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Description: With all the fuzz going around me I was worried if I am gonna find someone I need for my special “project” . After very long period of time I've spotted young, well build hunk walking in my direction. I didn't hesitate and approached him. He wasn't one of the festival goers, just getting back home from a shopping. Perfect prey for my dirty game. I was impressed with his size. After a short chat I found out that he studies at army academy. Perfect catch for me cause I love uniformed men. I got him into selling me his undies and I knew this was the time for me to strike, and go straight to the point. Was hard to come up with a right amount as a reward for what was about to come. But I've said to myself, that I won't regret even if I pay him more the usually. I knew there is something very special and sexy about him. He was a real turn on. What happend in hotel room was breath taking, Gents!
Straight Boy Zack Jacking
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Description: Vinnie's straight roommate Zack was supposed to be preparing for a police academy exam. Instead, he's watching a porn video on the computer. When Vinnie turns the camera on, Zack whips out his growing cock, strips off his clothes and gets down to stroking. Zack works his dick, as screams come from the digital whore he's watching. Getting close to shooting his load, Zack stands up, clenches his ass and fires all over the desktop.
Bad Cop, Good Cop-ulation
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Description: Going back to the last “cop shooting,” Derreck takes JD's cum and lubes up Josh Bentley's pink hole. When the “slick prick” asks if they're done, Derreck suggests otherwise, “bend over.” Getting a nice above look at Derreck going all in, the action soon gets real and rhythmic. This film could easily be used in the police academy: “How To Get In Your Man.” Derreck has Josh Bentley “ass-ume” the missionary position and truth be told, Josh Bentley's loving the feeling of his “cop-ulation.” “Fuck my ass,” begs Josh Bentley as the “dick” goes on, with his “in-terrogation.” Working now as a “Unit,” Derreck pounds Josh Bentley, but not for information; I think we get the “jizz” of this. It's good cop, being bad, and helping a boy feel good, about being bad. The lesson may be lost on Josh Rodgers, he's just along for the jerk. As Derreck presses Josh Bentley further, the boy gives up the goods, all over the backroom. Derreck then pulls out his “pisto
Scandal at Helix Academy: Final Chapter
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Description: In this arousing last chapter, the scheming Evan Parker brings his scandalous and sexy plot full circle. By blackmailing Ryker Madison, he lets him fuck his tight innocent ass in exchange for keeping his love affair with Mr. Acre secret. But Evan isn't the only one who knows how to play politics. Ryker holds his own cards close to the chest and slyly waits in satisfaction as the arrogant Evan rims, blows and fucks himself right into his trap.
Scandal at Helix Academy: Chapter IV
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Description: Now that Ryker Madison and Doug Acre are being blackmailed by Evan Parker and Casey Tanner the lovers are willing to do anything and everything in their power to keep their relationship secret. After class Casey walks in on Doug while he is grading papers with only one thing on his mind and that's to find out how good of a fucker Doug is. Without having much of a choice, Doug does what Casey desires which is to get fucked hard by the Professor's 9.5 inch dick. Doug takes a lot of pleasure pounding his student's tight hole, making Casey cum all over himself. Doug finishes fucking Casey and shoots his own hot load on the schoolboy's smooth body.
Scandal at Helix Academy: Chapter III
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Description: Evan Parker is joined by Jessie Montgomery and Zayne Donovan in the classroom for a hot three way. As Evan gets his cock sucked by both Jessie and Zayne, Ryker Madison hears some moaning from outside and peeks into the window. Ryker gets a look at what Evan is up to and sees him fucking both Jessie and Zayne's tight holes. As the new guy Zayne gets tested on his skills, having both Evan and Jessie fuck him on the desk. After making both guys cum all over him, it seems like Zayne is going to fit in just fine at Helix Academy. And Ryker might have something to use against Evan...
Scandal at Helix Academy: Chapter II
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Description: After witnessing Ryker Madison and Doug Acre having sex before class Evan Parker and Casey Tanner go back to their dorm room to plot. After plotting these two have some fun of their own. Casey and Evan explore each others bodies until Evan can't take it any longer and pounds Casey's tight hole. Casey rides Evan like a pro and it isn't long before these boyfriends burst all over their bed before class begins.
Scandal at Helix Academy: Chapter I
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Description: School's back in session at Helix Academy and problems exceed the textbooks!!! Ryker Madison arrives to class early to tease his lover turned professor Doug Acre before the class begins. It doesn't take much for Ryker to convince Doug to please his tight hole and bend him over a desk. Without their knowledge two other students accidentally stumble upon this extracurricular activity and begin to plot against these love birds. Welcome back Helix Hellcats!
