Category: Fisting
Added: 17 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:02:00
Tags: leather fisting extreme penetratin uncut muscles tattoo

Description: Sadistic fucker Matthias von Fistenberg takes a videocamera to give us a first hand account of the ass atrocities committed in the name of fisting. Fat pig, in stirrups, eagerly takes Matt's raging fists. Matt can't quit ass-pounding this nasty Venus Asshole Trap.
Leather Milker Overload #1
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 16 Jan 11
Views: 9216
Duration: 0:09:27
Tags: leather gag hood cage overload milker

Description: Rottie is in a set of Motorcycle leathers and on the Venus untill he is way past orgasim... and beyond
Venus 2000 Cock Milking #1 Preview
Category: Toys
Added: 29 Sep 10
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Duration: 0:00:38
Tags: venus 2000 cock milking machine

Description: All full length videos are now available on DVD. Email me at rimm0004@comcast.net for details.
The Contest: 2 Boys, 2 Milkers
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 25 Sep 10
Views: 18712
Duration: 0:05:55
Tags: Bondage ******ack Milkers Hoods Leather

Description: The Boys are hooked up to 2 venus 2000's for a milking session to see who can last the longest
Milked Against His Will #2: Bound Rubber Toy
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 13 Sep 10
Views: 32033
Duration: 0:08:20
Tags: Bondage : Milker : Restraints : Rubber : Venus

Description: covered in rubber head to toe, the boy is bound, milked, then over stimulated untill he screams