The Gay Coach 5
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Added: 08 May 10
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Description: Leo Alarcon is one lucky dude to have hunky, hairy, muscle god Arpad Miklos as his coach. After a series of sprints and some deep stretches, they hit the gym to pump some steel. While laying back, busting out some bench presses, Leo finds Coach Miklos's cock too close to resist and begins to paw at the hidden monster. Coach spins around the bench and slurps down Leo's dick, jock-strap pulled aside. After getting sucked himself, Coach Miklos buries his thick dick deep in Leo's hairy hole. Arpad's massive frame slams into Leo with such ****** the entire weight bench shifts with each thrust. Coach and student find their way to a nearby mat where Arpad makes sure Leo receives every inch of his huge cock. Arpad makes a mess of Leo's face, leaving sticky cum everywhere and sending Leo into a convulsive orgasm. Coach licks up his own cum and lets Leo know he's got 5 minutes to rest before getting back on that weight bench.
Geared Up
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Added: 20 Dec 09
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Description: The best part about riding is never the destination, it's the ride. Bo and Leo Alarcon finish up a day of riding on Bo's Hyabuza and head into their bedroom for some more riding. The passion has an electric starter and both of their engines are revving in the red. Bo rides hard and he fucks hard but Leo is there to take it all. Can Leo handle that amount of power? YES. Bo revs it slow at first making sure Leo's comfortable before opening up the throttle in a full out furious fuck. The guys hug the curves of each others body going faster and faster. The speed proves too much and the guys wipe out, leaving sticky white trails over Leo's hairy body.