Florian Nemec knows exactly what Harris Hilton wants...
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Description: We have an all Hungarian affair today; filmed in our Budapest studio with Florian Nemec and Harris Hilton the stars in front of the camera. Harris is reminiscing about how Florian 'taught him everything' but now just returned from some travels he thinks he has a thing or 2 that he can show Florian in return.Nobody does it like BelAmiOnline.com!
Black Magic Affair
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Description: Alphaand Chui loves spending time together and having a good fuck. Alpha knows how Chui likes being fuck by his hard cock. He pushes his huge black cock deep inside his pal. Chui gasps each time Alpha drives deep into him. He wants to hear his balls on Alpha's ass. Chui sits on the floor; Alpha slowly lowers his hole onto the long thick shaft of his African friend. The pair loves the guilty secret of their black magic affair; they continue to bareback each other with their delicious cocks.
Cum-O-Holics Scene 1 Pt 2
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Description: Back for another round, Blue Baily is the prime piece of meat the other three split. This greedy bottom is all about "shared space," the kind between his legs. "Twerking" his way onto each of the tops, Blue takes turns "milking" them one by one. Bars clanking, dicks wagging, and Blue's hole welcomes them all. With the camera above, we catch all the action and scent of this fuckfest. Pale and "impaled," Blue is a really sloppy boy who doesn't know the word “no.” "Aw fuck, take that dick," seems to be Blue's call to duty, although I'd say it's more of a love affair. This boy knows "loads" about what makes meat happy. "Fuck, you're so wet," compliments one of the daddys as Blue goes up and down. Bending the bottom over, the daddys find a welcome spot, warm and wet. As each daddy takes his turn, Blue moans and begs for more. By the time each has had a piece, the last one blows in his opening as a receptacle, letting the rest drip down Blue's taint. When the next dad
Scandal at Helix Academy: Final Chapter
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Description: In this arousing last chapter, the scheming Evan Parker brings his scandalous and sexy plot full circle. By blackmailing Ryker Madison, he lets him fuck his tight innocent ass in exchange for keeping his love affair with Mr. Acre secret. But Evan isn't the only one who knows how to play politics. Ryker holds his own cards close to the chest and slyly waits in satisfaction as the arrogant Evan rims, blows and fucks himself right into his trap.
After School Affair
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Description: Suk and Chi got together for an afternoon of studying for their upcoming exams. But when the books were closed, the decided for some practical study of each other's bodies. Chi shows some real inventiveness in his choice of positions as he fucks Suk all over the living room. Not to be missed!!
Cheaters Episode 1: Revenge Sex
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Description: There are some things you can't get at home. And in NakedSword's Cheaters, that's when you get in trouble. Handsome Vance Crawford has a beautiful wife and a loving family, but "I do" doesn't mean "I won't." Vance's boy on the side is Donnie Dean, but when he drops by for a little workout, he finds the bed taken — by Donnie's ********** party boy boyfriend (Ashton Webber). But that doesn't stop Vance, who gets creative and and fucks Donnie in the hallway. And in the mouth. And in the ass. The sex is so hot, so raw and so fucking good that Donnie can't help but brag. Though Ashton's still **********, Donnie finds a way to throw the affair in his face. But will it be a wake-up call or a call to action?
Give It To Me Raw
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Description: It's a sultry, sensuous affair as Cole Christiansen, Austin Storm and Slate Steele get together for this bare occasion. Starting slow, they warm up their mouths, nibbling and sucking anything they can get their hands on (including each other). Whilst sucking on a lollipop, Slate gets a hankering for the real thing, so he ditches the props and pulls down Cole's shorts, immediately engulfing his cock deep into his mouth as Austin watches, pulling down his shorts and beginning to stroke himself. Slate sees this and moves from Cole to Austin, alternating between both and then swordfighting in his mouth with both of them. Austin is almost ready to fuck, so Cole warms Slate up with a buttplug while Austin puts his condom on, but Slate wants it raw, and so Austin slips it in bare, the shimmer of his head glistening in the light as he plunges it deep into Slate's hole. Slate reaches his arm back and pulls Austin in tighter, taking on the full length of Austin's rod in the process. Austin pumps
Bartek and Arthur intimate secret affair
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Description: Wild and handsome euro twink Bartek and Arthur having an aggressive foreplay leads to hot cock sucking
Smooth Twink Fun
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Description: Smooth Asian twinks have a passionate time during a secret affair.
Ben Rose Fucks Brian Ty
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Description: When Brian Ty decided to be in porn, he had two main objectives: 1, get a chance to see the world and 2, have sex with super hot guys. So to start things off right, Brian made the 12 hour trip from his home in Ontario all the way to Montreal, Quebec. Brian knows well about Montreal's pleasures of the flesh; the decadent food, the late-night club scene, the shopping, the strippers and, of course, the sexy guys. So this scene documents Brian's quest to have it all. But after his whole week in Montreal, he just didn't encounter the right French Canadian guy to complete his Montreal experience. With only a few hours left before his ride home was due to leave, Brian had pretty much given up hope of a Montreal affair. He was sitting in a park feeling sorry for himself when a cute guy, Ben Rose, happened by and asked him for a light. Brian had to concede that he spoke no French and Ben took it upon himself to teach Brian the important expressions. And that wasn't all that Ben had to teach.
Romantic Tryst
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Description: Jackson never knew how he got into it with his best friend. All he knew is that the feeling felt good. After some sweet love making, Jackson's life changed. They can have secret affairs with eachother at enjoy their sexual tryst.
Guiltless Pleasure
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Description: Lucas Knight and Josh Long are home alone with no one in sight to view their scandalous affair. Josh has a girlfriend but has had this fantasy about fucking Lucas. Now that no one is around, they can do all naughty things they desire in guiltless pleasure.
Foreign Affairs
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Description: As soon as he saw that body he knew he wanted to touch it. He wanted to feel those muscles, to slide his hands all over that smooth, perfectly formed chest. He wanted to take his tongue and lick his cock and then swallow it hole. He knew he'd get treated like a slut but for him he would be. He was like an Adonis and when the chance came he would ride that body taking every inch in his ass.
Power Shot
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Description: An innocent oil massage with two Asian boys can easily turn in to a slippery and horny affair.
Heartthrobs and HotSauce
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Description: Super studpuppies Den and Phatom are playing a very 'adult' game of hide-and-seek when Den is found up a tree with a superb erection. Not to be outdone, Phatom displays his burgeoning slab and the two decide to descend before they fall out of the branches. Once on the ground, they paw and grapple in a delicious display of discovery. Eventually, Den pounds his pal's solid butt astride a tree trunk, and then offers his own bub**** buns in return. This is one of the most delightful and engaging scenes we've ever filmed! Then Kamnan gets a backswing full in the nuts as Chaiya winds up during their miniature golf match! Well, he gets Chaiya back and the two decide to nurse their bruised balls back at the house. And nurse they do as copious sucking moves to well-hung Kamnan shoving his joy toy all the way in. Then super-cuties Adul and Chukiat meet on the docks then sensuously reveal all in an ************ affair. These guys are smooth and sleek and are wonderful to watch as they discover ea
Office Affairs
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Description: Tommy slams his dick deep inside Marcus' tight buttcrack !