uncut and he concentrates on pleasing himself by jerking off using a great variety of hand strokes. He also shifts positions frequently, lying on his back, rolling onto his belly and propping himself up with his arms and legs. All the while, he jerks himself off, prolonging the intense sensation of pleasure.
Mustached Straight Dude Jerks Off
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Description: 39 year old Dean is a handsome matured guy with a nicely trimmed mustache, dark hair and sexy eyes. He is totally straight and has not even thought of doing it with other guys, but he has agreed to put on a show because of his exhibitionist tendencies. Touching his body, he gets himself in the mood for some horny solo action. He gently caresses his chest before putting his hand inside his shorts to play with his own manhood which grows longer, thicker and harder. As it grows, it eventually becomes too big to be contained within his briefs. It greatly stretches the fabric before he decides to finally whip it out. His cut cock is now fully erect and we see that his cock is long, thick and hard as a steel pipe. He jacks it off using...
First Time On Cam
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Description: Dee is a hot uncut stud with breathtakingly masculine features - dark hair, sexy eyes, a strong jawline and a burly, athletic build. At 28, this fitness buff says it is only his first time to do something like this on cam. He admits to being gay but has actually had a sexual experience with a straight dude back when he was a ********. Like any normal, red-*****ed guy his age, sex is a preoccupation and even when he's all alone, he likes to have a great time satisfying his primal desires.
Cute 19yo Twink Hayden
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Description: Dark-haired 19 year old Hayden is an amateur smooth chested lad who has done a solo shoot for us before. He enjoyed the experience so much that he agreed to come back for another one. Stretched out on the bed in his blue briefs he puts his hand inside the waistband and begins to touch his packed man-meat. Aroused further, his uncut cock starts to swell and peek out of his briefs. He then decides to lose his briefs altogether. Now fully nude, he concentrates on the head of his uncut meat, folding back the foreskin and rubbing the pinkish, round tip. His cock is now completely erect and looks hotter and yummier than ever as he wanks off steadily, keeping himself hot and aroused. But this dude loves to play around and we learn that he has an underwear fetish! He opens the drawer of the dresser beside the bed and selecting a few pairs of briefs, he starts to put on an erotic fashion show! Stream or download the full video and over 520 photos now at AmateursDoIt!
Butch College Boy Jai
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Description: Dark haired and boyishly handsome Jai is a 21 year old amateur bisexual top who has come in to experience something new. He massages his bulging cock under his boxer briefs as his other hand roams all over his body. He gives off a very horny and seductive expression when he finally decides to take off his underwear. His naked body is toned and beautifully built. His muscles are nicely shaped and his skin is smooth. His pubes are trimmed really short. But what really grabs attention is his erect cock. Long, thick and hard, it is one beautiful and mouth-watering piece of male flesh. He strokes it, concentrating on the sensitive head, keeping him hard. When he is given a fleshlight he takes it eagerly and starts to fuck it with deep and long strokes. He takes his time with it, alternating between slow and fast strokes. After having his way with the sex toy, he goes back to wanking off manually, stroking mostly the head of his cock. A few moments later, as he approaches the peak of
Fan Fav Seth Goes Solo
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Description: We're happy to bring Seth back to Wankoff World, as he's as popular with you as he is with us! Though we've paired him off with other guys in other Wankoff World videos, this time we're letting Seth pour out all of that sexiness directly at you via our cameras! Pull out your cock and cum along as Seth works his gorgeous uncut cock in a manner that borderlines as being a spiritual encounter!
Evan Is Pure Perfection
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Description: As the camera begins to roll Evan goes to the bed where he takes off all of his clothes and lies down. He proudly displays his incredibly sexy naked body. He is super-hot from head to toe, with sculpted shoulders, nicely-formed chest, washboard abs and beautifully muscled arms and legs. It's the kind of body that any horny gay dude will love to touch, feel and lick all over. He sensually caresses himself all over his chest, nipples, abs and crotch. With such an incredibly hot body, the hottest part of Evan is that delicious-looking piece of man-meat hanging nicely between his legs. His uncut cock is long and thick, but as he starts to put all of his attention and his hands to work on it, it begins to grow even bigger. Stroking himself steadily, his cock hardens into a full erection. Jacking off tirelessly, he maintains the hardness of his amazing cock.... Stream or download Evan's video and over 120 photos at AmateursDoIt!
Amateur Bi Sexual College Dude
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Description: Dark haired and boyishly handsome Jai is a 21 year old amateur bisexual top who has come in to AmateursDoIt to experience something new. He gives off a very horny and seductive expression when he finally decides to take off his underwear. His naked body is toned and beautifully built. His muscles are nicely shaped and his skin is smooth. His pubes are trimmed really short. But what really grabs our attention is his erect cock. Long, thick and hard, it is one beautiful and mouth-watering piece of male flesh. He strokes it, concentrating on the sensitive head, keeping him hard.
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Description: clean-cut guy looks good and delivers an intense performance
Johnny Torque
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Description: Today Johnny's jerkin' off with some serious attitude. Enjoy
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Description: Damian spreads his legs, fucks his hands & fondles his balls
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Description: Cute dude plays with his gigantic penis and show his butt !
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Description: Handsome dude enjoys to touch his dick in this hot video
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Description: Handsome muscular guy stroke his awsome cock untils he cums
Manny Vegas
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Description: Manny Vegas enjoys his fine bathroom and bedroom for a solo!