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Description: We came across Pjaye an young AFL Footballer, in a small Australian town. He was nervous about his footy mates seeing him online but wanted the money. He had a hidden asset that was un-proportionally large for his body size. Watch when he takes it out of his underpants it starts springing to action almost immediately. He blew so fast the first time within about 3 minutes but he kept pulling till he came again all within about 30 minutes.
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Description: What is it about hot young AFL footballers that makes my heart beat faster. Is it their great tight bodies, their masculinity, their go for it without fear gutsy attitude, or their youthful exuberance and good looks. Its a combination of all these things. So when I met Paulie who is a A grade footballer, I almost melted, then I had to do a glory hole shoot with him. This knock about All Australian Boy with an awesome body is really a gentle giant. All 213 lbs / 92 kgs of him.
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Description: Saxon is another All Australian Boy we shot in Geelong Victoria. Saxon with his young country boy looks plays AFL football. Shy at first at the start of the shoot but really got into it as the shoot progressed. Saxon is a very confident go for it, refreshingly unique type of guy. Hot as, when he blew he looked like he was going to explode, which he did a lot !!
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Description: Naturally good looking young AFL footballer Michael is from country Victoria. Michael is not just good looking All Australian Boy but has a great body as well. He works out at the gym many times a week. His smooth as silk body and skin tone has to be seen to be believed. His legs and butt don't have a hair on them.
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Description: Young Aussie Rules Footy player makes love with the camera