A 3 Way "Re-Release" Part 2
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Description: “Doubling down” on those in the back room, Antole services Talon and Aarron. With the “cocksucker” doing so well, the other two take some time to “return the flavor.” Talen then, sandwiches himself between the two blondes, as he is fingered by Aarron, before Aarron gets fucked. Spit-roasted, the bottom boy enjoys both Talen and Antole for a while, as the “hole” just keeps on sucking and moaning. From below, there's hardly room for the camera, but we manage to squeeze in to get every inch of the top's pounding. The bottom boy then takes a ride and enjoys the thrusting from below, as well as the cock in his mouth. Antole quips, “I want to see you get fucked on your back” as Talan positions himself behind Aarron, who is ready to accommodate. Watching the fuck-fun, Aarron blows right between Talon's dick and Aarron's hole, adding to the “lube.” The bottom boy then blows his load; Antole is nice enough to “give back” into Aarron's hole. Talen takes a bit to jerk, but
A 3-Way "New Release" Part 1
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Description: Definitely not here for the Arcade, these three BackRoomFuckers.com boys just want some dick and ass, preferably someone else's. Heading back to the “New Releases” section, Antole Swift, Talon Dragotta and Aarron Burner are gonna leave their own “release” in the back On the fuck table, all the boys “oral up,” strip and blow. Naked, Talon is already up, as he helps Antole; Shit, that boy has some nice natural pubes for Talon to get a scent of. Multitasking, as Talon sucks both Antole and Aarron, the blondes kiss. Sucking Talon's “totem pole,” Aarron is getting all the flavor down his throat. His only request, “fuck my face” he asks Antole. At this point everyone just deep throats and enjoys the reciprocity. Aarron adds that Antole is, “a good cocksucker,” isn't he?” So far, not one of these fuckers has been fucked or cum, and you know we can't have that. Part 2, “heads” your way soon.
Aarron's First Huge Black Cock
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Description: Aaron's has never got his tight asshole stretched before. I stuffed him like a Christmas stocking. He shivered as he came on me, while I fucked him hard!
A Grinder Shag
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Description: Can you believe that our loving boyfriends Luke and Aarron haven't seen each other for 4 whole days? That camping trip with Brez and then football practice with the lads has left Aarron wanting some attention and he's not taking no for an answer! Luke does his duty and gets Aarron off but Aarron's got no time to return the favour. Not settling for a wank, Luke grabs his phone to find someone to shag... It just so happens that JP's at work but he's feeling rather randy too! He's searching on his own phone for someone to go and fuck and soon him and Luke are swapping cock pics. The need for sex is too much and JP's soon in the cab and wanking his hard-on as he makes his way over to Luke's pad! Standing to attention at the door, Luke leads him inside for one very hot and lustful sex session ;-)
The Interview...
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Description: While Luke's away having fun camping with Brez, Aarron's busy at work interviewing for a new barman. He's a very fussy boss and knows just what kind of person he wants working underneath him! In walks the innocent and shy Jake and his CV doesn't show any relevant experience... but Aarron's willing to see if he's right for the job. Ordering him to remove his shirt, it's clear Jake's got plenty of other
Big Dicks - Confessions!
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Description: Luke returns home rather late after his spontaneous fuck-fest with William and Aarron's not happy! Luke has to think quickly as to why he's got cum all over his work clothes and why he's 2 hours late... and he just about gets away with. Why? Mainly because Aarron's horny and he wants sex and somehow Luke knows that he can't refuse! Heading to the shower to clean up, Aarron follows and the guys are quickly making out, sucking each other's dicks and fooling around. After drying off it's back to the sofa for some more cock sucking before Aarron fucks Luke's sore ass! Poor guy... but after riding his boyfriend they switch and Luke ploughs the length of his dick in to Aarron... and he loves it!
Aarron & Bradley Horned up!
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Tags: BLAKEMASON Sixty-nine Rimming Riding Missionary Licking biting Kissing Hard fuck Fucking ***gy Dirty talk Deepthroat Cum Cum Jerking off Blow jobs BJ Ass Arse play Underwear Super shooter Spoons Socks Riding Passionate Foreskin play Cum Cum being jerked off Ball

Description: Blimey, can you believe it's been more than 2 months since the gorgeous Aarron last appeared? Time to make amends... and this hot film certainly makes up for his prolonged absence! Mind you, it shouldn't come as any surprise when you put two sex-hungry guys together and yep, Aarron and Bradley hit it off in a huge way ;-) Aarron was in lust with Bradley's big fat cock and Bradley was obsessed with Aarron's pert backside, tight little hole and permanently hard cock... Now, I've seen some cock sucking in my time but these guys were out to devour each other's meat like vegetarianism was about to become law! They sucked and they licked and didn't move on until every inch of each other's cocks had been thoroughly salivated over - from their fat swollen glans to their sagging ball sacks, these guys were on a pleasure making mission! The moans, groans and cheeky banter sure are testament to that ;-) Horned up like crazy, Bradley makes the move to get out of Aarron's hot mouth and plough
Big Dicks - Got a Light?
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Description: Luke wakes up next to his beautiful boyfriend with his usual morning wood and takes a quick shower, get's dressed and prepares to leave for work. But he knows Aarron's got a hard-on beneath that duvet and can't resist kissing it goodbye for the day! But it's on his way home from work that things really heat up - he innocently stops to give a stranger a light for his cigarette and gets pounced on for sex... Luke just can't refuse - he didn't have time to jerk-off that morning and he's had a raging boner all day. William's soon on his knees and sucking Luke's mammoth cock before moving him inside from the alley so he can fuck him good and proper! Stopping mid way through for another bout of blowjobs (both guys having sensational uncut cocks) they finish up with Luke cumming while getting fucked... and William leaves Luke with something to remember him by too ;-)