Helix Academy 8: Looking Back
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Description: Recovering from his problems at home Jessie Montgomery retreats to his old dorm room at Helix Academy. Cheerful memories are conjured up as Jessie finds his Crescent Club medallion, academy gym shirt and old photos which spark a recollection of his time in the locker room with Jamie Sanders. Visions of Jamie's sweet tongue wrapped around his throbbing dick inspire Jessie to start stroking himself in the empty dorm room. Temperatures continue to rise at the thought of his big bare cock slamming Jamie's perfectly tight hole on the locker room bench. And memories of his earth-shaking orgasm that filled Jamie to the brim and slowly ran down the crack of his round ass is too much for Jessie to handle and he explodes in ecstasy all over his own stomach.
Helix Academy 7: Star-crossed Lovers
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Description: It's after hours at the Academy and although the boys are banned from late night visits, Jessie Montgomery can't bare to spend time apart from his secret crush. The romantic **** slyly climbs through Scotty Clarke's window and the two star-crossed lovers share an intimate kiss. The sweet blond boys don't need to say much before Scotty can't help himself anymore and wraps his lips around his classmate's smooth cock. After getting hot and horny with some ass play, Scotty finally crawls on top of Jessie's thick twink dick for some passionate pounding as the two lovers stare longingly into each others eyes.
Helix Academy: An After School Special
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Description: Class is out for the day but Daniel Bishop, Evan Parker and Dylan Hall stay late to do some studying. After everyone leaves the three twinks can't resist the temptation of having an incredibly hot and steamy threesome. Dylan takes turns sucking on Evan and Daniel's raging hard boners but is soon lying on his back taking their huge cocks from both ends. These smooth and sexy boys have tons of fun before finishing things off by cumming all over Dylan's tender lips.
Hung Firefighters Jizz Spews Everywhere
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Description: Tommy had to be evacuated from his house last year when the wildfires in Southern California threatened many homes. After the fires were put out, he and some of his friends decided that they admired the courage of the firefighters that saved their homes and decided they wanted to go to the firefighting academy. Getting into the academy takes more than just a desire to ride on the big red fire engine. Tommy knows that he has to complete some college first. Then, there is an extensive application process. Tommy sports the typical Southern California physique. He spends much of his time outdoors, and that's how he stays in shape. He rides his bike and skates. He swims almost daily in the gym pool and the ocean. His pectoral muscles are well developed for a guy that just turned 18 a few months ago. And the patch of fur growing on his chest makes him seem even more mature. This young hero-to-be has a lot going for him physically. He gets hard almost immediately. And, soon he has his l
Helix Academy 04: The Crescent Club
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Description: In the fourth installment of Helix Academy Jessie Montgomery finally uncovers the secret society, and to join the society all blond hottie Jessie Montgomery has to do is get gang banged by all the Helix Academy boys. Now this is going to be fun. Jessie is strapped to a sex swing while all the Helix boys take their turns stretching out Jessie's smooth boy hole with their huge ragging hard boners. This could be the best part of the Helix Academy series so far!!!
Helix Academy 03: Detention
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Description: It's time for another installment of the Helix Academy series. In Helix Academy 3 horny blond slut Jessie Montgomery and smooth and sexy twink Anderson Lovell finally fuck. Jessie along with Anderson have been exchanging looks for a little while now and the sexual tension reaches the boiling point. The scene begins with Jessie trying to uncover the mystery surrounding the school so he asks Anderson but it seems Anderson has a secret of his own. When the boys get detention they try in vein to resist their urges but end up flip fucking each other. These two sensual twinks suck and fuck like there is no tomorrow. You do not want to miss a minute of this hot new series.
Helix Academy 2
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Description: The Helix Academy boys are back for part two of the series. Smooth sexy twink Casey Tanner heats up this segment by sucking and fucking hot stud Kellan Parker back behind the school. Kellan Parker pummels Casey with his big veiny cock, and all Casey can do is hold on to a tree and pray he isn't split in half by Kellan's ragging boner. The peeping tom, Jessie Montgomery, watches the action again, but this time Jessie is able to get in on the action too when Casey the cock slut takes a turn sucking on Jessie's boy pole to finish off this hot installment of Helix Academy.
Blowjob Academy
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Description: Sebastian's Studios specializes in gay (of course), bareback, ass breeding, hot blowjobs, cum swallowing, orgy, gangbang, hot studs, hot twinks, REAL amateur videos, NO FAKE CRAP, and a hell of a lot more. After you've enjoyed this complimentary video, be sure to take a minute and see what Sebastian's Studios is up to.
Straight Rommates Being Noughty
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Description: Instead of preparing for a police academy exam the next day, Zack is streaming a porno flick on the computer. When I turn the camera on he pulls out his growing shaft, sheds his clothes and gets down to business. Passing his hard shiny piece from hand to hand, Zack strokes his slicked up cock as screams come from the digital whore on the monitor. Feeling his load nearing the finish line, Zack stands up, clenches his ass and blasts a nut all over the desktop. A for effort...